Creation of Universe by Brahma ||10||

1Garuda said: -Thus praised by the gods, the lord of the Satvatas disappeared after granting them the favour of his shelter.
2O lord Krishna, I wish to know what sort of shelter the overlord granted to his devotees. O compassionate lord, please tell me truly if your lordship thinks I am fit to hear.
3The supreme lord Vishnu entered the-related tattvas which he set to motion, with the desire to create the universe
4ln the beginning the lord created the primordial egg constituted of gold and which was spread over fifty crores of yojanas around.
5Above it, there is a minute particle of golden hue of the same dimension as the egg itself. Above that, there is the earth as wide as the fifty crow Yojanas.
6Thus, the dimension of the egg extends over hundred crow yojanas. The egg is encompassed by seven enclosures all around.
7The first enclosure consists of water extending over ten thousand crows of Yojanas. The second enclosure consists of fire.
8-9It is enclosed all round by waters. The third enclosure is called Hara. It is ten times more in dimension than the dimension of fire. The fourth enclosure consists of ether.
10It is enclosed all round ten times more than ether. The fifth enclosure consists of Ahankara (ego) ten times more than ether.
11The sixth enclosure consists of what. It is enclosed all round ten times more than ether.
12The seventh enclosure consists of three Gunas, Sattva, Rajas and Tamas.
13-16It is enclosed all round ten times more than Mahat. After Mahat comes the enclosure Tamas. It is enclosed all round, ten times more than Mahat. After Mahat comes the enclosure Tamas. It is five times more than Mahat. Thereafter comes Rajas which is two times more than Tamas. Thereafter comes the enclosure sattva which is two times more than Rajas. The three combined are called Ekavarana ‘a single enclosing’. The prime germ of nature ‘ether’ comes thereafter. It is limitless. The eternal Vishnu abides therein.
17The river Viraja, forms the eighth enclosure. It flows in between the spaces of ether. It spreads over five yojanas all round.
18It is the most sacred river that wards of rebirth. O bird, those who bathe herein go to Brahmaloka where they rejoice with the four-faced Brahma.
19Those who take bath in the Viraja river abandon their subtle bodies and attain liberation.
20Those alone who have realized the Self and abide in Brahmana can cross the Viraja river.
21-23O lord of birds! The sage Vyasa and others, though they have realized the Self cannot cross the Viraja river, since they have still to reap the fruits of their Karman. They live on this earth as far as Brahma lives till the seeds of their Karman are destroyed root and branch. They can then cross the river Viraja, O lord.
24Others who have the seeds of their Karman still fructifying cannot cross Viraja.
25O lord of birds, the river Viraja does not disappear even at the time e of dissolution.
26-27The river Viraja is identical with Lakshmi and it has the function of destroying the subtle bodies. There are devas Rijus by name who are worthy of attaining Brahmana.
28They are many in number being at par with the Jivas who attain liberation individually or along with the Rijus. These are characterized by thirty-two marks and are capable of attaining the position of Vayu.
29Inferior to these are the Yogins called Siva-Yogins who are characterized by twenty-eight marks. In between the compass come Suras oho are characterized by sixteen to twenty-four marks.
30-31After Suras come Ashtakas. They are called sages. Inferior to these are Cakravartins. Within one hundred lives of god Brahma they can realize their Self and get ‘their Karman destroyed. O bird, within one hundred Kalpas one becomes identical with Vayu.
32Thereafter, having passed through hundred births, one becomes Brahma and thereafter one goes to the abode of Vishnu.
33O lord of birds, in the forty Kalpas of Brahma after getting all Karmans destroyed even Rudra can realize his Self.
34O bird of good vows, after the expiry of forty-one Kalpas one becomes Sesha and attains liberation becoming one with Brahman.
35Even lndra can get his Karman destroyed, realize Self and attain with Brahma the highest region of Hari.
36-37O lord, I have heard from Brahma that even Rudra can realize Brahmans when his Karman is destroyed after completing the eighty-five Kalpas of Brahma, then how can you adjust your statement that even Rudra can attain Brahma after completing the forty Kalpas of Brahma. O lord, how can the contrary statements be reconciled?
38On hearing the words of Garuda the lord spoke again.
39Sri Krishna said: -There is no contrarily between two statements. The stupid alone will cherish doubt, the wise have no doubts at all.
40O lord of birds, Ashtakas are eighty, with the additional thirteen they come to ninety-three in the fortieth Brahma Kalpa the four-faced Brahma has so declared.
41Since Reality is to be kept strictly secret, Brahma said so in olden days. O bird, you should understand this problem in the fight way.
42O bird, those who misinterpret the term Pancasiti Brahma-Katpa as the eighty-five Kalpas of Brahma are totally ignorant. I have told you the truth.
43-44After the Viraja river, O bird, comes the boundless ether presided over by Lakshmi. The dimension of the ether cannot be measured by any count, O lord of birds.
45-46The Virat Brahma, was made the presiding deity of the universal egg. Thus the everlasting, eternal Hari made special arrangements by appointing the presiding deities over the different principles. The lord Vishnu stood encompassing all regions above and below.
47O lord of birds, the above account refers to the primary creation. Now, I shall tell you about the secondary creation.
48Garuda said: -O lord, you have already spoken on creation and I have heard of the same very attentively.
49O lord, now tell me in detail, what is the primary and what is the secondary creation. I am curious to hear about the same from you.
50Sri krishna said: -From the unmanifest. Prakriti to the gross elements the evolutes of Prakriti are primary. The knowledge of the same leads one to liberation.
51O lord of birds, the universe evolved out of the Cosmic Egg is secondary creation.
52-53Creation, dissolution, recreation and release, deities, major sages and regions Bhu, Bhuvahi, seat are eternal and unchangeable. The existence of the universe is actual and not a fiction.
54Those who speak otherwise are the slayers of truth. The course of the universe is true, O lord, the service of the lord is also true.
55Raising up my arm I declare that no scripture is superior to the Vedas and no deity is superior to Kesava.
56Those who worship other deities, may they be Pitris or preceptors, at the cost of lord Vishnu go to the darkest regions.
57O lord of birds, now hear about the secondary creation. He who understands the same, attains the highest region.