The Nidanam of Sarira Vraldas (idiopathic ulcers) ||189||

1Hari said: -The expressed juice. of the white Aparajita flowers dropped into the eyes tend to destroy the eye disease known as Patolaraga.
2O thou blue and red bodied one, 0 thou, the destroyer· of the demon of darkness, by chewing Gokshura roots, a man may destroy the parasties lodged in his teeth and may get rid of toothache in consequence.
3By applying a plaster composed of white Arka roots pasted with cow-milk to her private parts, while observing a fast, during her flow, a woman may get rid to the pain of Gulma.
4O thou bull-ensigned deity by wearing a white Arka flower consecrate with the aforesaid Mantra round her waist during an act of sexual congress, after the suppression of her monthly flow, a woman is sure to conceive a male child.
5O Hara, Palasa-roots or Apamarga roots, tied round the wrist of a patient, act as good febrifuge remedies and tend toward off the evil influences of malignant ghosts.
6O thou supreme divinity, Vrscika roots pasted with water collected over night and given to a fever-patient instantaneously allay, the heat, and burning sensation in his body.
7-9The same roots tied with the tuft of hair on the crown of a patient proves curative in daily intermittent fever; taken with Kanjikam they prove efficacious in fever and in the type of Kutham, due to the vitiated condition of blood. Taken with Vasyam water they exercise an antitoxic virtue. A bitter animosity is created between him and one, whether male or female, to whom he administers Lajjaluka roots pasted with his own seed. By taking Patha roots pasted with melted cow-butter one is relived of all effects of a poison.
10Sirisha roots taken in combination with Vasyam water act as good antitoxic remedies. The expressed juice of the roots of red Chitrakam poured into the ears (of patient) proves curative in Chlorosis.
11-12The expressed juice of white Kokilas roots taken with goat’s milk for three days in succession tends to cure Phthisis. Cocoanut flowers taken in combination (pasted) with goat’s milk prove remedial to the three types of Vata Raktam.
13-14A garland of Sudarsana roots tied round the neck proves curative in tertian ague and tends to ward off the influences of malignent Ghosts and planets. Roots of white Gunja plants culled under the auspices of the asterism Pushya, and kept in the mouth, act as a good prophylaxis against a variety of poisons.
15Tied around the wrist or the neck, the same roots tend to ward off the influences of malignant planets. 0 thod red and blue bodied one, these roots tied round his waist by a man under the auspices of the fourteenth day of the moon’s wane grant an immunity from attacks by lions and other wild beasts.
16O thou supreme deity, Vishnukranta roots, tied round the ears by a person act as prophylaxis against attacks by crocodiles.