Results of Karma ||225||

1-2Suta said: -Knowing fully of the threefold misery such as, the mental, physical, and physiological, the wise, one, conversant with the laws of the wheel of existence (Saritsara Cakra) and possessed of true knowledge and apathy to the concerns of life, seeks his psychic annihilation (Atyantikam Layam). I shall describe the wheal of existence from the moment a man comes into being, a knowledge whereof leads him to merge his self in its universal and eternal prototype.
3A man, after quitting his gross material frame, assumes a subtler body in the higher ethereal regions, whence he is carried by the emissaries of death to the mansion of their lord, in the course of a period of twelve days.
4The offerings, and libations of water containing sesame, which his friends offer unto him, a deceased person takes in the mansion of death.
5Through piety one goes to heaven; through sin one goes to hell.
6-9From hell or from heaven a man enters into the womb of a woman. At first he becomes manifest in the from of a bifurcated sperm; after that, he assumes a frothy gelatinous form, after that, blood is produced in its body, which looks like a lump of muscles of flesh, from which the limbs; fingers etc., are found to sprout up, and the organs of smell, sight etc., are gradually developed. After the evolution of the sprout-like limbs are developed nails of fingers, and skin, and after that hair. The foetus lying with its head downward in the womb is delivered in the tenth month of pregnancy.
10-11From the moment of his birth the illusion of Vishnu envelopes the soul of a men. Infancy, youth, old age and death-there are the different stages of existence, and human life is repeatedly made to pass through them as a sand glass is repeatedly turned upside down.
12Liberated from hell, a human soul takes birth in the womb of a low caste woman. 0 thou intelligent one, for taking girts from a degraded person, a person is punished with a birth in a low-class womb.
13A twice-born one, who deceives his preceptor, is reborn as a dog.
14He, who covets the wife or riches of his preceptor, or insults or brings about the humiliation of his friend, is reborn as an ass.
15He, who oppresses his parents in this life, shall be re-born as a tortoise in his next incarnation.
16He, who eating the bread of a trustful master, serves another in this life. will be re-born as a monkey in his next. He, who misappropriates any trust property, shall be re-born as a vile worm in his next existence.
17The self of an envious or malicious person, liberated from hell, shall take birth as a Rakshasa (monster) in this world, He, who commits breach of trust, shall take birth as fish in his next existence.
18A stealer of paddy or barley corn shall reborn as a mouse. A ravisher of other men s wives shall be reborn as a fearful wolf.
19He who carnally knows his brother s wife, shall reborn as a cuckoo. He, who defiles the bed of his preceptor, or knows a woman standing in the interdicted relation to him, shall be re-born as a hog.
20He, who obstructs the celebration of a nuptial or sacrificial ceremony, or stands as an impediment of one’s practising charity, shall be re-born as a vile worm.
21He, who eats or partakes of anything without first offering it to the gods, departed manes and Atithis, shall be re-born as a crow, after being liberated from hell. He, who insults his elder brother, shall be re-born as a crane.
22A Sudra, who goes unto a Brahmana woman, shall be reborn as an earthworm, whereas having procreated a progeny on her, he shall be reborn as a white ant that eats into the vitals of trees.
23An ungrateful person shall be successively reborn as an insect, worm, scorpion and a fly.
24A woman-killer or an infanticide will be re-born as a worm, a pilferer of food will be re born as a fly.
25A stealer of cooked rice will be re-born as a cat; a sesame-stealer will be re-born as a rat. A stealer of clarified butter will be re-born as an ichneumon, a stealer of flesh will be re-born as a crow.
26A stealer of honey will be re-born as a gnat, a stealer of cakes will be re-born as an ant. A stealer of water, or a miscreant will be re-born as a crow.
27A stealer of Indian bell-metal will be reborn as a Harita bird or a pigeon. A stealer of a gold-vessel will be re-born as worm.
28A stealer of cotton will be reborn as a crane; a fire-stealer will be re-born as a heron. A stealer of pig-menu or vegetables will be re-born as a peacock.
29A stealer of any red substance will be reborn as a Cakora bird. A stealer of scents will be re-born as a mole. A bamboo-stealer will be reborn as a hare.
30A stealer of peacock-plumes will be reborn as an eunuch, a wood stealer will be re-born as an wood insect. A flower-stealer will be re-born as an indigent man, a stealer of lac-dye shall shall be re-born as a maimed or deformed person.
31-32A stealer of edible leaves and plants will be re-born as a Harita birds, a warer-stealer will be reborn as a Cataka bird. A stealer of house, after suffering the pangs of many a hell such as the Raurava; etc., will be reborn as an insect, worm, shrub, creeper, or grass. The same fate awaits those who steal gold, or kine.
33A stealer of knowledge, after suffering the pangs of many hells, shall be re-born as a dumb person. He, who casts oblations in a weak fire, shall be re-born as one suffering from, indigestion.
34-35Scandalising, ingratitude, hurting other men’s feelings, cruelty, shamelessness, adultery, stealing other men’s goods, impurity or uncleanness, speaking ill of the gods, cheating and miserliness are the traits in the conduct of those who are just liberated from hell.
36-37Compassion towards all, asking good news of all creatures, works for the purpose of acquiring spiritual benefit, truthfulness, good advice to all, judgment in the light of the Vedas and philosophies, performances of good deeds, service of the gods, Rishis and Siddhas, company of the good and friendliness to all are the traits in the conduct of those among men who have come down from the heaven. By practising Yoga with its eight component parts, one is enabled to effect one’s Atyantika Layam (Non-existence of Self).