Discussion between Krishna and Garuda on Urdhvagati ||11||

1How does a person obtain manhood and how does he attain death? O best of deities, when he dies where does his body go?
2Whete do the organs of sense repair? How does the body become untouchable? How and where does he suffer the fruits of his actions?
3Be pleased, for you alone can remove my ignorance. O best of deities, I am Garuda, son of Kasyapa from Vinata. Please tell me how men go to Yamaloka or Vishnuloka.
4-5By kidnapping another man’s wife and stealing the property of a Brahmana, one becomes Brahmarakshasa in wilderness. The thief of jewels is born in a low caste.
6Whatsoever one desires one is born, having the symbol of the same. The weapons do not cut his soul nor fire can burn it.
7-8Nor water wets it nor wind dries it. Mouth, eyes, nose, ears, anus and penis these are the holes in all animals born of egg, etc. There are eight uppers, holes from navel up to the head.
9-10If men have done good deeds, they depart from the upper holes, 0 bird. Whatever rites are prescribed for the deceased from the day of his death to the end of the year (of his death) shall be performed even by the poor. As for the place of enjoyment in whatever body the Jiva has entered he reaps the fruits of his actions . therein, no matter whether the actions be good or bad.
11In this way, O king of birds, a person suffers from the faults of body, mind and speech. After his death, he obtains happiness when he has suffered the results of his actions. He is released. from the noose of Maya and he is not likely to be born again to indulge in evil acts.