Enumeration of the names of Vratas (vows and penances) commenced ||116||

1Brahma said: -I shall now deal with the mode or practising those religious vows and penance, O Vyasa, by which a man may win the good graces of the dog Hari to the extent that he may be pleased to answer all his prayers.
2The god should be worshipped in all months of the year and in all days of the week, and under the auspicies of all lunar phases and astral combinations. The votary shall observe a fast or take a single meal in the night, or live upon a fruit regimen on the day of the vow, and make gifts of money and paddy for the satisfaction of the god Vishnu, for which he will be blest with the birth of a son and the ownership of fresh landed estates.
3The gods Kubera and Vaisvanara, worshipped under the auspices of the first phase of the moon’s wane, grant wealth and opulence to their votary. On the same day, the votary shall fast and worship either the god Brahma which will be rewarded with opulence and a number of mares.
4The deities Yama, Lakshmi and Narayara, worshipped on the second day of the fortnight, grant wealth to their votaries. The three deities Gauri, Vighnesa and Sankara, should be worshipped on the third day of the fortnight.
5The god Caturvyuha should be worshipped on the fourth day of the moon’s wane and the god Hari on the fifth; the Sun God and Kartikeya, on the sixth; and the god Bhaskara on the seventh.
6The goddess Durga with her female consorts and the guardians of the different quarters of the heaven, should be worshipped on the eighth and the ninth day of the fortnight for a pecuniary boon, the Moon-Gods on the tenth; the Rishis, on the eleventh.
7And the god Hari, on the twelfth; and the god Mahesvara on the thirteenth day of the moon’s increase which is known as the Madana-Trayodasi. The god Brahma, and the Pitris, worshipped on the fourteenth and the fifteenth day of the fortnight, give wealth to their votaries.
8The presiding deities of the different days of the week, as well as the sun god and the asterisms, etc., worshipped on the day of the new moon, give all that they are supplicated for by their votaries.