Tests of topaz (Pushparaga) ||74||

1Suta said: -Gems known as the Pushpa ragas (topaz) origined out of the perched skin of that dismembered body of Vala, which fell on the summits of the Himalaya and were thus naturally endued with high qualities.
2A topaz possessed of pale yellow colour, usually passes under the denomination of the Padmaraga, while the one tinged with the blending of a reddish and yellow hue, is called the Kourunda.
3A topaz which is transparent and possessed of a reddish colour, is designated as the Kashayaka, while the one, tinged with a cold shade of bluish white, is known by the denomination of Samanaka.
4A topaz coloured deep red or dark blue is naturally endued with high qualities. known by the epithet of Padmaraga or Indra-Nila.
5The price of a topaz should be appraised at a rate as previously laid down by the gem experts in the case of a lapis-lazuli. The virtue of a topaz consists in removing the sterility of a woman, and in crowning her with the glory of maternity.