Prosody ||212||

1Suta said: -In Prastara first all Gurus should be noted down: Then Laghu should be noted down below the first Guru arid the rest should be done as before. In Nashta Laghu should be written for even numbers and Guru should be written for odd numbers. The same holds good about the half of numbers.
2In Uddishtaka upon each Varna numbers beginning from one should be written respectively multiplied by two. The number of Laugh should be added and then one should again.
3-5The numbers in two holds, zero in zeros repeated by too. Half should multiplied by half only. When full it is fall and called Prastona, the number of hoghus, the number of metres first guru and hoghuhe upwards. The numbers of Guru of high should be doubted. This is the essence of the chacken.