Prayer Vishnu ||8||

1O lord of birds, Mitra who was junior to Visvamitra began to praise Narayana, the source of the universe.
2Mitra said: “I, who am ignorant of reality, bow to your lotus-feet for release from the meshes of worldly existence-the feet that stop the rotation of life and death and constitute an abode for the well-being of the world. Lord Vasudeva alone knows all this, not I, nor fire, nor Brahma nor Vishnu nor Siva, O lords of sages.
3Not to speak of others, even the chiefs among the devotees of Vishnu do not know him. O lord, protect me ever from all others. I am inferior to Visvamitra, though I am twice superior to Parjanya. I cannot praise you enough, O lord.
4Thus, having praised Hari, O lord, Mitra remained silent. Tara, who was junior to Mitra began to praise the lord.
5-6“There are people who are singularly devoted to you O lord. Having abandoned all activities together with their kith and kin they are engaged in hearing and reciting your narrative. O Vishnu, these pious people are devoid of all attachments.
7O lord, I who am equal to Mitra, have fallen in their midst.” 0 lord of birds, thereafter, Nirriti, who was junior to Tara said.
8Nirriti said: “People attain supreme position by Yoga and devotion directed to your lordship by rendering service to those who are superior to me in virtue.
9By knowledge accompanied by detachment O lord, and by the control of mind, the devotees reach the highest ladder. Hence, protect me, O lord, who am equal to Tara in position. Thereafter, Pravaha, who was junior to Nirriti began to praise the lord.
10Pravahi said: “Children are born of semen by intercourse. Prosperity accrues by your favour. Your narrative, O lord, that serves as the elixir of life, can take a devotee to the path of salvation.
11O lord of lords, let my devotion remain, ever at the service of your feet. I am equal to Nirriti in status.”
12Lord of the inter-spaces of quarters, Nirriti, Pravahi and the beloved of Pravaha these four are Parjanyas; thrice superior in merit to others.
13Now, I shall tell you, O lord of birds, of the people who are junior to them. First of all, the noble Vishsvaksena who was junior to the mistress of Pravaha and was a member of the assembly of Lord Vishnu began to praise the lord.
14Vishvatasena said: “If all joyous lord Krishna be the conferrer of salvation.
15-16If there be guileless devotion towards preceptor, holy hermits, Brahma and others, O lord, if there be attachment for Tulasi and other sacred plants, one attains release from the tangles of birth and death, there is no doubt in this.
17O lord, having said· thus, Vishvaksena remained silent. Thereafter, Garuda with hands joined in reverence and head bent low, said, “I am inferior to Mitra in status. There is no doubt in this.”