Test of bloodstone ||78||

1Suta said: -The Fire God, having picked up the complexion of the lord of the demons, cast it into the waters of the Narmadi, a portion of which fell into the low-lying lands of the vicinity, occupied by the communities of vile caste.
2From the complexion so cast about, originated – the gem, known as the bloodstone, coloured-like the hue of the Indragopa insect blended with that of the mount of a parrot, and characterized by an uniform elevation and brightness of all its parts.
3Blood-stone of various colours have been obtained on different occasions, some of which are extremely clear and coloured pale red like the disc of the half moon. A blood stone should be subjected to the same test as a sapphire and looked upon as possessing the mystic virtue of increasing the wealth and the number of servants of its wearer. A bloodstone fully matured, assumes the colour of a flash of lighting.