Auspicious marks on men and women as disclosed by the science of Samudrikam ||65||

1Hari said: -I will now describe the auspicious marks of men and women as described by Samudra (Palmistry) by knowing which one may without any labour calculate the past and future.
2-4aUnperspiring palms, lotus-like belly, fingers adjoining one another, copper-coloured nails, warm feet like tortoise, strong ankles and beautiful sides are the marks of a king. Rough, uneven feet like winnowing baskets, dry locks, tawny coloured nails and distantly placed fingers are the marks of poverty.
4b-6Well-formed and red feet, equal shanks without hairs, thighs like the trunks of elephants and equal knee joints are the characteristic marks of a king.
7The indigent have shackles like those of a jackal and have hairs in the navel. The kings the Srotriyas and the intelligent have two hairs each.
8Persons, having their hairs, become poor, miserable and are always objects of censure. A person, having curling hairs, dies in a foreign country.
9A knee-joint without sufficient flesh indicates good luck (in a man). With a knee joint of insufficient flesh, one knows degraded women. One, having be formed knee joints, becomes poor and one having plumps ones. obtains a kingdom.
10A person, having a short genital organ, lives long and becomes rich and has few offspring. One, having a huge genital organ, becomes proud of his wealth.
11When the left testes is swollen the person does not get sons. When the testes are uneven the person obtains sons; and when they are bent down it indicates poverty.
12When the genital organ is small a person obtains sons; when the head of the genital organ is plump the person becomes happy; when there are thick chords in the organ the person becomes happy.
13When the testes are thick set the person becomes a king; and when they are long and rugged the person becomes poor. One, who has a small testicle, becomes a strong and powerful warrior.
14One, who has got me teste, becomes weak; and one, who has got uneven testes, gets a fickle wife. One, who has got even rests, becomes a king; and one, who has got a long testicle, lives for a hundred years.
15One, who has got high wrists, lives for many years; one, who has got rugged wrists, becomes a master. With yellow-coloured wrists people become poor, and with dark wrists they enjoy happiness.
16-17Persons, who pass urine either with or without my sound, become poor. When urine comes out in one, two, three, four, five, or six lines and passes towards the right, it indicates the signs of kinghood. Those, who pass urine in a scattered way, become indigent, those, who pass urine in a strong flow, become happy and obtain good wives.
18When urine remains on an equal level a man obtains wife, gems and riches, and when it goes down, he obtains maidens.
19When the semen is dry a person becomes indigent and when there is scent of flower in the semen, he becomes king. When there is smell of honey in it he acquires immense riches.
20When there is the smell of fish in the semen he gets a son. When semen is scanty, he obtains maidens. When there is the small of meat, he enjoys various luxuries of life; when there is the smell of wine he becomes a priest.
21When there is smell of ashes he becomes poor. One, who finishes soon his sexual inter course, lives long. He, whose sexual intercourse lasts long, is short lived.
22One, having big buttocks, becomes proud of his wealth. One having fleshy buttocks becomes happy; and one having leonine buttocks becomes a king. One; having a monkey-like waist, becomes indigent.
23-24Persons, having serpentine bellies, become poor. Those, having pan or pot like bellies, become rich. People, having spacious arm-pits, become indigent; those, having equal arm-pits, enjoy various objects of life; those, who have hollowed arm-pits, become proud of wealth; those, who have elevated arm-pits, those, who have uneven arm-pits, and those, who have crooked arm-pits, become king.
25Those, who have got fish-like bellies and navels, become happy. Those, who have got capacious or low vowels, are doomed to suffer miseries.
26If there is wrinkle inside a navel it brings on death- at the stake for the person. If there is wrinkle on one side the man lives forever.
27If it is a equinoctial position he becomes the possessor of riches. If it is downwards, he becomes the possessor of kine. If it is of the shape of a pericarp of a lotus, he becomes a king.
28If there is one wrinkle the person lives for a hundred years. If there are two, he enjoys prosperity. If there are three wrinkles, he becomes a preceptor. If the wrinkles are straight the person becomes happy.
29If the wrinkle is awry he knows women unworthy of being known. If the armpits are fleshy, tender, even and covered with rows of hairs on the right side, the person becomes a king.
30If the rows of hairs tend towards the opposite direction the person becomes devoid of all objects and happiness. If the nipples of the breasts are not high the persons become very lucky.
31But if they are uneven, high and of yellow colour they become poor. The kings have high and fleshy chests which do not tremble, are sinewy and covered with strong hairs going downwards.
32A rich man has an even chest. One, having plump chest, becomes very powerful.
33-34Persons, having uneven chests, become indigent and are killed by weapons. Persons, having rugged collarbones. become indigent. Those, having elevated collarbones, enjoy various objects of life; those, having depressed ones, become indigent; and those, having plump ones became rich. One who as a flat neck becomes indigent. He who has got the arteries of his neck, not very prominent, becomes happy.
35He who his buffalo necked, becomes a hero. He who has a neck like that of a deer, masters the Holy Scriptures. One, who has a neck like a conch-shell, becomes a king; whereas one, who has a long neck, becomes a voracious eater.
36A back, not covered with hairs and even in shape, always indicates auspiciousness, while of any other kind it is the forerunner of inauspiciousness.
37The most auspicious armpit is that of the shape of a fig-leaf, which is covered with brown hairs and from which good smell comes out. Any other description is the mark of poverty. Fleshy, well-formed and well-joined anus are the most auspicious.
38Well-rounded and fleshy arms, extending up to the knees, indicate the signs of royalty. Short arms, covered with hairs, indicate signs of poverty. Arms, like the trunks of elephants, are the best.
39Fingers of the hands, when straight, are most auspicious. Those of the intelligent are short and those of the servants are flat.
40The indigent have either fat, crooked or bent and lean fingers. Those, who have hands like those of a- monkey, become indigent. That like a tiger indicates strength.
41-42The depressed palm of a person indicates the destruction of his paternal property. The kings have well-formed, thick-set and sweet-scented wrists. Those, whose fingers make a sound when handled, become degraded and poor.
43Persons, who have uneven fingers, always pay taxes. Those, who have red hands and palms, become very rich.
44Those, who have· yellow-colored and rough ones, become indigent and addicted to other people’s wives. Those who have nails like husks, become eunuchs. Those, who have rugged and broken nails, become indigent.
45Those, who have discoloured and disfigured nails, always pry into other’s business. Those, who have copper-coloured nails, become kings. Those, who have the mark of a barley on their thumbs, become rich.
46When there is such a mark at the foot of the thumb a person gets sons. Ha person has long knots in the fingers he lives a long life and becomes lucky. He, who has disjoined fingers, becomes poor.
47He, who has got dose fingers, become a rich man. The person, on which palms three lines appear from the wrist, becomes a king.· When the figures of two fishes appear on the palm the person becomes a great sacrificer.
48The sign of a thunder-bolt appearing on the palm indicates the possession of riches. The sign of the tail of a fish indicates intellect.
49The signs of conch-shell, umbrella, vehicle, elephant and lotus indicate royalty. The marks of a pitcher, goad, flag and lotus-stalk indicate the possession of gems.
50The mark of a chord indicates the possession of kine; that of Svastika indicates royalty. The marks of discus, sword, Tamara, bow and teeth appear on Ute hands of a king.
51The mark of a mortar appears on the palms of a person who celebrates sacrifices and that of a sacrificial altar appears on the palm of an Agnihotri. The marks of a tank and triangle indicate righteousness.
52-53Lines, origination from the root of the thumb, indicate the possession of sons and happiness. A line, extending from the tip of the thumb to-that of the fore-finger and originating from the root of the youngest finger, makes one live for a hundred years. When it is broken it indicates danger from a tree. Many lines indicate poverty.
54A spare chin indicates want; while a fleshy one indicates riches. Red lips indicate royalty. Smiling and tender lips, resembling Bimba fruits, indicate the same. Those who have rugged lips become poor.
55Thick-set and cool teeth are the best. Sharp but even teeth are also most auspicious. Red tongue is also most auspicious.
56Blue and tall tongue is also the best and a white palate indicates the destruction of wealth. There arc two kinds of faces-dark and rough; tender and gentle.
57Honest and tender face indicates royalty and its optics indicates poverty. A son, possessing the face of his mother, suffers great miseries.
58A rich person has a round face and a poor man a tall one. The vicious have cowardly faces and the wicked cunning ones.
59Those who have depressed faces get no sons. The misers have short faces. The happiest of men, who enjoys all the luxuries of life, has tender, thin and beautiful beards.
60A thief has got thick, short and crimson-coloured beards. The, sinful persons have red and rugged beards.
61The misers have short ears. Those who have got spear like ears become kings. Those, who have got hairs on their ears, die soon.
62Persons, having big ears, become kings and rich men. Persons, endued with hanging and fleshy ears, also become kings.
63One having depressed cheeks, enjoys all the luxuries of life. One, having well-formed cheeks, becomes a minister. One, having a nose like that of a parrot, becomes happy. One, who has got a thin nose, lives long.
64One, who has got a well-like nose with its tip broken, knows women unworthy of being known. One, who has got a long nose, enjoys good luck. A thief has got a flat nose.
65A flat nose also indicates death and misfortune. A straight nose, with beautiful tip and small nostrils, indicates the signs of royalty.
66A little curve on the right side indicates crookedness. Continual sneezing indicates strength. A flat nose indicates the possession of delight and that with sound indicates the possessor as being the supporter of all creatures.
67Persons, having eyes like lotus-petals with a little curve at the comers, enjoy all the luxuries of life. Sinful persons have eyes like those of a cat and wicked weights have tawny-coloured eyes.
68The crooked are squint-eyed and the sinful persons have yellow-coloured eyes. The heroes have oblique eyes and the warriors have eyes like those of an elephant.
69The kings have got grave eyes and the ministers fleshy ones. The learned have eyes like the petals of a red lotus; while the fortunate men have dark-blue eyes.
70Dark blue pupils and the absence of eyelids indicate the destruction of the possessor. The sinful wights have round eyes and the indigent have poorly looking eyes.
71Those, who have got cool skin, enjoy the various objects of life. Those, who have got elevated navels, live for a short time. Those, who have got capacious and elevated navels, become happy. Those, who have got uneven eyebrows, become poor.
72-73aLong but unconnected eyebrows indicate riches. He, who has got crescent-shaped eyebrows, becomes rich. One, who has got a cut between the two eyebrows, becomes indigent. Those, who have got bent down eyebrows, know women unworthy of being known.
73b-74A high, capacious, conch-shell-like and rugged forehead indicates poverty. Persons, having crescent-shaped foreheads, become rich. Persons, having sinew foreheads, become sinners.
75Persons, having high and triangular foreheads, become the possessors of wealth. Persons, having depressed foreheads, are addicted to wicked deeds and worthy of being slain.
76A round forehead indicates miserliness. An elevated forehead indicates royalty.
77-78aA dry unperspiring for-head is not auspicious tor men. A sufficiently perspiring and rough forehead indicates happiness. Untremblingly and expensive forehead is the best and expressive of happiness. A laughing and wicked forehead indicates madness.
78b-79Three lines on the fore-head indicate longevity for a hundred years. Four lines indicate royalty and longevity for ninety-five years. Absence of any line indicates longevity for ninety years. When the lines on the forehead are broken a man becomes licentious.
80If the lines extend up to hairs a person lives for eighty years. If there are five, seven or six lines, a person lives fifty years or more.
81If they are dark blue in colour a man lives forty years; and if they extend up to the eyebrows the person lives thirty years. When there are twenty lines bending towards the left it indicates longevity and when there are short lines it indicates short life.
82An umbrella-like head indicates royalty, auspiciousness and riches. A bland head indicates the death of one’s father while a circular head indicates riches.
83A pitcher-like head indicates vile desire and poverty. Black, straight, thin and not too much hairs indicate royalty.
84-86Haits, having many roots, uneven, with gross tips, tawny coloured, bent down, thick and dark blue also indicate signs of royalty. Highly rough, sinewy body, devoid of flesh, is most inauspicious. Any other description is auspicious.
87For kings there are three deep, spacious and long marks, five very fine, six elevated, four short and seven crimson coloured. Navel, voice and understanding these three should be deep.
88Fore-head. face and chest should be broad. Eye, side. tooth, nose, mouth and back of the neck should be high.
89-90Shank, neck, genital organ and back-these four should be short. Palms. corners of the mouth, nails. comers of the eyes. feet. Tongue and lips should be red. Teeth. knots of fingers. nails, hairs and skin- these five should be very fine.
91The distance between breasts, arms, teeth, eyes and nose should be long. I have thus described the characteristic marks of men. I will now describe those of women.
92She, who has got cool and equal feet and palms, coppery nails, joining fingers with elevated tips, becomes a queen. One, obtaining her [as a wife] becomes a king.
93Well formed ankle. lotus-like. tender and unperspiring palms containing the marks fish. goad and flag single out a woman for a queen.
94The feet of a queen bear the marks of a thunderbolt. lotus and ploughshare. Well-rounded hips, devoid of hairs and arteries, are most auspicious.
95Well-formed joints and even knee-joints are most auspicious. Thighs, like the trunk of an elephant, even and without hairs, are most auspicious.
96-97A capacious buttock. like unto a fig-leaf. Is most auspicious. Loins, fire-head and chest, when they are of the form of a tortoise. are most auspicious. Fleshy wrists and hips are most auspicious for women.
98-99A navel, capacious. deep and fleshy with three wrinkles inside, is most auspicious. Even and pointed breasts without hairs are most auspicious. Red lips are most auspicious and round and fleshy mouth is the best.
100Teeth must be like Kunda flowers and speech must be sweet like the notes of a cuckoo. She should be able to adjustable and acts like a swan.
101Mercy, simplicity and even nose are the most beautiful marks for women.
102-103Eyes like blue lotuses well attached to the nose, eyebrows not very plump and like unto the rising moon, fore-head not very elevated and without hairs, not very fleshy and tender ears of equal size, and tender, curling and dark hairs are the most auspicious marks.
104-106aWell-formed head and soles or palms, bearing the marks of horse, elephant, tree, sacrificial stake, wheat, Tomara, flag, chowri, garland, hill, well, altar, conch-shell, umbrella, lotus, fish. Svastika, car and goad are the signs of royalty in Women.
106b-107abThe auspicious marks in women are well-formed wrists and hands like lotuses and palms not depressed nor very elevated. Linear marks on the palms are the signs which show that a woman will not be widowed and enjoy her life.
107c-108If a line rising from the wrist goes to the middle finger it indicates the possession of kingdom and happiness in women.
109A line originating from the root of the youngest tiger indicates life for a hundred years. If a line passes from the tip of the thumb to that of the fore finger it indicates the shortness of life.
110If a line originates from the foot of the thumb and is long it indicates the possession of sons; and if it is short it indicates the possession of women.
111If that line is broken at many places in indicates the shortness of life; and if it is broken at a long interval it indicates longevity. These are the auspicious marks for women and others are inauspicious.
112The woman, whose youngest or ring finger does not touch the ground or whose thumb is bigger than the forefinger, becomes unchaste.
113Elevated calves, sinewy, hairy or fleshy hips, pitcher-like belly, depressed and small buttock are. the signs of misery.
114Short neck is the sign of poverty and a long one is the sign of the extinction of the family.
115-116Fat women are forsooth terrific. Squint and tawny coloured eyes, dark-blue smiling looks, and smiling and depressed cheeks are the signs of unchastity. If a woman has a tall forehead, she kills the younger brother of her husband.
117If the belly is long she kills her father-in-law and if the-hips are high she kills her husband. Hairy lips are most inauspicious for husbands.
118Hairy breasts, rugged ears, sharp and uneven teeth conduce to their miseries.
119If the flesh is dark blue it shows she will be a thief and if it is tough it indicates the death of her husband and she acts like a crow and should not believe on them.
120A sinewy, uneven and dry body indicate poverty. If the upper lip is high it shows she will be quarrel some and harsh-speeched.
121Want of accomplishments and an ugly feature are both short comings in women. I have thus described the characteristic marks of men and women which confer wisdom on men.