On Tattvas and on Devatas and Vishnu ||6||

1-3The Lord said: -O lord of birds, the presiding deities of the principles, stationed in their respective orbits, began to praise lord Vishnu in the prescribed manner. In you of recognizable or unrecognizable qualities there exist contrary qualities. Severally, they are many. I have no power to enumerate them. Thus, feeling shy and bashful, Lakshmi spoke to Vishnu in the modest and humble tone.
4Sri said: -O lord, I bow to your lotus feet. I have no resort except the shelter of your feet. Your lordship possesses Virtue. Some I have known, some I have not.
5Please give me shelter. Protect me from dangers. There is none more delightful, none more endearing than your lordship.
6Brahma said: “O lord of Lakshmi, an abode of living beings, you are the ocean of knowledge and omni formed. Where am I with my limited knowledge and full of ignorance and where your lordship all-powerful and omniscient. I am ignorant with my circumscribed knowledge. So is Her Ladyship Lakshmi.
7I have very little knowledge, very little devotion and very little detachment. And whatever little I possess is also due to your favour. There too, O Vishnu, who are an abode of the universe, I have no ownership.
8O lord, eschew my ego and attachment to worldly affairs. I desire nothing more. I deserve the attainment of right knowledge. I am not a negligent or an imprudent pupil.
9Let my organs of senses that are inclined to move in wrong channels fall at your lotus feet. I am inferior to Lakshmi by millions of virtues. I have no capacity to sufficiently praise your merits. Be pleased, O lord.”
10Thus, with palms joined in reverence Brahma praised the lord in the presence of Garuda. Then, the god of gods, the noble Vayu was visibly moved to love and devotion at the sight of the lord.
11aWith eyes overflowing with tears and speech-characterized in faltering accents he began to praise the lord.
11bVayu said: -These gods are your servants. Your lotus-like feet are inaccessible to us.
12O lord of Lakshmi, I beg the favour of yours granting me the tour objects of human life, O lord. The world is the creation of lord’s Maya. I see no other cause for evolving the world. Let me not go astray, O lord. I am anxious to serve your lotus-feet.
13O lord, you incarnate for rendering favour to the people who are averse to devotion, who are given to sinful acts and who are terribly suffering from (threefold) affliction. O lord, you have no other object of life.
14O Vasudeva, out of mere sport, you incarnate in human form. You render welfare to the cows, Brahmins, gods and the world of vegetation, that being the sole purpose of your incarnation on this earth.
15O lord, you are the foremost of pious activators. O lord of the mind-born god, the consort of Hari, our mind, engaged in praise of your merit, fords no satiation whatsoever.
16O Mukunda, I am your steadfast devotee. Pray create devotion in me for your lotus-feet. This and nothing else do I crave of you.
17O god of gods, in whatever station you are present, let me also be there by your favour. Conversely, in whatever station I am present, let your presence be also there, O lord. This is my utmost desire. The four-faced Brahma alone is aware of it.
18O lord, let my subconscious mind be also at your worship; let my activities be your circumambulation, let my behavioral conduct also be your praise. O lord, I offer all these to you with my conscious mind.
19The material substances intended for my use are nothing but different forms of Hari. O God of gods, I always regard these to be such, and worship the same with proper devotion.
20The Sandal paste, fragrant flowers, the incense, the clothes, the eatable food-stuff-all these are for the pleasure of Vishnu. I undertake this vow for the gratification of Vishnu.
21I abhor the non-Vaishnava people and love the Vaishnava ones. I cut off the tongue of the people who reproach lord Vishnu. With the heated liquefied tin, I fill the ears of those who hear his reproaches.
22O God, by your favour I possess sufficient strength for the purpose. Still I lack in strength to offer sufficient prayers. I am inferior to Lakshmi by millions of virtues.
23I crave for eternal pleasure accruing from the company of the person who sings praises of Hari. Those who initiate others to the same are Vaishnavas attached to Vishnu.
24Lord Vishnu is verity pleased with those who recite this praise. And when the lord is pleased there is nothing that remains inaccessible to the praise.”
25Thus, the noble Baladeva eulogized lord. Hari and stood in front of him with palms joined in reverence. “O lord, is there a man who can appreciate the excellence of your Virtues and be satisfied with the counting of your praise.
26O god of gods, you are praised by Brahma and other gods. Your merits entering, I the earhole of a person destroy our attachment for the body that is the cause of our rebirth.
27Your praise, O lord, destroys our attachment not only for the body but also for our home, wife, sons, etc., and for fields, animals, gems or other precious articles.
28Though the Vedas have tried to explain your identity (they have not done it fully). Lakshmi too. has failed to gauge your essence. Neither the four-faced Brahma nor Vayu knows your reality.
29I cannot sufficiently praise you, O lord. I am inferior to Brahma and Vayu. Hence, be merciful and protect me, O lord.
30O lord of birds, thus Sarasvati praised Hari and became silent. Thereafter, Bharati began to praise lord Hari.
31-32“O lord of Brahma, O lord of Lakshmi, O slayer of Mura, I have firm faith in your virtues, the praise whereof produces detachment of the people towards material objects and develops their firm devotion whereby you, O lord, are entirely pleased.
33I have, therefore, strong desire to praise your virtues, O lord. The act of your praise removes sorrows root and branch.
34When sorrows are removed, the deserving devotee enjoys fruits of pleasure. The absence of devotion, on the contrary, invites sin and destroys virtue.
35Knowing all this, my revered preceptor Vayu who was very kind and affectionate to me, declared your qualities, the source of all pleasure and bliss, selecting them out of the many accruing from pious deeds.
36Even lord Siva, the friend of the distressed, does not feel jealous of our holy fame. I derive bliss of pleasure by your favour, by the favour of Lakshmi and Vayu.
37Whatever act is enjoined by Vayu, the same is endorsed by you.
38Your lordship does not contradict Vayu and Vayu does not contradict your lordship. I feel no inferiority or handicap in the accomplishment of my task.
39As in the original form, so in the assumed form at the stage of incarnation, Vayu feels no suffering. Vishnu, Vayu and other incarnations do not suffer even when they take human shape.
40Vayu appears to be powerless but he protects all customs current in different Yugas. While he takes human forms, he does not suffer from the pangs of birth. O lord I and Vayu do not suffer on that account. O destroyer of Asura Madhu, thus situated, I am unable to sufficiently evaluate your merits, O lord.
41In the process of incarnation, the wise should know, there are no tortures accruing from Yama. Know that once. I went to slay the demons in the hellish region. (But I did not suffer at the sight of the sinners being tortured there).
42O god, I am inferior to Vayu in both human and divine forms.”
43Thus, having rendered praise Bharati was silent, O lord of birds. Then Sesha who was younger in age to Bharati spoke to the lord with palms joined in reverence.
44“I do not know your worthy self nor does Rudra nor Garuda, I am inferior to Bharati in hundreds of pious deeds. O lord give me your shelter and protection.
45Thus having praised the lord, Sesha remained silent. Thereafter, Garuda began to praise the lord in the following way.
46Sesha said: “O lord, how far can I praise your lotus feet whereupon my heart is set. How can I, a viviparous being be able to enumerate your virtues?”
47Having praised Vishnu, Garuda was silent. Thereafter Rudra began to praise him thus.
48Rudra said: “O lord, I have been ignorant of your pervading power. My devotion was centred on the lotus feet of lord Siva. I lost devotion for you and bore malice. I acted contrary to your desire.
49O lord, I, being stupid and devoid of discretion am unable to eulogize your virtues. I am inferior to Bharati in hundreds of marks. O lord, grant me your shelter and protection.”
50Having praised the lord thus, Rudra was silent. Thereupon, the goddess Varuni who was younger to Sesha spoke thus.
51Varuna said: -Lord of Lakshmi, O lord of Brahma, O lord of Manu, O lord of speech, O lord of Rudra, O lord of men, I am unable to praise you. Neither Parvati nor Brahmi the consort of Garuda can do that.
52I am inferior to Sesha by ten marks. O lord of the universe, I pray you, grant me eternal protection.”
53O lord of birds, having praised the lord thus, Varuni became silent. Brahmi, the wife of Garuda, who was inferior to her in age, spoke thus.
54Sauparna said: “O Hari, O lord of the universe, I have no power to praise you in words nor the power to hear your praise. He who remembers your personality, O lord, is blessed indeed. Who else on earth can know the lord, the blissful one.
55Therefore, I cannot sufficiently praise your virtues. O lord, I am inferior to Rudra in Virtue by ten marks.”
56O lord of birds, having praised thus, Brahmi was silent. Then, Parvati who was younger to Rudra began her praise.
57O Narayana, O Vasudeva, O lord, I have no selfish motive in praising you. O lord, you are unparallel in virtue.
58Your appellation Narayana alone has the power to confer detachment from worldly affairs and devotion to the lord. It can wipe off the sin of slaying a Brahmana and of having illicit connection with the wife of the preceptor.
59-60I praise your name as the devotee of your lordship but cannot sufficiently praise your virtues. I am inferior to Rudra in virtues by ten marks. There can be no second thought in this matter.” Thus saying, Parvati was silent, O lord of birds.