On Discussion on Pilgrimage ||27||

1Sri Krishna said: -Desirous of taking bath the maid went to the Nanda river that wards off sins. She asked the Brahmana preceptor there.
2-3Revered preceptor, what is the name of this river. What rite shall I perform here. Thus addressed, Jaigisavya, the Brahmana preceptor, spoke to her in reply. O good one, listen I shall tell you the glory of this river-the glory which destroys sins altogether.
4O fortunate one, this river is the destroyer of sins. Multitudes of sins, including the Brahmin-slaughter are destroyed by taking bath in this river. Those who take bath here can perceive its glory directly.
5The sinners, when they plunge into the river perceive the waters as dark. They should continue taking bath so long as the waters do not look bright to them.
6Until the waters become bright the sins are not wiped off. When the waters become bright, one should know for certain that their -sins are wiped off.
7O wide-eyed one, such like glory of this river is perceptible on this earth even in this Kali age. One should take bath in this river and bestow valuable gifts on the deserving. One attains knowledge thereby and goes to the world of Vishnu.
8-9By taking bath in this river, the Moon was released from the sin of copulating with his preceptor’s wife, Indra was released -from the sin of incest with Ahalya, Sukra from the sin of drinking wine, Bali from the sin of stealing gold, Rudra from the sin of Brahmana-slaughter, Naga from the sin of taking back what was given in charity, Balarama from the sin of slaying Suta.
10There has not been nor shall ever be a place of pilgrimage equal to it in merit O blessed one, by taking bath herein make your life fruitful.
11-18Together with the sage Jaigisavya and her father, the maid took bath in the river in the prescribed manner and emerged out of waters. She repeated the sacred mantra of Vyankatesa and the Purusa hymn as long as she remained in the waters. She propitiated the Brahmins, with gifts of cloth, money and ornaments. Then she proceeded to Kumari Tirtha and took bath. She dressed up herself and stepped on forward journey. She came across the Viraja river and asked the preceptor Jaigisavya. O best of Brahmins, what is the name of this. sacred river. What rite shall I perform here. Thus asked, Jaigisavya, who felt compassion for her said: “O maid, this river, called Ganga, flows under the earth. Hence, the sages declare her as Antaraganga. O maid, the water of this. river is pleasing to Srinivasa. One who takes bath here attains the highest place”. On hearing the glory of the sacred river, the girl took bath in the most purifying waters.
19-20She offered gifts to the Brahmanas and repeated. the sacred mantra. She returned to Srinivasa the lord of Venkata and circumambulated him with devotion. She propitiated the· Brahmanas with fragrance, ornaments and cloth.
21-22aNext morning, she went to Svamipushkarini and took bath there. She then went to the river Tumburu and asked the preceptor again. “Sir, please tell me what is the name of this river.”
22b-23Jagisavya said: -This chanting river is called Tumburu. Once upon a time; the sages Nanda and Tumburu practised penance here, when lord Vishnu appeared and showered blessings on them.
24He who takes bath in this river attains the highest place. But it is not open to all to have a bath here.
25-27A few privileged persons who have performed hard penance can have a plunge into this holy river. She took bath, drank waters, offered gifts and returned to Srinivasa. She worshipped the god, propitiated the Brahamanas and lighted the earthen lamps on the banks of the Svami lake. She placed the earthen lamps in a row on the steps of the lake. Thus, she propitiated the great lord Srinivasa, the preceptor of the universe.
28Next day she reached the holy place of pilgrimage sacred to Indra on the peak of the mountain Kapila.
29She took bath in the pool and bathed the holy idol of lord Srinivasa with the sacred waters of the lake Vishvaksena which is purifying, and which destroys all sins.
30Shemounted the summit and saw the holy places of Pancayudhas and bathed there.
31-33There, at the place, difficult to ascend she saw a fire pit. High upon a place, she saw Brahma-tirtha which releases one from the sin of Brahma-hatya. (slaughter of a Brahmana). Higher still, she reached the holy place of seven sages. These sacred places impart ten per cent additional gain in merit in their serial order.” Who can describe the glory of these sacred places?
34-36The maid practised penance at these holy places. She continued the practice till I descended on earth. She gave up her body by way of yoga and was born in the house of Jambavat. She was called Jambavati. Her father Jambavat gave her in marriage to me. I married her and gave her a rank next to Rukmini. Who else than myself can describe the glory of Mount Venkata.
37Lakshmi offers Naivedya to the lord of Venkata. Brahma performs worship regularly every day. This is what. Sastras have declared.
38One should not mock at the people who are given to the eating of Naivedya. For ones own welfare, one shall partake of Naivedya. One shall not hesitate in accepting Naivedya. Otherwise one falls in hell.
39There has been no god higher than Srinivasa nor there shag ever be. One should cook one’s food in ghee, offer a portion to Srinivasa and partake of the rest himself.
40This secret of secrets I have declared to you, O lord of birds. This should not be ‘divulged to any, since it is very confidential. O lord, now I shall tell you the rest of the story in continuation.