The Nidanam of Urticaria ||184||

1Hari said: -Plasters of Rajani and the ashes of plantain bark pasted together with water, or one part of Kushtham and two parts of Pathya taken with hot water relieve an aching pain about the waist and sacrum.
2Abhaya taken with water, or Pippali taken with sugar, cures rectal hemorrhoids.
3Cook a Ghritam with powders, and the expressed juice, of Atarushakam leaves, Plasters of this Ghritam are highly beneficial in cases of rectal hemorrhoids.
4Potions of Triphala-decoctions taken with Guggulu will bring about the true in a case of fistula in ano, The cream (surface layer) of milk curd cooked in combination with Ajaji and Sringaveram and taken with Bait remove strangury.
5Solutions of sugar and Yava Ksharam (impure carbonate of potash) prove remedied in strangury and Suppression gf urine.
6Make a collyrium with the excreta of a Khanjana, Sobhanjanan, and the foam of a horse’s mouth over the fire of a cremation ground. By applying the collyrium to his eyes, a person remains invisible to the celestials, not to speak of purblind human beings.
7Plasters of burnt barley corn pasted with sesame oil relieve the burning sensation in cases of scald or bum. Plasters of Lajjalu and Sarapunkha pasted together with clarified butter relieve the heat in cases of scald or burn.
8-9aThese plasters should be applied by reciting the mystic formula running as, Om Namo Bhagavate, Tha, Tha, Chidhru Chindhi Jvalanam Prajvalitam Nasaya Kenya, Hrum , Fut, Nirgunditied round the wrist destroy fever.
9b-10aA root of white Gunja divided into seven pieces and tied round the forms of a patient undoubtedly cures rectal hemorrhoids.
10b-11Smearing of the body with a plaster composed of Vishnukranta pasted with goat’s urine gives an immunity from the attacks of thieves and tigers. All magical acts may be practiced with the help of a Brahmadandi a root, Triphala taken with clarified butter relieve all form of cutaneous affection.
12Powder of Punarnava, Bilva and Pipali pounded together and taken with clarified butter remove cough, hiccough and asthma; administered to women they facilitate conception.
13The foregoing drugs, cooked in combination with milk or clarified butter and taken with the same adjuncts, acquire a splendid spermatopoetic property.
14Take Vidanga, Madhukam, Pate, Mansi, Sarjarasam, Haridra, Triphala, Apamarga, Manahisila.
15Audumbara, and Dhataki. Pound them together and reduce this pulverized compound to the consistency of a paste with the addition of sesame oil. By plastering their own reproductive organs with this paste, a man and a woman became extremely enamored of each other.
16The lubrication of the organs should be followed by the recitation of mystic formula running as, Namaste Isa Vardaya Akarsini, Vikarsini Mugdha svaha (obeisance to the god who is the grantor of boons, obeisance to the goddess who attracts draws and fascinates every creature).
17-18Such enamoured pairs shall rub the palms of their hands with a compound of the seeds of Punamava, Amrta, Durva, Kanakam, and lndravaruni, pasted together with the expresised juice of Jatika. The killing of Rasa (mercury) consist in rubbing the mineral with the seeds of the foregoing drugs pasted together with the expressed juice of Jati as described in the preceding line, and then in boiling it in closed crucible. Milk taken in combination with honey and clarified butter arrests the advent of premature old age.
19Copper, burnt in combination with honey, clarified butter, treacle and the expressed juice of Karavella, is soon converted into silver. Now hear me describe the method of converting a base metal into gold.
20A Palam weight of lead burnt in combination with a Palam weight of yellow Dhatora flower and twigs of Langalika is easily converted into pure gold.
21By burning Dhastura oil in a lamp while seated in Samadhi Yoga, a Yogin can remain invisible even to the sky-scaling divinities.
22A clay figure of a bull, moulded in the attitude of killing a frog, O Sankara, will commence to bellow as a living one, on being fumigated with the vapours of the aforesaid Dhustura oil.
23Mustard oil burned in a lamp tends to destroy fireflies. Fireflies and mustard oil burnt together in a lamp will produce a glaring light like a conflagration.
24Burn down the powders of the corpse of a death rat; plaster any part of the body with this burnt powder, and it will be found to be burnt in its tum, which may be alleviated with plasters or potions of pasted sandal wood.
25O Siva, by personally applying a collyrium to the eyes of an infuriated elephant, a man is sure to win a victory in battle and tum out a valorous hero.
26By retaining the skin of a Dundubha snake in his mouth, a person can stay under water as comfortably as on land.
27By smearing his body with a compound of the teeth, bones and eyes of a crocodile pasted with the blood and fat of that animal, a person may comfortably stay under water.
28By smearing his body with a compound consisting of the eyes of a crocodile, the heart of a tortoise and the bones of a rat pasted together with rat’s lard and that of a tortoise, a man can stay under water as easily as in a chamber of his own house.
29-30atogether and administered through the medium of milk, cure chlorosis and affections of the mouth.
30b-31Jati roots or Kola roots, taken with whey, relieve indigestion Kusa roots or Vakuci roots taken with Kanjikam relieve diseases of the teeth.
32Roots of Indra-Varuni taken with water exercise an antitoxic virtue; the roots of Surabhika prove remedial to diseases of the nervous system.
33Plasters of Gunja-powders pasted with Kanjikam and applied to the scalp prove remedial to diseases of the head (cephalalgia). By a taking a compound (decoction) of Vala, Ativala, and Yashti, sweetened with the addition of Sugar and honey, even a sterile woman is sure to conceive.
34A plaster composed of white Aparajita roots, Pippali and Sunthi, pasted together with water and applied to the scalp, proves curative in Cephalagia (headache).
35O thou blissful one, Gunja-roots pasted with Kanjikam and applied to ,the scalp, relieve headache, Aratnika roots boiled with water impart a pleasant colour to the palate. Decoctions of clustered sprouts of Nirgtn)c;lika prove curative in scrofula:
36Ashes of burnt Ketaki leaves taken with treacle, or Sarapunkhas taken with whey, cure splenic enlargement.
37Exudations of Matuluga taken with treacle and clarified butter relieve the type of colic (Gastralia) due to the actions of the deranged Vayu, and Pittam. Decoctions of Sunti taken with Sauvarcala and Hingu prove antidotal to diseases of the heart.