On Journey of Devito Venkatesagiri ||25||

1At the gate of the temple of Srinivasa she and her companions saw Svamipushkarini saying, “O lord Hari, Srinivasa”, she meditated on the lord who takes Brahma and others across the ocean of existence.
2There, in the pool, Vishnu abides, together with other gods for the preservation of people. Hence, the pool is called Svanmipushkarini. Therein, the maiden and her companions took bath.
3O lord of birds, formerly, the gods purified themselves by taking bath and entered the temple of Srinivasa to practise penance with sincere devotion. As instructed by the preceptor, the maid too acted all accordingly, O lord of birds.
4Then, the lord in his full and beautiful form appeared before her. The maid saw the beautiful form of Srinivasa and was delighted thereby.
5-7She saw the lord wearing the gold-embroidered dress with an attractive head ·gear and bodice. His body was anointed with the paste of musk whereof the smell had made the quarters fragrant. The lord had lotus like blooming eyes, neck as round as the conch, long arms, golden sacred thread and looked as the cupid incarnate. He possessed charms which could subjugate any people and who had a body pretty and tender.
8At the sight of the lord, the maid was extremely delighted. Her body showed a thrilling hair.
9Her heart overflowed with pleasure at the sight of the lord. Her eyes were full of tears and her body showed joyful signs of thrilling hair. She danced in the presence of the lord. Her faults were destroyed with the feeling of devotion. In a tone full of emotion, she addressed the lord thus.
10“O blissful lord, save me from worldly affections, grant me your eternal bliss by releasing me from the shackles of Karman. O lotus-eyed lord save me by your sweet, charming glance full of ambrosial compassion. O lord, I am extremely distressed, save me by bestowing wisdom on me.
11O lord, dissociate me from my bad companions-desire wrath and greed, and destroy my strong foes, viz., the obstacles.
12O lord of Sarasvati, Brahma and the universe protect me; O lord of Lakshmi, the primeval course of the Universe, whose lotus feet are bowed to by the gods, protect me.”
13Thus paying homage with reverence she praised the primeval lord. O lord of birds, there are innumerable merits n Vishnu which are not known to Lakshmi.
14[She continued] ‘‘Unknown even to Lakshmi, there exist several qualities in Hari. I cannot praise you adequately. Still I shall try to praise you, O lord.
15By the favour of Brahma, the lord of speech, by the favour of Rudra, above all by your favour, I praise you, O lord. Be kind enough to bestow peace on me.
16O lord, if you are pleased with me, bestow devotion on me for your feet. At your very sight, O lord, good and evil-both disappear forever.
17The world is destroyed by illusion indicated by pride, it has turned deaf and blind by the excess of wealth.
18I do not seek for that wealth which would make me dumb to the entreaties of the poor or the preceptor and drive me off from the service of your lotus-feet. O lord grant me company of the good that may help me to realize my inner self.
19-20Please extinguish my desire for sons, etc. Grant me devotion for your lotus-feet. Take off my treasure and bestow the same among your devotees. Grant me devotion for your lotus-feet.
21Please take off my learning, progeny, wealth and pride. Grant me devotion for your lotus-feet. Take off my jealousy and intolerance for the noble devotees of Vishnu. O lord of Venkata grant me protection.
22O primeval cause of the universe, grant me that mantra which may enable me to meet you again. I ask for nothing more than my contact with your lotus-feet. Please grant me this all if you are so pleased with me.”
23Thus spoken to by her, Srinivasa was extremely pleased. Emitting nectar from his mouth he spoke to her. “O maid, I give you the most secret mantra which you should keep repeating with devotion.
24-25I tell you this mantra out of affection for you. Please listen to the mantra with devotion, as I disclose it to you; Om Vyankatesaya Namahi Om.
26O maid, by this mantra you will achieve the object of your desire.” Having addressed the maid thus, the lord appeared before her in a symbolic form.
27The girl bowed to the lord and stayed in the vicinity of the lake named Svamisaras, on that very day she propitiated the Brahmanas and other castes with the cooked food of ingredients.
28-29In the evening she paid homage to the idol and other symbols of the lord. She circum-ambulated the image and danced without reservation, proclaiming victory of the lord. During this performance, she Set her eyes on the image of the lord and danced over and over again.
30Today, my body is purified, my eyes have borne fruit, my feet have gained purpose, since I have circumambulated you, my lord.
31My hands have attained the fruits of their existence since they have clapped to glorify the lord.” thus she pleased the lord by these utterances which were full of praises for the lord.
32-33The gods sounded drums, played on instruments and scattered flowers on her head. They danced around her, together with their consorts, clapped hands and paid homage. O lord of birds, she too danced before the lord on the Ananda mountain every day.
34Immersed in bliss he returned to her hermitage together with Jaigisavya. O lord of birds, those who do not go on pilgrimage thus have all their pious activities come to naughty thus say the noble.
35She went to the hermitage together with Jaigisavya. and asked the preceptor about the mantra of Vyankatesa. O sir tell me the meaning of mantra so that I may perform Japa for the attaimnent of my desire.
36Jaigisavya said: -O blessed one, listen to the meaning of the mantra of Velikatesa and then think upon it concentratedly.
37The letter V denotes excellence, Y denotes knowledge, K denotes happiness, T expresses consciousness.
38The word Isa signifies the soul. Collectively, it is called Vyankata since it embodies supreme knowledge, undiluted pleasure and immense wealth.
39Or denotes the organs of senses which constitute the corpus of Hari. Kata means the aggregate of the organs of senses.
40Since he directs these organs inward he is called Vyankata or since he directs them’ outward he is called Vyankata.
41Or Vya means the released souls who have attained supreme knowledge.
42Vyankata would mean the aggregate of ‘released souls’. Vyankatesa would mean the lord of released souls. The individual soul in the subtle body is called Vyankata.
43Or the word Vyankata means the aggregate of Daityas, so called because they are without knowledge.
44The lord Vyankatesa is capable of liquidating them, he is called Vyankatesa.
45Desire, rage, etc., are evils that are contrary to bliss, hence they are named Vyankata. Since he destroys these, he is called Vyankatesa. O maiden, on knowing this you should perform Japa.
46O lord of birds, the maiden heard the glory of Vyankata and passed the night in that asrama together with her father. She got up early in the morning, set her thought on Vyankatesa and praised the lord.
47Sri Vyankatesa, Sri Nrsimha, Sri Varadaraja, Varaha, the god Sriranga, lord Visnu with Sesha for his repose-may all these deities make this morning auspicious for me.
48Lord Sri Krishna, Balarama, lord Vishnu who resides at Prayaga, Narayana who abides in Badari, may all these deities make this morning auspicious for me.
49Damodara, the abode of three worlds, lord Panduranga, lord Nrisimha, lord Ramadeva who resides at Amogha, may all these make this morning auspicious for me.
50Sri Dharmaputra, of the form of Nrisimha Sri Pippastha who resides at Muhalla, Kola Nrsiritha and Surpakara Nrisimha, may all these deities make this morning auspicious for me.
51Lord Brahma, Sarasvati, Bharati, Sarva, Supana, Sesha, Uma, Mahendra, Saci and others-may all these deities make this morning auspicious for me.
52Dvaravati, Kasika, Avantika, Prayga, Kanci, Mathura, Mayavati, Hastimati, may all these cities make this morning auspicious for me.
53Bhagirathi, Sarasvati, Godavari, Sindhu, Krishna, Veni, Kalindi Yamuna, Narmada, may all these rivers make this morning auspicious for me.
54Vitasta, Kaveri, Tungabhadra, Suvanjara, Bhimarathi, Vipasa, Tamraparni, Pinakini, may all these rivers make this morning auspicious for me.
55Svami Puskarini, Suvamamukhan, Sripandavi, Taumbaru, Kapil the destroyer of sins.
56Guru, Vasishtha, Kratu, Angiras, Manu, Pulastya, Pulaha, Gaittama, Raibhya, Marici, Cyavana, Daksha, may all these sages make this morning auspicious for me.
57Seven oceans, seven Kula-parvatas, seven Dvipas, seven pleasure gardens, seven regions such as Bhur, etc., may all these make this morning auspicious for me.
58Mandhatri, Nahusha, Ambarisa, Sagara, Nala, Dharmaraja, Prahlada, Kraturaj, Vibhisana, Gaya, Vyasa; Hanuman, Asvatthaman, Kripa, Draupadi, Sita, Taraka, Mandodari, may all these make this morning auspicious for me.
59The forests of holy fig, holy basil, amalaka, Naga-kesara, Campaka, coral trees and flowers of various hues and fragrances may all these make this morning auspicious for me.
60Thus after meditating on Srinivasa in her heart, the maiden performed the daily necessaries and went to Svamipushkarini together with Jaigisavya and took bath in the prescribed way. She then repeated the mantra of Vyaitkatesa and spoke to Jaigisavya and the preceptor.