Marriage of Ruci and birth of Raucya Manu ||90||

1-2Markandeya said: -The tranquil bosom of that lonely pool was stirred for a moment, and, behold, there appeared to Rud, Pramloca, the slender-waisted water nymph of celestial beauty.
3The nymph solaced him with many a sweet and encouraging words and addressed him as follows: -Pushkara, the son of Varuna, the Ocean God, has begot· on me a handsome daughter of uncommon beauty.
4Do you take her as thy lawful bride at my hands, O sage. By her you shall have a son of rare talents who would be the future lawgiver of the universe.
5-6Markandeya said: -Then Rud, having consented to her proposal, drew that beautiful virgin out of the water of that lonely pool and duly married her on its green-clad bank.
7By her he had a son, named Roucya after his honoured self, who had been a Manu (lawgiver) of the universe, as narrated before.