The Nidanam of Silla, neuralgic pain etc. ||185||

1Hari said: -Om, Ayam Ganapataye Svaha (obeisance to the lord of the Ganas)
2By eight thousand times repeating this Mantram; and by tying up the tuft of hair on one’s crown in a knot subsequent to that, one is sure to come victorious out of a royal court of justice and to be a favourite with kings.
3O Rudra, a thousand and eight libations of clarified butter containing black sesame should be cast in the fire with the recitation of this opulence giving (Ganpati) Mantra for acquiring a mastery over the minds of kings and ladies.
4Having fasted, and worshipped the lord of impediments under the auspices of the eighth or the fourteenth day of a lunar month, one should cast a thousand and eight oblations of sesame and white mustard seeds in fire, whereby one would be invincible in battle, and all the inmates of the world would be brought under one’s control.
5Having tied up the tuft of hair on his crown into a knot after eight thousand and eight hundred times repeating the Mantram sacred to this divinity, a man would return victorious from a royal court or tribunal.
6The man, who repeats the Hrinkara Mantra appended with a Visarga, each morning, by psychically projecting and locating it in the forehead of a woman, is sure to bring her under his control.
7By psychically projecting and locating the same Mantram in the reproductive organ of a woman, one can make her made with amorous propulsions.
8He, who in a pure and tranquil mind casts ten thousand libations of clarified butter in fire by repeating this Mantram, is sure to bring a woman under his control at the first sight.
9A Tilaka mark composed of realgar, saffron, ox-gall and Patrakam pasted together and put on his forehead by a man enables him to fascinate the members of the softer sex.
10A Tilaka mark composed of white Aparajita, Bhringaraja, Vaca and Sahadeva, pasted together and put on his forehead by a man enables him to charm the three worlds.
11A Tilaka mark composed of fishes gall and ox gall pasted together and put on his forehead by a man with the tip of his left small finger, enables him to fascinate the three worlds.
12A Tilaka mark composed of ox-gall treated with her catamenial blood in the manner of a Bhavana and impressed on her forehead by a woman enables her to fascinate a man at the first sight.
13Thou supreme deity, a fumigation of the body with the vapours of a (burning) fumigating compound composed of Nagesvaram, Saileyam, Tvak, Patram, Haritaki, Candanam, Kushtham, red SaIi and small Ela pounded together gives a man the power of fascination.
14-15O thou supreme deity, O thou beloved of Parvati, let a man, during an act of sexual congress, take his own seed, and smear the left leg of the woman therewith with his left hand, whereby he is sure to bring her under his control.
16O thou supreme deity, the application of a plaster composed of pigeon’s dung and rock-salt pasted together with honey by a man, before an act of coitus, to his own reproductive organ, enables him to bring the woman under his control.
17Take five red flowers of different species, and Priyangu, equal in weight with these flowers and paste them together. The plastering of his reproductive organ with this paste, before an act of sexual union, given a man the power of fascinating the woman.
18A plaster composed of Asvagandha. Manjishtha, Malati-flowers and white Sarshapa pasted together and applied as the preceding one makes its applier endeared of women.
19Kakajangha roots taken with milk prove curative in pulmonary consumption. By regularly taking a compound of Asvagandha. Masha pulse and treacle, an old man may be young over again.
20O Rudra, powders of Triphala and iron, taken with honey, relieve the type of Gastralgia known as Parinama Sula.
21Use of boiled water containing alkalis made of burnt Sambuka (a species of mollusk) shells, or of the ashes of a burnt stag-horn through the vehicle of clarified butter, proves efficacious, O Siva, in cases of aching (neuralgic) pain at the chest and back.
22O thou bull-ensigned deity, water boiled with Hingu, Sauvarcalam Sunthi, and Mahausadham relieves and forms of cloic.
23-25Apamarga roots taken with sea-brine cures all forms of indigestion and colic. O Rudra, O thou blissful one, sprouts of a Vata tree rubbed with the washings of rice should be administered for the purpose of curing any form of dysentery. A half Karsha measure of Ankata roots taken with the washings of rice relieves all forms of dysentery.
26A compound consisting of Maricam, Sunthi, twice as much as Maricam, and Kutaja twice as much as Sunthi, taken with treacle, tends to alleviate all forms of dysentery.
27O Siva, pills composed of Haridra, Tandulam Apamarga, Trikapi, and the roots of white Aparajita pasted together with Siktham, undoubtedly alleviate all forms of cholera.
28-30A compound consisting of Trikapi, Triphala, Silajatu, and Haritaki pounded together and taken with honey, proves curative, 0 Sankara, in all forms of urinary complaints (Meha). fake one Palam of Manahi-sila, one Palam of Maricam, and one Palam of Sinduram; pound them together and keep them soaked in a Prastha measure of sesame oil and the milky exudations of Arka plants in a copper vessel. Dry this compound in shade; this compound, as well as rocksalt taken with the milky exudations of a Snuhi plant, would be found to be highly efficacious in relieving all forms of colic (and neuralgic pain as well).
31-32Take Trikati, Triphala, Alaktam, sesame oil, Realgar, Nimba leaves, Jati flowers, goat’s milk, sankha-nabhi, Candana, and goat’s urine, mix them together and make the mass into a stick. An application of this stick, pasted with water, to the eyes in the manner of a collyrium, cures loss of vision, cataract, and kindred occular affections.
33-34Powders of Vibhtaka seeds taken with honey relieve all forms of asthula; a compound of Triphala, Pippali and rock-salt pounded together and taken with honey proves beneficial in all forms of fever, cough, catarrh, asthma (brounchites) and Pthisis.
35Soak Devadaru powders with goat’s urine, and dry them in shade, to this twenty-one times in succession; the application of this medicine to the eyes in the manner of a collyrium proves, curative in night-blindness, loss of vision, and falling off of the eye-lashes.
36O Rudra, a compound consisting of Pippali, Ketakam, Haridra. Amlakam and Vaca pounded together and applied to the eyes with the addition of milk proves beneficial in all forms of ocular affections.
37O Siva, roots of Sigru and Kakajafigha kept in the mouth or chewed together tend of relieve all diseases of the teeth.