Duties of Yatis ||103||

1-2Yajnavalkya said: -Hear me, O you, the foremost of beings, narrate the duties of a Bhisku (mendicant friar). Having returned from the forest and performed the religious sacrifice, known as the Sarva-Veda Dakshina, he shall celebrate a Prajapatya Vratam. Then humble, self-controlled, and doing good to all, he shall abstract the divine energy from the sacrificial fire and assimilate it in his own self.
3Now he shall be considered fit to reside in village, living on alms voluntarily offered. Otherwise he shall stir abroad in the evening without any of the paraphernalia of begging, characterize a common mendicant, and live contented on what will be obtained in a single stroll.
4He shall carry his bowl of gourd (Kamandalu) and his Tridanda staff with him. He shall beg for the barest necessaries of life, and not out of any motive for gain. By practicing self-control and regulation of breath, etc., a Bhisku may attain the elevation of a Paramhamsa, and ultimately emancipate his self at the completion of his Yoga.
5By practising Yoga and moderation in diet, a Bhisku may acquire an elevated status after death. Even a householder may emancipate his self by dint of wisdom, hospitality and charity.