On Tattvas ||5||

1In the Mahat principle, as described above, lord Vishnu entered together with Lakshmi and activated the same.
2-3From Mahat ego was born, being continued of knowledge, substance and activity. In the constitution of ego tamas contributed one part, Rajas ten and sattva contributed more. Lord become his Atman.
4Characterized by the principle of ego, Sesha was evolved at the beginning of creation. After the lapse of a thousand years, were born Siva and Garuda.
5The eternal Vishnu entered the ego. Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi activated the ego.
6I am threefold: of modified (i.e. secondary) form, born of tamas and of Tejas. Lord Rudra is the controller of the three.
7-10Lord Rudra controls all secondary objects. Therefore, he is called secondary. Controlling Taijasa forms he is called Taijasa. Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi entered the ego which the lord set to motion. He, the lord, evolved five organs of intellect: ears, eyes, touch, taste, smell, and five organs of action, viz., tongue, hands, feet, anus and phallus.
11O lord of birds, from the Mahat were evolved the presiding deities of eleven organs of sense.
12In the beginning was born Varuni, the presiding deity of the mind and then Gaurija.
13These were evolved from Sesha one after the other, within ten years serially.
14Then were evolved lndra and Kamathe presiding deities of the mind. O Tarksya, bondage and release came afterwards.
15-17Then I was evolved in the bodily form constituted of skin and called a creator. Then, O best of birds, creatures possessed of hands came into being. Sau, Rati Aniruddha, Manu the son of self-born Brahma, Brihaspati and Daksha were born in human form. O bird, after Daksha was born Pravaha, also called Ativaha who by self-urge causes objects to move.
18Thereafter, the organ of perception came into being.
19Satarupa, wife of Svayambhuva Manu, Yama, Moon and Sun, the four presiding deities of their respective organs came into being.
20O lord of birds, the moon is the presiding deity of ears. Varuna, the presiding deity of the tongue came after them Sun.
21-23After Varuna were born the wives of Daksha, their offsprings: Bhrigu and Agni the presiding deities of the tongue. These high-souled ones control the organ of speech Kravyada and others, of which mention has been made before, do not control any principle. They are grouped in a separate category, for they are not the presiding deities of any principle of life. After that, O lord of birds, were born the presiding deities of the generating organ. They are:
24Visvamitra, Vasistha, Atri, Marstci, Pulaha, Kratu, Pulastya, Angiras and Vaivasvata Manu. Manu and others of endless number are the presiding deities of the generating organ.
25O lord of birds, thereafter, were born the presiding deities of Anus. They are:
26-28Mitra, one of the twelve Suns, Tara the wife of Brihaspati the presiding deity of the quarters, Nirriti, Pravaha, the consort of Pravaha. These four, O lord of birds, are the presiding deities of the principle of Vayu. O lord of birds, the following are the presiding deities of smell, Vishvaksena, Asvins, sons of Vayu, lord of Ganas and wealth, seven Vasus and Agni the eighth.
29Now, I shall tell you the names of seven Vasus: Drona, Prana, Dhruva, Arka, Dosha, Vasu, Vibhivasu being the seventh.
30Rudras are ten in number. The primary Rudra is called Bhava. O best of birds, now I shay tell you the ten names of Rudra.
31Raivanteya, Bhima, Vamadeva, Vrishkapi, Ahirbudhnya,Bahurupa, Mahan.
32-33These are ten Rudras, O bird. Now listen to six Adityas, viz., Urukrama, Sakra, Vivasvan, Varuna, Parjanya, Atibahu. Except the Parjanya, they are mentioned before.
34-35O lord of birds, Parjanya is at par with Ganga, Savitri, Aryaman, Dhatri, Pusan, Tvashtri and Bhaga. Mahat is forty-seven. Pravaha and Ativaha have been mentioned above.
36-39O lord of birds, Visvedevas are ten, viz., Pururavas, Adrava, Dhuri, Locana, Kratu, Daksha, Satya, Vasa, Kama and Kalaka. Thus, are the Ribhus, three groups of Pitris, Dyuloka and Bhuloka. Thus, were born the eighty-six deities, the presiding ones of the organ of smell.
40The lord of Ganas is the presiding deity of ether and of the organ of smell.
41Excluding Visvaksena, Jaya and the rest are the councilors. In their mutual relationship some are equal and some unequal.
42These are the secondary controllers of the organs of sense. Hence, they are inferior to the presiding deities of the tattvas.
43Apana is the presiding deity of the principle of touch, Vyana that of form, Udana that of taste and Samana that of smell. The four Maruts are mentioned as the lords of waters.
44O lord of birds, I shall now tell you about Jaya etc., who came after Vii;vaksena. In the materialistic creation Agni stands first. Cyavana son of sage Bhrigu and Utathya son of Brihaspati come after Agni.
45-48Manus, eleven in number, were also created first viz, Raivata, Caksusa; Svarocisa, Uttama, Brahma-Savarni, Rudra-Savarni, Deva-Savarni, Savarni, Indra-Savarni, Daksha-Savarni and Dharma-Savarni.
49Seven groups of manes were created thereafter, O lord of birds.
50-54Born thereafter and inferior to these are the following six: Ganas the wife of Varuna, Vibhavasu the wife of Parjanya, Syamala the wife of Yama, Usha the wife of Aniruddha, Rohini the wife of the Moon and Samnakira the wife of the Sun. After Ganga, Svaha, the presiding deity of the mantras was born. Svaha is the wife of Agni, being inferior to Ganga and others. After Svaha was born Budha, the presiding deity of knowledge. Budha, the son of the Moon, is inferior to Svaha.
55-56O bird, after Budha, Usha was born. Usha who attained the greatest fame by this name was the wife of Asvins. She is inferior to Budha. Thereafter was born Sanaiscara the presiding deity of the principle of earth.
57Inferior to Use was Puskara, the presiding deity of all activities known also as.
58Thus having created the presiding deities, Vishnu, the lord of gods, entered the principles together with Lakshmi.