On Marriage of Kalindi ||21||

1-2Sri Krishna said: -O lord of birds, now I shall tell you the birth of Kalindi too. A daughter was born to Vivasvat of the solar race. O lord of birds, she was Kalindi known also as Yamuna, the daughter of the Sun. She practiced penance with a desire to obtain lord Krishna for her husband.
3Penance, they say, is a self-reflection, whereby reality is sought to be determined or it is a way of repentance for the sins of previous life.
4Praya is a penance wherein the mind is controlled. Hence, Prayascitta (expiation) is a way of self-control. It is not the tonsure of head which they do while entering penance.
5This penance has its root in remorse. O lord of birds, you may hear in detail. O lord, I have not uttered the sacred mantra, I have thrown myself in the forest conflagration in the form of Klesas. (i.e. worldly afflictions).
6I have not remembered the ambrosial name of Hari. Rather, I have remembered his faults. I have not thought upon the ambrosial essence of Hari’s teachings. Rather, I have indulged in gossips with the common people.
7I have not worshipped the lotus-feet of Hari. On the other hand, I worshipped my sons and friends. I did no.t bow at the lotus feet of Hari. On the other hand, I worshipped the feet of my friends.
8I have not seen the face of Hari covered with tresses grey as the incense smoke. I have fondled with my sons with affection and not caressed. your loving face.
9I have adorned my sons and friends with ornaments but not the face of my lord who can eschew the effects of my sins which I committed in my previous life.
10I did not partake of the remment of food offered to you but I partook of six varieties of food at the house of my friends. I did not offer you flowers and fragrances but did the same to my sons and friends. I am now tired of my sons and friends. When shall I see your faced O lord?
11I have polluted my tongue by consuming the prohibited vegetables not sanctified by mantras, a part of which has not been offered to you, which are not permitted in the coteries of your devotees and which are forbidden in the codes that prescribe rules of conduct. When shall I see your face, O lord?
12I have not purified my body by worshipping you with the eight-syllabled mantra or by visiting holy places or by blowing conches in front of your idol. When shall I see your face, O lord?
13I have incurred sin by not offering perfumes and flowers, ornaments or clothes. My body is polluted by anointing it with the perfumes prepared by those who are not the devotees of Vishnu. When shall I see your face, O lord?
14O Vasudeva, my feet are burnt since they have not traversed the shrines of Vishnu. My eyes are burnt since they have not sighted your charming face.
15My hands are burnt since they did not perform your worship. I have incurred sin by indulging in sinful activities. When shall I see your face, O lord?
16-17O lord, do not mind my faults, have pity on me. I have sincerely placed myself at your service. O lord, as many hairs do, I have on my body so many sins do I have on my head. When shall I see your face, O lord?
18I have not attained even the slightest pleasure since I gave up your worship, in spite of the fact that I have my husband, sons, friends, servants, buildings, cattle and wealth. Hence-forth, I shall not visit my kins and friends. I shall ever remain your devotee, nay a slave.
19Those who regard their kins and friends as the sources of joy have their faces filled with urine and faeces. This is what I know.
20Wealth spent on friends is a mere waste. It turns into filth, dirt and impure matter. Given to the devotees of Hari it becomes the cause of attaining Hari.
21Whatever has passed so far, I have suffered utterly thereby. Please, favour me with the company of the noble by your grace and not with the company of the wicked by your indifference.
22O lord, my body is tarnished by association with the wicked. It is not detached from worldly pleasures. Without you, what course shall I adopt, O lord, have mercy on me and favour me with protection.
23Thus the daughter of Surya repented. And she set her mind on Hari after repentance.
24Lord Hari is the best of all gods. He embodies all merits. Everything in the Universe emanates from him. Hence, he contains all qualities.
25He is the first and foremost of the gods as the letter a is in the series of alphabet. Brahma and other gods do not possess all merits. But somehow, by the favour of Lakshmi or the aggregate of virtues accumulated in previous lives Brahma. has come to embody all virtues.
26But Brahma is not so complete in merits as Lakshmi is not so complete in virtue as Vishnu. Bharati is not so complete as Vayu. Varuni is not so complete as Sesha.
27Parvati is not so complete as Rudra. Others too are not complete either, brooding over the matter in her mind, she practiced penance on the bank of Yamuna river.
28At that time, I had gone a hunting on the bank of Yamuna. I saw her there practicing penance. I spoke to my friend Arjuna.
29O friend, approach the maiden immediately and ask her about the purpose other penance.
30Thus asked, Arjuna approached her and asked her the purpose of her penance. After knowing her purpose, he returned and told me all that he had learnt other. Then, at the auspicious hour, I married her.
31I did so, for I was moved by her penance. I had no personal motive, O lord of birds. I always remain in full bliss otherwise. What more joy or comfort could I derive from this alliance.
32I married just to favour her, but not for my pleasure, I shall now tell you the story of Laksmana and the reason why I married her.
33Listen, I am going to tell you a great secret. There is nothing that the preceptor will not disclose to his disciple.