On Incarnation of Vishnu ||15||

1Sri Krishna said: -Lord Hari, the primeval being, thought of incarnating himself. He appeared as Vishnu, the repository of all virtuous deeds.
2Lord Vishnu, the germ of all creation, incarnated as Vasudeva. He entered the womb of Maya and created Vayu.
3He entered the womb of Jaya and was born as Sankarshana (Balarama).
4The lord was born as Pradyumna. He created Sarasvati, Bharati and the Goddess (Durga).
5He created Mahat (in subtle form) with, sixteen digits accompanied by ego. I shall now tell you the sixteen digits.
6-7They are: Five primary elements (Mahabhutas) five organs of actions (Karmen-Driyas) and five organs of knowledge (Jnanendriyas) and one mind. Thereafter was born Aniruddha. The omnipotent lord gathered Souls and created Gods Brahma ad others and invested them with the gross body. O lord of birds, then the primeval Purusa Vishnu was born as Sanat Kumara.
8The lord then became Sanandana and in that form he practised celibacy and subdued the ten organs of senses, a feat which cannot be accomplished by everybody. The prince Sanandana was no other than the lord himself.
9Lord Vishnu became a hog and took the earth out of waters. He slew Hiranyaksha, protected the pious and established rule of law over the earth.
10The lord incarnated himself as Mahidasa from his mother Yamini and father who was not a sage. In his incarnation as Mahidasa he preached philosophy of Pancaratra.
11Vishnu, known as Narayana, was born in Badari for effacing sin and destroying impurities. He practiced penance, taught sages and humbled celestial women.
12The lord became Kapila, explained tattvas, removed doubts and instructed Asuri.
13The lord was born of Aid and Anasuya. He was known as Datta. He imparted instructions in logic to his disciple Alarka.
14Born in the Solar race from Akuti and constituted of permanency (consciousness and bliss) he ruled in the Svayambhuva Manvantara together with the Devas.
15O lord of birds, the widestrider Vishnu was born of Nabhi and Marudevi, the daughter of Agnidhra and showed marvels to the honorable learned men of Bharata.
16Lord Hari incarnated himself as tortoise supporting the Mandam mountain when it was being used by gods and asuras for churning the ocean.
17-19aLord Hari was born as Dhanvantari who was as bright as an emerald. Lest the undesirable things should occur, the lord seized the jar of nectar and assumed the form of a pretty damsel Mohini and deluded the puffed Asuras.
19bThe noble lord incarnated himself as Narsimha and killed Hiranyakasipu by tearing up his thighs with his nails.
20Lord was born as Vamana to Aditi and Kasyapa for restoring to Indra the land which had been usurped by Bali.
21The lord was bornn to sage. Jamadagni and was known as Parasurama. He wanted to liberate the earth from the yoke of Kshatriyas who hated the Bramanas.
22The lord was born as Vyasa from Parasara-Satyavati. He divided the Vedas into four Samhitas for his pupils Paila and others.
23The lord was born in the house of Raghu in the Solar dynasty, to Kausalya and Dasaratha. He challenged the ocean to fight and subjugated him. He fought against Ravana and killed him.
24Then, in the twenty-eighth Dvapara age, lord Vishnu incarnated as Vyasa. Born as the son of Parasara and Satyavati, he classified the Vedas into four divisions.
25The lord was born as Krishna to Devaki and Vasudeva. He killed Kansa and his associates and protected the Pandavas.
26Then in the Kali age, the lord was born in the Kikatas as Buddha. He deluded the asuras and flouted the Vedas.
27Then, at the interval between Kalki and Sweat age, the lord will be born in the house of Vishnugupta and slay the rulers who have turned thieves.
28-29The incarnations of Vishnu Narayana are twenty-four: beginning with Kesava and Sankarshana. Those beginning with Visva are one thousand. Those beginning with Para are, enumerable.
30These incarnations are of lord Narayana himself. There is not the slightest variation is eternal by virtue of his eternal qualities, not otherwise.