Duties of the order of forest-dwelling hermits ||102||

1Yajnavalkya said: -Hear me, O you holy sages, enumerate the duties of a householder, entering the life of a hermit at the close of his worldly career (Vanaprastha Dharma). Having left his wife in the charge of his son, or in her company a householder, retired from the affairs of the world, shall enter the forest, and live the life of a forest-dwelling hermit (Vanaprastha).
2-5Putting his senses under perfect control, and banishing all procreative desires from his mind, he shall be a custodian of the sacred fire, revere the Brahmanas who shall belong to his own cult of rue worship, be hospitable to his guests, and propitiate his departed Manes, with the celebration of Pitryajna. Self-controlled he shall not attend to the embellishment of his own person, wear long hairs, and please or endear
himself to his own servants. Accepting neither gifts nor charities, he shall refrain from pursuing all sorts of worldly pursuits, and live contented and happy in perfect mastery over his own self.
6Once only in a day or a month, he shall bestir himself about procuring the necessaries of life, and pass his time in meditation and goodly thoughts, wishing and doing good to all. He shall sleep on the bare ground, and all his acts shall be shaped to the fruition of one grand desire, viz., the expansion of his spiritual self.
7Never angry, and ever contented, he shall practise Yoga amidst the fires (with blazing logs of wood on four sides and the Sun overhead) in summer, in an open plain during the rains, and in wet clothes in winter.