The Nidanam of Udavarta ||187||

1-2O Thou dissipator of woes, take Hastikarna roots, and reduce them to powder. O Thou, blissful one, a hundred Palam weight of powdered Hastikarna roots, taken with milk in the course of a week, will make its user a prodigy of memory and enable him to cope with a lion in prowess and swiftness of motion.
3Taken with milk, for sixteen days in successions, these powders will impart a ruby like glow to the complexion of their user and enable him to live for a thousand-years.
4Taken with honey and clarified butter, they tend to increase the duration of life; taken only in combination with honey, these powers make their users extremely endearing to woman and enable them to live up for another ten thousand years.
5Taken with milk curd they impart a thunder-like hardness to the muscles; taken with the expressed juice of Kesaraji, they enable their users to live for a thousand years.
6By using these powders through the medium of Kanjikam, a man is enabled to live for a century without anywise suffering from the ravages of time.
7Taken with Triphala, they tend to improve the eyesight; by taking them through the vehicle of clarified butter even blind persons may regain their sight.
8-9A plaster of these powders pasted with buffalo milk and applied to the head, imparts a sable colour to the hair. O thou bull-ensigned deity, applications of these powders with oil to the head remove baldness and help a luxurious growth of hair.
10Rubbing of the body with these powders pasted with oil removes wrinkles of the skin and premature greyness of the hair and grants a sort of immunity from disease. These powders pasted with goat’s milk and applied to the eyes, in the manner of a collyrium, for a month, improve the eyesight.
11-12Gather Palasa seeds in the month of Sravana. Reduce these seeds of powder, with their capsules off, and take this powder for six months, living on a rice and milk regimen, and abjuring the use of water. By taking this powder in the way as prescribed, a man is enabled to live for a thousand years, free from disease and decay.
13Cull Bhpiga-raja roots under the auspices of the asterism Pushya. Take a Vioapadam weight of this root with barley-wine for thirty days in succession.
14Thereby a man will be able to live for five hundred years in the possession of an elephantlike strength of the body and free from disease and premature decay, and a prodigy of memory.