On Dharmasastra ||219||

1Brahma said: -I shall explain the Nitya-sraddha (the daily Sraddha). As the previous one, this too has a special variety. Om, I shall perform the Sraddha of my father, grand-father and great grandfather of such and names, such and such Gotra and accompanied by their wives by means of cooked rice offered to you. The procedure of seating, etc., has to be followed (as before) except that of Visvedevas.
2I shall explain Vriddhisraddha (i.e. Sraddha on special joyous occasions). As before everything is followed and its special variety too. On the joyous occasions of seeing the newborn son’s face, etc, Vriddhi taddha has to be performed. The brahmins face the east while sitting. The householder weares the sacred thread in the normal way. Yava seeds and Badara fruits are used with Kusa grass. Devatirtha (holy water consecrated), Namas-kara and the offering of Daksina everything as usual.
3The householder touches his right kness and says ‘Om, today on; this joyous occasion, when the Staddha of our grandmother and mother of such and such Gotra and of such and such name has to be performed. I have first to perform the Sraddha of Visvedevas named Vasus and Satyas by means of cooked rice offered to you.’ Saying this he invites the Deva Brahmin. When he says ‘Orb you shall perform it’ he proceeds to invite the other brahmin.
4Thereafter is the procedure of Nandi Mukha Sraddha of the great-grandmother mentioning the name, Gotra etc., followed by the invitation of the brahmin representing great grand mother, his formal permission, etc. Thereafter the same procedure for maternal great grandmother and the brahmin representing her.
5The items of seating the brahmins representing the principal deity, Pitrs and all Devas and the other usuall ancillary rite are performed duly. He then repeats the Mantra ‘Om Visve Devahi srinutema’ etc. This is the invocation of Visvedevas. Scents etc., are given. Statements about the Sraddha being unimpaired.
6Similar items concerning activities and statements with regard to great grandmother, grandmother, mother, great grandfather great great maternal grandfather etc. Then food is placed and offered to the Devas named Vasus and Satyas along with the side dishes, Badara fruit, curd and devoid of forbidden foodstuffs. “Om, O Nandimukhi, of such and such Gotra, my grandmother, named so and so here is the food unto you alongwith Badara fruit and curd. Obeisance.” Similarly, for maternal grandfather and great grandfather.
7Ekoddishta (The Sraddha for a single mane) is also performed as before. I shall explain its special variety, listen. First the invitation. Then washing of the feet, seating. ‘Today I shall perform the Edodda, la Sraddha, the annually recurring one, of my father of such and such a name and of such and such a Gotra, by means of cooked rice offered through you. Permission is formally sought and given. Seat, scents etc, are given. The food is placed and contemplated. Japas are performed with the sacred thread worn in the opposite direction. Facing the north he performs the Atithi Sraddha.
8He then enquires about their being satiated. He faces the south with the sacred thread worn in the opposite direction. He stands near the place where they had taken food and repeats the Mantra’A gnidagdha’ (duly cremated with fire). Then the Pindanna is scattered. O my father! of such and such a name, of such and such a Gotra, I offer this water libation to thee as well as to those that follow thee. Svadha unto thee. Water is poured over the line. All other things as before.