The Nidanam of traumatic ulcers etc. ||188||

1Hari said: -A cut, or a lacerated wound filled with melted butter, will-heal up at the first instance without. producing any pus or inflammation. The juice of Apamaga, squeezed out with finger and poured into the cavity of a cut or wound will at once arrest the bleeding.
2O Rudra, a plaster of Hijjala roots and Langalika roots pasted together and applied to the mouth of a wound will spontaneously expel any foreign substance, through the passage of its penetration, that might have been lodged therein, no matter how long it might have remained thus imbedded.
3Applications of plasters composed of Vana roots and Meshasringi roots pasted together with water will bring about the healing of sinuses.
4A sinus may be healed by dusting it with powders of Kanku-roots; the patient shall be enjoined to live on curdled buffalo milk and cooked Kodrava grain during the period of treatment.
5Plasters of Brahmadandi seeds pasted with water prove remedial to skin diseases due to the vitiated condition of the blood.
6Take ashes of burnt barley corn, Vidanga, Gandhapasanam and Sunthi; pound them together, and soak this pulverized compound with lizard’s (Krkalasa) blood and dry it in the sun in the manner of a Bhavana saturation. Apply this plaster, 0 diva, to abscesses and carbuncles and wonder at the result.
7-8Take Sobanjanam roots, burnt linseed, and white mustard seeds; pound them together, O Sankara, and reduce the compound to the consistency of a paste with the addition of whey, which is not acid in its flavour. Plasters of this pasted compound prove curative in Granthikam.
9For the exorcism of a malignant spirit, an errhine composed, of white Aparajita roots pasted with rice-washings should be given to the possessed person.
10Errhines of the expressed juice of Agastya flowers, saturated with the powders of black pepper, relieve colic pain. O diva, plasters of snakeskins, Hingu, Nimba-leaves, Yava, and white Sarshapa pasted together have the virtue of exercising ghosts.
11Anjanams composed to Gorocana, Maricam, Pippali and rock salt, pasted together with honey have the virtue of warding off the influences of malignant stars and spirit.
12For relieving quotidian ague and warding of the influences of malignant, planets, the patient should be wrapped with a black cloth and fumigated with the vapours of a compound consisting of Guggulu, and owl’s feathers pounded together.