Texts of Corals ||80||

1Suta said: -The primordial hydra (Vasuki) carried away the entrails of the lord of the demons and cast them into the countries of Kerala, etc., out of which the corals of high and excellent virtues were originated.
2Of these, those that are coloured like the blood of a hare or that of a Gunja berry or of a China rose, should be deemed as the best of their kind, the countries of Romaka, Devaka and Sunilaka, being the places of their origin.
3-4Corals obtained from any other source are not so good as the aforesaid ones. The price of a coral depends upon its cutting. A coral which is coloured dark red and possessed of cool, pleasant and soft shade, should be deemed as belonging to the best species and as endued with the virtue of augmenting the riches and filling in the granaries of its wearer, as well as the best eliminator of poison and a safeguard against all dreaded evils. O Saunaka, the corals and the crystals should be included within the category of gems and used in testing their genuineness.