On Visvedeva and Real and Unreal ||14||

1Garuda said: -O lord, let me know the incarnations of lord Vishnu, Lakshmi and gods, O you of good vow, as also the difference among them in regard to their qualities.
2Sri Krishna said: -The eternal, primeval lord has all the qualities in common with Brahma and others. He is independent, ancient and complete in himself. Such a being is second to none, O lord of birds.
3His feet and their soles, his nails, hips and throat are all full.
4Other parts of his body, viz, thighs, belly, breast, shoulders, arms, hair of the head and the body pores of the hair, beards, teeth, penis, scrotum, hair on the scrotum, armpit, eye, ear are also complete.
5-6How shall I describe the original form of lord Hari? So long as there is strength in his composite body there is strength in his each and ·e very hair, he can be called complete. He is the creator of all, the destroyer of all and, the enjoyer of quintessence of all substances.
7-8He is not the enjoyer of non-essential part of substances. O lord of birds, now hear, I shall tell you the essence of substances. The juices of the grape, sugarcane, cocoanut, mango, breadfruit, orange, betelnut, date, banana fruit, the compassionate lord drinks these juices when these are in their form of seed.
9-10He drinks the juices of the betel, Khadira tree, flower. Sandal, wheat; barley, bean, Harenu (?), cultivated and wild rice, corn and unhusked rice.
11-16Lord Vishnu receives the juices of forbidden vegetables, salts, foodstuff, prescribed eatables, soup, substantial foodstuff milk, curd, butter-milk, ghee, foetid, mustard, pepper, cumin seed food cooked in the sacrificial ghee, treacle roasted or fried in the oil, butter, clove, sugar, lord Vasudeva partakes of these essences with pleasure. By order, of the lord of Lakshmi, the abode of all living beings, Vasudeva enjoys the essences of all these things. O best of disciples, the rest of the juices are enjoyed by the ruling monarch, the lord of the each. The devotees of lord Vasudeva, usually, have no knowledge of essences. Leaving aside these devotees, we talk of the devotees of Vishnu who enjoy the essences of substances and thereby avoid coming to grief. Those who partake of meals without performing Vaisvadeva are the low class of people who eat the stale food.
17-18O lord of birds, I shall tell you the additional benefits accruing from Vaisvadeva-benefits which are most guarded secrets, not to be disclosed to any. Those who offer gifts in respect of the Sun, leaving Vayu and the Supreme lord Hara stationed therein cart be said to enjoy the essence. Lord Vishnu is said to enjoy the part of essence, not of the total quintessence, although he can enjoy the entire essence by his might unchecked.
19O lord of birds, I quote another list of essences of substances. Juicy substances, grapes and the like Iose their quintessence with the lapse of time.
20-28Ripe grapes lose their essence after four days; the rose apple after the same period; the bread fruit after a month, the date after six months, the cocoanut after twenty-four hours since its breaking forth; the cocoanut and the date after they go dry, the mango after a fortnight, the areca nut after a year, the betel after twenty-four minutes; the cooked food, soup, milk-rice after three hours, the foodstuff roasted in the oil after a month and a half, the food roasted in ghee after twelve hours; the vegetables after nine hours; the citron, ginger, amalaka, camphor and mango lose their value after a year. Parpata loses essence after a fortnight. The holy basil is always full of essence. Dry or green it is always fresh.
29-33The holy basil, as thought of containing essence even on the Ekadasi (eleventh) day should be held either by the hand or the nose, but never by the organ of the tongue. On Ekadasi, the day sacred to Vishnu, the cooked food loses essence. On Ekadasi O lord of birds the holy centre of Vishnu is full of essence for the whole of the day, exceeds in essence on the second day (so on and so forth). O blessed one, the holy places of bath, if polluted by the articles of worship, scent, etc., lose their essence, similarly if mixed with sweet water. O lord of birds, on Ekadasi, sacred to Vishnu, milk, ghee, honey and water are full of essence, while ether stuffs are without essence. The best of the sages have declared thus.
34In the month of Ashadha, O Garuda, the vegetable loses all essences.
35In the month of Bhadrapada, O lord of birds, the curd loses all essences. In the month of Asvina the milk loses all essences.
36If a woman does not put the traditional mark Urdhvapundra on her forehead she becomes devoid of essence. Those, who are averse to devotion of Hari are called asuras.
37The mouth devoid of Hari’s name is without an essence. The cooked food, a part of which is not offered to Hari is essence less.
38-41The hemp blossom becomes essence less after three days. Mallika. (Jasmine) for three hours and jati (a kind of Jasmine) for half that period; a lotus after nine hours, Karavira after twenty-four hours, Parijata after twenty-four minutes, saffron after three years, milk after ten years, camphor after a year, sandal for all times.
I shall now tell you of things that have no essence.
42-47The chaff of gram, Medhya (a fruitbearing plant), gruel, the holy basil, parched or fried grain Upodvaji gourd, Kosalaki (?) the eggplant, tamarind, Bilva fruit, Udumbara fruit, onion, garlic-these are essence less in all times. The performance of Vaisvadeva-Sraddha on Ekadasi, offering of water libation to the manes, cremation of the dead with the mantras are always essence less. Lord Hara does not accept such inauspicious gifts. He, the omniscient lord, makes sinners reap their evil deeds while he himself does not taste them. The partaking of essence less food is the result of their evil deeds.
48Common people do not partake of essential food. On the other hand, noble persons like Kunti and others partake of essential food. Lord Vishnu himself drinks the sacred but not the polluted water.
49Who can tell the movements of Hari? The lord is of blissful nature. There is none equal to him at any time or place. 0 lord of birds, now I shall tell you all about the incarnations of Hari.