On the Marriage of Lakshmana ||22||

1Lord Krishna said: -O lord of birds, in her previous birth Lakshmana was the daughter of a learned Brahmana Vahnideva. Since she possessed auspicious marks, she was called Sulakshmana.
2-3Like Lakshmi, Hari, Vayu, Gayatri, Rudra, Lakshmana was possessed of good qualities. She drew her name from three sources, viz., her traits, activities and devotion.
4Narayana, the lord of Lakshmi is possessed of thirty-two auspicious traits. O lord of birds, I tell them serially. The person who hears the same obtains a quick deliverance.
5-17The lord has seven. feet, ninety-six fingers, four hands, sharp teeth. These four combined constitute the first trait. A loving, round and blooming face is the second trait. An un-elevated chin is the third. Sharp and small teeth the fourth. Red lips the fifth. Blood-red hands the sixth. Red and bright nails the seventh. Red cheeks the eighth. Marks of conch and disc the ninth. Thin but developed belly marked with three wrinkles the tenth. The deep navel the eleventh. The plump pair of thighs the twelfth. Long, extensive waist the thirteenth. Well set scrotum the fourteenth. Straight and elevated penis the fifteenth. The red soles the sixteenth. Depressed ankles the seventeenth. Lovely neck the eighteenth. Lotus eyes the nineteenth. Red arms and knees the twentieth. The wide breast the twenty-first. Lionlike shoulders the twenty-second. Small mouth the twenty-third. Extended eyes the twenty-fourth. Small and tender penis the twenty-fifth. Even feet, even waist, even knee, even thighs the twenty-sixth. Even legs, even hands and even ears from twenty-seven to thirty-second. Thus, the lord possesses thirty-two traits. The same number of traits exist in his consort Lakshmi.
18Brahma too has thirty-two marks. So has Bharati. The same number of marks characterize Vishnu. I shall tell you my decisive bought on this point.
19My consort Lakshmi is ignorant of the value of even my single mark. Those who know Hari say that Hari is possessed of many marks.
20O lord of birds, Lakshmi knows the additional marks as compared with her own in the Vayu form of Vishnu. Bharati has one hundred additional marks in comparison with her own.
21-22O lord of birds, do not think, therefore, that such forms of the lord as Visva have the same qualities as those of Vishnu. Gods, like Rudra, have twenty-eight marks as they have no marks of eyes and brows. But the absence of these marks should not be regarded as defect.
23In the absence of marks of eyes and brows, lord Hari contains anger; his penis and belly are somewhat larger in proportion.
24-27The ladies of the lord, Lakshmana, etc., have twenty-seven marks. Varuni, etc., have twenty-six. Candrama contains twenty-five; Kubera twenty-four; the nose and breath twenty-two; Sad the same number; Pravahas nineteen; Yama the same number; Varuna eighteen; the air seventeen; Vaivasvata sixteen; Mitra fifteen, Kubera twenty-four; Fire thirteen; Ganga twelve; Budha eleven; gam ten; Pushkara nine.
28-30I have sixteen thousand women who are my beloveds, possessed of eight marks. Pitts have seven marks; Devas and Gandharvas six, their successors five; Kings four and others three.
31A slight arrangement of the belly, small feet, short ears, long tufts, except in a Brahmana lady and in the consort of Siva, are regarded as great defects.
32-33Lakshmana has five defects, except those of the head and the ankle: There are eight other defects in the body, such as the enlargement of the navel, legs, etc. These defects ate present in Sad, O lord of birds, such defects should be marked by the seeker.
34-44O lord of birds, one should know the following defects well known to the learned. Enlarged belly, long navel, fierce prolonged teeth like a pole or a plough, eyes deep like the hidden well, long ears, lips and nose, long ankle, curved feet, bad navel, dark brown teeth, long legs, long penis, single scrotum, single nose, red beards, red hair, curved mouth, body scorched as a hill, red back, these are the bad signs in Kali. Shoulders and ears without hair, red cheeks, pale forehead, pale shoulders, pale hands, fierce look, fierce glance, indistinct sound, excessive eating and excessive drinking; breasts as dry fruits, hairy thighs, hairy back, hairy forehead with three long parallel lines, penis marked with the snake-like fish, tip of the tongue marked with the shoe-like fish, the anus marked with penis-like fish, feet marked with scorpion-like fish, the mouth marked with a dog-like fish, hands marked with many lines, nose hairy, thumb and little finger overlong. Such like bad marks abound in the Kali age. Several good marks are present in me, O lord of birds.
45Thirtytwo marks of Vishnu, Brahma has already explained with reference to himself.
46Those stated by me or by Brahma are not contradictory to each other. Whatever I had stated I repeat succinctly.
47I have stated these by collecting the scattered material together. As it is evident, there is no contradiction in what I have stated at other places in the text.
48Lady Lakshmana and others possess twenty-seven marks. In comparison to Bharati she is short of five marks in pudendum, ears, hands, breast and belly.
49O lord of birds, she has neither the additional marks of gods, nor the additional marks of Rudra. She is possessed of twenty-six marks minus six marks of Varuna, plus additional marks in ears, belly, nose, hair, ankle and pudendum.
50-54lndra possesses twenty-five marks, devoid of seven marks (of Varuna), with additional marks in hands, feet, belly, ears, penis, ankle and lips. Saci contains twenty-three marks and nine defects, with additional marks in pudendum, hair, lips, ears, legs, cheeks, breasts, ankles and lips.
55-56The wind Pravaha contains twenty-two marks of merit and ten marks of defects. There are some additional marks on her thumb. The Sun contains twenty marks of merit and eleven defects. Fire contains nineteen marks of merit and thirteen defects.
57-70Vaivasvata contains eighteen marks and fourteen defects; Mitra seventeen marks of merit and fifteen defects; Kubera sixteen marks of merit and sixteen defects. My eldest son contains fifteen marks and seventeen defects; Ganga fourteen marks of the merit and eighteen defects; Budha (Mercury) thirteen marks and nineteen defects; Shani (Saturn) twenty marks and twenty defects; Pushkara eleven marks and twenty-one defects; Pitris ten marks and twenty-three defects. Devas, Gandharvas eight marks and twenty-four defects; Gandharvas in human forms seven marks and twenty-five defects; Kings six marks and twenty-six defects. Some others possess four or five marks and three defects. This is the lower limit for the number of marks, merits and defects. If a common man of a royal person possesses some additional marks (and no defect) he is neither a man nor a god. Bach and every person cannot be wholly whole or perfectly perfect. Devas and Daityas possess twenty-seven marks of merits and twenty-seven marks of defects. None but the supreme god has thirty-two marks and no defects.
71-72Thus, Sulalkshana grew up in her father’s house. Once when her father was distributing food among his friends and relatives, for the prosperity of the family she said to her father: O father, gifts should be made over to those who have realized the lord in their self. If they are made to an unworthy person who has not realized the Self, the food and the drink go waste.
73-74Now, I shall tell you about lord Hari, where he stays, what he eats and what he drinks. Please hear attentively. Hari in the form of child Krisins drinks milk, eats butter, and wears fresh dress and ornaments. Gifts should be made, thus, for the pleasure of Vishnu.
75Hari eats and drinks in the company of his friends. Therefore, a householder should gift sumptuous food and tasteful drink in favour of the lord and receive his blessing. Otherwise, all that food and drink go in vain.
76The donor should be conscious that the lord receives his gift with pleasure. He should confer gifts to a worthy person. If knowing thus, he donates gifts every day. Vishnu is pleased thereby. Otherwise, gifts of the donor are rendered waste.
77One should keep one’s house decorated with the articles of precious metal knowing that lord always likes them.
78Lord Govinda abides with his sons in the house of the devotees of Vishnu: The lord by the name of Mukunda abides in the abode of Mitra. By the name of Aniruddha he abides in the public rest house. By the name of Narayana, he abides in the house of a Brahmana.
79By the name of Hari he abides in the cow pen. By the name of Vamana he abides in the stable. By the name of Sankarshana he abides in Sudra. By the name of Pradyumna he abides in Vaisya.
80By the name of Janardana he abides in Kshatrya. By the name of Mahidasa he abides in the fisherman. By the name of Upendra he abides in the earth.
81By the name of Cakrapani he abides in the elephant. By the name of Visva he abides in the heart. By the name of Bhutabhavana he abides in dogs.
82By the name of Trivikrama he abides in the ant. By the name of Hari, he abides in the firmament. By the name of Ananta and Hari he abides in all castes the multi-formed Han has no class, no family, no race.
83Knowing all this, Lakshmana set herself to propitiate the lord. “May lord be pleased with my worship and become my husband”.
84Desiring Vishnu to be her lord she gave up her body and was born in the country of Madras.
85In the Svayanvara of Lakshmana I hit the target, conquered the rival wooers and married Lakshmana, brought her home and gratified her desire. Now, I shall give details of my marriage with Jambavati and explain why I married her.