Discussion between Krishna and Garuda on Devas ||7||

1India who was younger to Indra said: “At first a person should realize the Self in his heart and then praise the lord. O lord of lords, if he offers praise without knowing him it becomes insulting to the lord, the holder of discus.
2But even the. recital of your name confers merit to the reciter. O lord, Rudra and others do not have sufficient power to render homage to you. How can I, an insignificant person, offer heritage to you.
3I am inferior to Rudra in virtue by ten marks. Lord Kama is equal to me in knowledge and strength (Neither Kama nor any other god can praise you sufficiently).
4Having praised the lord, the god of gods stood motionless with palms joined in reverence and forehead lowered in humility. Thereafter, Brahma, the self-centered god spoke in the following words.
5Aharitkarika said: “Homage to the lord abounding in qualities. Homage to the lord, the image of knowledge. Homage to the lord, devoid of ignorance. Homage to Brahma, the all-pervasive lord.
6I am inferior to India in merits by ten degrees. O inscrutable one, I do not ever know you. O lord of the universe, you should protect me, O Vishnu, grant me divine abode.”
7The self-centered Brahma praised Hari in this manner and was silent. Thereafter, Indrani praised Hari in the following way.
8Sad said: “Incessantly I dwell upon your lotus-feet that bear the marks of thunderbolt, goad, banner and lotus. O lord, I think upon the dust of your lotus-feet which even the wise people cannot carry by their mind.
9I am inferior to the self-centered Brahma in virtue by ten degrees. O compassionate lord who are fond of devotees, grant me your shelter and protection.”
10Having praised the lord thus, goddess Indrani was silent. Thereafter Rati (wife of Kama-god of love) who was younger to Indrani in age began to praise the lord.
11Rati said: -I think upon the lotus-face of Man-lion (Nrisimha) who had incarnated himself in half-human and half-animal form out of desire to render protection to his devotee, who (the lord), accompanied by Lakshmi and attended by Brahma, Rudra and others looks splendid by curly tresses of hair.
12Though I am equal to Indrani in all respects I cannot sufficiently praise your virtues. O lord, I pray for your eternal protection.” Thus, having rendered praise. with devotion, Rati stood silent by the lord.
13Thereafter, Daksha who was junior in age to Rati began to praise the lord.
14Daksha said: “I meditate upon the holy feet of the lord which out of devotion are water-washed and worshipped by Brahma, the ablutionary water being turned in Ganga, the holiest of holy Indian rivers.
15The dust from the lord’s feet on the matted locks of hair made Siva auspicious. 0 compassionate lord who have incarnated on earth for favouring your devotees, I do not possess sufficient strength to praise such power of yours. The Vedas declare that I am at par with Rati. I have not attained Moksa. Please protect me as such, O primeval lord (from sensuous pleasures).”
16Having praised thus, Daksha was silent. Thereafter, Brihaspati, who was junior to him in age, spoke thus.
17I meditate upon your lotus-face. 0 lord, you may kindly endow me with power to detach myself from vicious objects of pleasure.
18I, the individual soul, regard myself as the creator, enjoyer, and bestower of objects of pleasure. O lord cut off my attachment immediately to my sons, wife, friends, cattle, for they are surely destructible.
19O lord, rolling on the wheel of birth and undergoing pain in the process of that action, I have come up here. O overlord, I cannot praise you sufficiently. O lord, I pray you to grant me protection as you granted to Rati.
20Having praised the lord thus; Sage Brihaspati stood by him in complete silence. Aniruddha who was younger to him in age began to praise him thus.
21Aniruddha said: -O lord; a man of poor intellect is averse to hearing the sweet narrative of your lordship. Such a person indulges in sensuous pleasures, the kissing of a woman’s lovely cheek or pressing his penis into their vagina filled with feces and intestines, like a pig fond of excrement.
22I, indulging in sinful activity, am fallen in a pit filled “with marrow, bones, bile, phlegm, blood, filth, covered with skin and entrail, I feel pleasure thereto. O lord, the power (Sakti) that co-exists with you is the cause of creation.
23I, of perverted intellect, roll on the wheel of creation which is of the nature of sorrows, being entirely devoid of pleasure and emitting filth from the nine pores of the body frame.
24O lord, I bow to you-I who have (unfortunately left tasting the nectar of your auspicious narrative and have completely gone over to the worldly affairs such as the maintenance of my family-a fact which destroys my Vaishnava dharma. I have not abandoned my house (which as a Vana-Prastha I should have done) nor have I been disposed to charitable deeds.
25O lord, remove this filth off from me. Give me an ambrosial drink in the form of story of your divine life. Like the consort of Indra, I cannot praise your virtues, O lord.
26O lord of birds, thus having praised the lord, Aniruddha stood silent. Thereafter, Manu, the son of Brahma and who was junior to Aniruddha said thus:
27Svyambhuva said: “Though I am born of a womb, I have not suffered the embryonic pains. Hence, I have taken shelter with your worthy feet.
28Manavi, the wife of Manu, Yama-the lord of Samyamini, the Moon-the presiding deity of the eight quarters, the Sun-the presiding deity of the eye are equal to one another when they have set out on the path of release.”
29Thereafter, Varuna, twice inferior to Vayu and junior to the Sun, began to praise the lord, O lord of birds.
30Varuna said: “O lord, this abode in the form of my body is built by your choice. So are the son, wife, riches and other objects. The stupid, possessing very little knowledge of reality are attached to worldly affairs. They are drowned in the ocean of suffering.
31O lord, undo this wrong notion of mine and favour me with the chance to serve at your feet. I am inferior to Mann by sixteen Amsas, O slayer of Mura.
32Having praised thus, Varuna stood attentive with palms joined in reverence. Thereafter, Narada, who was junior to Varuna began to praise the lord.
33“O lord, there is nothing more pleasing than hearing or uttering the praise of the lord. O lord, you purify those who utter your name, together with their ancestors and successors.
34He is not a Brahmana but an ass who does not utter the name Harl. O lord, I do not know your actual form. I am always inferior to Varuna.”
35Having praised the lord thus, O lord of birds, Narada stood silent before Hari. Thereafter, Bhrigu who was junior to Narada began to praise the lord.
36Bhrigu said: -O lord, what better Vehicle you need when you have Garuda as such. When you have Kaustubha gem for your ornament, what more ornament you need. What more riches do you need from a devotee when you have Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth) as your wife. O lord of speech, what more praise can I render unto you. I do not know your good qualities. O lord I am always inferior to, Varuna by full one quarter of merits.”
37Thus having praised Hari, Bhrigu stood in silence. Thereafter, Agni who was inferior to Bhrigu in age began to praise the lord, the Supreme primeval Purusa.
38Agni said: “O lord, spirited by your energy, I carry oblations sprinkled over with ghee at the altar of sacrifice.
39Supported by your energy, I enter the belly of a person and cook the food therein. I derive my energy from yours, O lord. I am. equal to Bhrigu in every respect.”
40-42“Even the Sages are perplexed in under-standing the meaning of your name. The deities and their consorts are always engaged in your praise. So are Mandhatri, Dhruva, Narada, Bhrigu, Vaivasvata and the rest. I offer salutation to you, O lord, out of my devotion. Homage to you, O lord, who look after our wellbeing. Hence, I do not know your benign aspect. I do not possess ability to offer praise.” O lord of birds, having offered praise Prasuti remained silent.
43Agni, sage Bhrigu son of Brahma and the embodiment of speech and his wife Prasuti, the three are equal in status.
44The three are inferior to Varuna by one quarter, to Pravaha by half, to Daksha by one. hundred, superior to Mitra by twice that number.
45Thereafter, Vasishtha son of Brahma junior to Prasuti began to offer praise.
46Vashistha said: “Homage to Brahma, with the wicked sinners O lord, I bow to your lotus-feet.
47O lord, son of Vasudeva, protect me ever. I am. always inferior to Agni, I am, always inferior to Mitts, in certain aspects.” Having praised the lord thus, Vashistha stood silent before the lord:
48Thereafter, Marici, son of Brahma, junior to Vashistha praised Hari with great devotion.
49Marici said: “My intellect is weakened. I have developed attachment to worldly affairs, I walk in wrong direction. My senses. are quite perverted. I hanker after scanty pleasures. I turn my mind to objects that are far off from you. I stoop to wicked acts, O lord.
50O lord, characterized by such points, I am equal to Vashistha.”
51Having praised the lord thus, Marici became silent, O bird. Atri, who was junior to him praised Hari with hands joined in reverence.
52“O lord, you have manifested yourself the self-born deity, one who abhors relations for creating, protecting and destroying the universe. Your form is truth itself eternal and unchanging. It is the essence of joy and unmodifiable.
53Your real nature is devoid of sattva, rajas and tamas. It is apportioned in all objects wherein your existence remains unmanifest. Therefore, O lord, destroyer of Mura, I, like Marici am unable to praise your virtues.”
54Having praised thus, O bird, Atri stood silent. Thereafter Angiras began to praise the lord.
55Angira said: “O lord, I do not see your body possessed of many arms, bellies and foreheads, adorned with thousands of diadems and other precious jewels. I am unable to praise your eternal form though I am equal to Atri in all aspects.”
56O lord of birds, having spoken thus, Angiras stood silent before the lord. Pulastya who was junior to him, began to praise the lord.
57Pulastya said: ‘Lord Hari – manifests himself to his devotees and confers suspiciousness. Homage to you, O lord, that saves the sinner from the suffering of hell.
58I am unable to praise your virtue, 0 lord. I am equal to Angiras in that aspect.
59Having praised thus, Pulastya stood in silence before the lord. Thereafter, Pulaha who was junior to Pulastya in age began to praise the lord thus.
60Pulaha said: “O lord, you are devoid of form and desire. Still I offer you bath, cloth, water, fruits, flowers and foodstuff. 0 lord of Vaikunta this worship rendered unto you is altogether fruitless. Thus, say the noble sages.
61I, therefore, offer my worship unto you, O lord, with no desire for return but only with the intention to place myself at your service. O lord of Vaikunta, I cannot praise you enough. I am equal to Pulastya in my capacity. There is no doubt in this.”
62O bird, having praised thus, Pulaha became silent. Thereafter Kratu, who. was junior to Pulaha began to praise the lord thus.
63Your names, at the time of death, O lord, destroy all suffering accruing from birth. Your names, when recited remove, all of a sudden, the pains of birth and confer release. Of such, yourself, O lord, I place myself at disposal.
64O lord Vishnu, not to speak of those who meditate on you, even those who utter your name for devotion attain release.”
65O lord of birds, having praised thus, Kratu stood silent. Thereafter Vaivasvata Manu who was junior to him began to praise the lord.
66Vaivasvata said: “I am always engaged in worldly activities, in sensual enjoyment, occupied with the objects of senses, and averse to joys arising from your sight.
67I am attached to this thievish body-a heap of flesh, bones, marrow and blood. When I maintain preceptor, holy fire sacred cow, etc. l cannot easily get away from worldly objects. O lord remain merciful to me always.
68I listen to the scandal of others. But I cannot sufficiently praise you, O lord. I walk over the path traversed by the common people, but I do not follow the path of renunciation walked over by a few.
69I spend on prostitutes and roguish people. But I do not spend on Brahmins and saints, O destroyer of Mura.
70Having praised the lord thus, Vaivasvata Manu became silent. Thereafter, Visvamitra who was junior to Vaivasvata Manu begin to praise the lord.
71Visvamitra said: “O lord, I have not meditated on your lotus-feet, nor performed Sandhya nor adhered to Dharma that opens the gate of knowledge. I have not heard “your narrative which could remove the impurity of my body. O lord, protect me, I am equal to Atri in all respects.
72Thus having praised the lord, the sage Visvamitra remained silent.
73Excepting Bhrigu, Narada and Daksha, the seven sons of Brahma, Visvamitra and Vaivasvata Manu are equal to one another in this aspect.
74Others are inferior to fire. Still others are more virtuous. O lord of birds, hear. I am going to tell you the praise of Hari by Mitra who was junior to Visvamitra in age.