On Rudra ||18||

1Sri Krishna said: -I shall now tell you about the subsidiary creation for your knowledge. Please, hear attentively and retain the same in your memory, O lord of birds.
2After Virinca, was born the powerful Sesha. When Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi rested in the ocean.
3Sesha served as a couch, though lord Hari did not need it. (When the lord moved) Sesha was replaced by Garuda, (Here is the praise of Hari by Garuda) “always remain as your slave, O Hari. I always worship you.
4I am always your, devote. l shall remain so in each and every birth of mine”.
5Thus, Garuda served as the vehicle by lord Hari. Garuda was the son of Vayu called Sutra. Born of Vinata he was popularly as Vamateya.
6O lord of birds, identical with ego, you Were born of Virinca identical with intellect. The propitiation of Hari has been the mission of your life.
7O lord, the three are at par with one another but are superior to Gayatri and Bharati in respect of virtues.
8Sesha the devotee of Narayana, was possessed of three Amsas of Vishnu, Vayu and Ananta.
9O lord, born of Sumitra and Dasaratha, Lakshmana was the incarnation of Sesha having certain Amsas of Vayu and Ananta.
10O lord of birds, Sita was born of Earth in order to propitiate Rama. Balabhadra was born of Vasudeva and Rohini having the Amsas of both.
11-12He, the son of Rohini, was pervaded by Hari of white and dark complexion. The three-Sesha, Lakshmana and Baladeva are the incarnations of lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu has ordained that the three should not be counted among his incarnations.
13I shall now tell you the incarnations of Rudra. Hear attentively, O lord of birds.
14Rudra identical with ego obtained the title ever inauspicious and was assigned the task of destruction. He became the presiding deity of Tamas. Being not auspicious he was called ever-inauspicious (Sada-Asivahi).
15As he ever wore the inauspicious garland of skulls, he was called ever inauspicious. He should be ever distinguished from Siva, the devotee of Vishnu.
16-17As he wore the unholy hide of an elephant, destroyed the sinful wicked people and with the consent of lord Vishnu made the worldly people averse to the lord, he was called ever inauspicious.
18Sometimes, influenced by the Asuras, he acted contrary to the wishes of the lord, he was called ever inauspicious. As such, he should be distinguished from Siva, the devotee of lord Vishnu.
19As he liked to abide in the cemetery he was caged inauspicious. As such, he should be distinguished from Siva, the devotee of lord Vishnu.
20To practice penance, he remained in the salt-ocean for ten divine years. Hence, he obtained the title tapas, O lord of birds.
21Suka, the son of Vyasa, who had been influenced by Vayu was the incarnation of Rudra. He was born. for the spread of knowledge in the world.
22Rudra was born as the great ascetic Durvasas of Sage Atri and Anasuya, humiliation of Kshatriyas being the mission of his life.
23Born of Drona, Asvatthaman was Rudra himself. He was born to reap the fruits of the seeds of his actions sown in the former birth and to illumine (by contrast) the virtues of his enemy.
24Stationed in the north-eastern direction, Rudra obtained the title of Vamadeva. Stationed to the left of Vayu, he is propitiated by-him, his worthy disciple.
25Hence, Rudra got the title of Vamadeva. Further, on the strength of his lordship and nobility he obtained the titles of Kala and Bala and not by the virtue of his handsome features.
26To slay the Asuras of Tripura who were inimical to Vishnu, Rudra assumed the form of Aghora. Hence, he is called Aghora.
27To confer boon to the Daityas who had followed the path of service and practised penance, Rudra was born in a bice and was called Sadyojata.
28Aurva, the son of Uru, was called Rudra. Uru was so called because he was given to loud weeping (Uru).
29The son of Dru was called Aurva. Rudra was called Aurva since he wanted to revive the cult of weeping (in devotion).
30Garuda said: -O lord, please tell me why Sage Utu wept in devotion and why his son Aurva tried to revive the cult of weeping.
31O lord of good vow, I, your grandson, desire to hear all this in detail. Being addressed by Garuda, the compassionate lord spoke in reply.
32Sri Krishna said: -Rudra saw his own self reflected in Sankarshana who was possessed of good qualities, whose lotus-feet were bowed to by Brahma, Sesha and others desirous of gaining victory (over the senses), as well as by Bharati and Svastipas.
33-34On seeing Hari, Rudra was extremely delighted. His eyes were brimful of tears. His throat was choked with emotion. He was beside himself with joy. He said: O lord, during the enumerable Kalpas of Brahma that have passed so far, I have never remembered your name. O Lord, then, by what virtue have I seen your lotus feet adorned with beautiful nails? On seeing, over and over again, the lotus feet of the lord, Garuda was choked in throat.
35With his body shivering with fear Rocca wept and spoke to the lord again. “O Mukunda, Narayru::ia and omni formed lord, how shall I praise you with my tongue.
36My very sight is productive of sin. My very speech is attended by sin. My very eyes are set on women, instead of being set on you.
37I have been attached to my children, wife and other members of my family. I have no ability to offer praise. My tongue is not free to eulogize you. By what merit have I seen you O lord?
38O lord of many ears, I did not hear your narrative with attention. Conversely, I have been indulging in gossip with the lay people. By what merit have I seen you, O lord?
39Seeing the footstool whereon the lord had put his feet, Rudra had his throat choked with emotion. He wept while his body shivered with fear, thinking how he could hear the narrative of the lord.
40-42O lord Vaikuntha, known as Vayu, I have not offered any scent or flower to you. I have applied these to my arms. Mixed with perspiration from my breast, armpits; hair of the head and other parts of my body, the flowers and scents have acquired the impurity of urine and faeces. O lord, I have not offered any cloth or scent to you. By that merit have I seen you, O lord. · Breathing in the scent of flowers that had been left after they were offered to the deity, Rudra’s throat was choked, and he wept while his body shivered with fear.
43Rudra said: -O lord! how could I touch your body. O man-lion stationed at the tip of nose, O lord of nose, I have not smelt the fragrance of fresh lotuses. If I have smelt, I have not offered the same to you.
44By what merits, O lord, have I seen your face with lovely nose and shining teeth. Breathing out the scent of flowers that were left after they had been offered to the deity, he had his throat choked again and again.
45With his body shivering with fear, Rudra wept and said: O lord, how do I breathe out the smell of flowers that had been left after they were offered to you?
46O lord Jiva, as you always sit on the tongue (of the faithful), if a person in the presence o your image takes bath every day in the water containing the remains of the eatables that had been mixed with Tulasi leaf offered to you, that has been sprinkled over with the ·water where with your feet have been washed, though the offering of the eatable has been made just by word of mouth, obtains the merit of performing ten thousand crones of sacrifices.
47Such remains of eatables, as. luminous as the Sun, I have neither eaten nor offered to you. I have taken meals but not offered the same to you.
48I have not offered any eatable at your lotus-feet. By what merit have I seen you, O lord? While eating the remains of the eatables, after they had been offered to you, I saw your face tended by Lakshmi.
49I saw your head adorned with diadem and curly hair being the support of heaven and earth. I have seen your face by the aggregate of merit accumulated in my several previous births, in the company of noble people.
50Alas! O lord, it will disappear again by the aggregate of sins accumulated in my several previous births. Thus, at the sight of Hari adorned by all merits Rudra wept out of devotion.
51O omni formed lord, your lotus-feet kept in the heart by the great Yogins, have been seen by me out of compassion. O Vasudeva, how shall I see them again. Thus, Rudra wept again.
52I saw your belly in the field of battle containing three worlds. I saw your body adorned with discus, conch, etc., which could stop the recurrence of birth. O lord of Lakshmi, how could I see it over and over again.
53-54O lord, full of bliss, equipped with good nails, hair and nose and abounding in virtues, your chest wide and shining with brilliant Kaustubha gem with bright ornaments and the company of Lakshmi, tender and adorned with the leaves of Tulasi and flowers of various sorts and anointed with sandal paste-such a wide and beautiful chest I have seen by your compassion alone.
55How shall I see you again and again? Thus, out of devotion, Rudra wept and wept again. Thus Rudra obtained the title Uru and his son obtained the title Aurva.
56Since he made Rudra fertile, the son of Rudra was named Aurva. Aurva saw people worthy of liberation as well as engrossed in the objects of senses.
57Aurva praised the lotus-feet of Vishnu, remembered them again and again and felt choked in the throat. These sinners employ their senses to evil objects every day.
58-59How shall I shun them and remain unattached. I do not know this, O lord. Thus, he wept bitterly. These stupid people are addicted to the objects of senses just for attaining pleasure. Addicted to the objects and for satisfying their desire they spend their wealth. They are deluded by your Maya. They lose their power of discernment. O omni formed lord when will. you relieve them of delusion.
60Aurva, with his body shivering with fear remembered Maya of the lord and wept.
61These men of wicked nature accumulate wealth with great effort. These animals (in the garb of human beings) earn with great toil without any return.
62Deluded by the Maya of Vishnu, these wealthy people do not part with their wealth in favour of a worthy person who can be equated within the lord. The noble have declared their life to be a wastage. Thus Sorrowful at their loss Rudra cried aloud.
63Their life is lived in vain. Their youth tools spent in vain. Death that remains ever close to a man laughs at them. But these deluded people know it not.
64Let my family live for hundred years. Let my sons live for hundred years. Let me also live in comfort for hundred years. Let my auspicious wife too live for hundred years.
65Let my cows always yield milk. Let me give my son to my daughter-in-law and my daughter to my son in-law.
66I shall marry my daughter in a noble and rich family. I shall give wealth to them on their marriage. Taking note of these people who are · devoid of discernment, lord Vamadeva laughs at their folly.
67[The stupid person speaks thus:] “I shall not hear the narrative of the lord lest it should. destroy my good fortune. I shall not worship the lord, lest it should cause destruction of my sons and prosperity.”
68Lord Vasudeva, designated as fortune confers fruits of acts to all and sundry, at the opportune time. Solely devoted to Vasudeva, Aurva saw these stupid people and wept.
69-70O lord of birds, Aurva is Rudra who has been rightly instructed by lord Krishna himself. When Sati, the daughter of Daksha abandoned her body in Daksha’s sacrifice, O lord of birds, she was reborn as the daughter of Himadri and Menaka. Rudra was designated as Aurva. Be celibate, asked by Brahma thus Rocks, remained celibate.
71But when Rudra married the daughter of Himadri he became attached to her. Hence, he got the designation Para.
72Rudra had ten brothers. Among these, the three, viz. Sadasiva Saumitreya and Rauhhineya, were inferior to Rudra and his consort by one hundred merits.
73Garuda said: -O compassionate lord, please tell me about the Eternal Bliss (Ananda), explaining its nature to satisfy my curiosity and for enlightening the seekers after truth.
74O lord, please tell me, since I am your disciple, just for lifting me up, and out of compassion for me. Since you are fully satiated, you have no desire to be fulfilled.
75Thus addressed by the lord of birds, the lotus-eyed lord was pleased and spoke with compassion.
76-77Sri krishna said: -Satananda was born of Gayatri, Ekananda of Brahma. Satananda belonged to Brahma, Sesha and Sarasvati, O best of birds, while Ekananda belonged to Bharati, O son of Vinata.
78O bird, such is the information about Ananda. I have told you all. What more do you desire to know?