The Nidanam of aphonia ||186||

1-2Hari said: -The expressed juice, or sulphate of, Guduci, taken with honey, cures all forms of Meha (urethral or urinary complamts). A decoction of Gohalika roots and sesame, taken through the vehicle of milk kurd and clarified butter, tends to set flow the suppressed urine. The same decoction taken with Sauvarcala salt.
3Roots of Goraksha and Karkap pasted with Vasya water and taken for three days in succession relieves caries of the teeth and Danta-Sarkara.
4Malati roots (called in summer) and pasted, with goat s milk should be administered for inducing urination, as well as for the cure of Chlorosis and urinary concretions.
5Plasters of Brahmadandi pasted with rice washings should be applied to scrotal tumours, scrofulous glands, and goiters.
6This plaster mixed with the powders of Haritaki and Rasanjanam should be applied to the genitals in cases of loss of manhood or of virile impotency.
7O Rudra, a plaster composed of Puga Phalam and Karavira roots pasted together with ester would remove virile impotency.
8-9A plaster composed of Danti roots, Haridra, and Citrakam pasted together should be employed for the cure of fistula in ano. In treating a case of fistula in ano, first apply leeches to the affected part, then wash it with a solution of Triphala, and then apply a plaster of pasted cat’s bone to it, whereby the discharge of blood from the locality would be undoubted-ly arrested.
10O thou bull-ensigned deity, soak Haridra with the milky exudations of Snuhi plants and dry them in shade, do this may times in succession. Applications of plasters of such Haridras pasted with water to the polypi prove curative in cases of rectal hemorrhoids. A plaster composed of Haridra and Ghost-phalam pasted together proves highly. efficacious in removing rectal hemorrhoids.
11O thou blissful one, Trikalukam taken with thrice as much ashes or Alkali treated with clarified butter and dissolved in water speedily leads to the falling of rectal polypi.
12Pulps of burnt Bilva fruits prove highly efficacious in cases of bleeding piles. Black sesame taken with butter proves efficacious in the same disease.
13O thou bull-ensigned deity, a lambative composed of Yavakshara, Sunthi powders and treacle, taken in equal parts and pasted together, and licked, each morning, improves the digestive capacity.
14O Rudra, decoctions of Sunthi, or of Citrakam, Pippali and Haritaki, taken with rocksalt, proves as a good digestant and stomachic remedy.
15Powders of the foregoing drugs taken with water, as well as bacon cooked with clarified butter tends to give an acute appetite.