Discussion between Krishna and Garuda on Preta ||23||

1Garuda said: -What do the ghosts do in their ghost hood? When do they speak sometime? Please tell me, 0 lord of gods.
2Sri Bhagavan said: -I shall tell about their form, signs and dreams. Being oppressed by hunger and thirst they enter their former home.
3Though possessed of airy forms, they give signs to their sleeping descendants, O bird.
4They visit the place where their sons, wives and relatives sleep.
5If a person dreams of a horse, an elephant, a bull, or a man with deformed face, if a person awakened from sleep sees himself in the opposite side of the bed, this is all due to the working of a ghost.
6If a man is fastened with chains in dreams if his dead ancestors demand-food in dream.
7If one snatches the food from him while he is eating in dream, if thirsty, one drinks water.
8If in dream one rises a bull or moves with bulls or if one springs up in the sky or goes to a holy place hungry.
9-10If one speaks aloud among cows, bulls, Brahmanas horses, elephants, deities, ghosts and demons-this is due to _the working of a ghost. Many are the signs of ghosts in dream, O bird. It is due to a ghost if one sees his wife, relative, son or husband as dead.
11He who begs in dream oppressed by hunger or thirst should give Pindas to the manes to ward off coming distress.
12If one sees in dream his son cattle, father, brother, wife, getting out of house, it is due to the working of a ghost.
13These signs, O bird, call for atonement. One should bathe at home or at a holy place, give water oblation to a deity at the root of a fig tree.
14Or give black corn, perform worship, offer gifts to a Vedic scholar and do Homa as far as his means can avow.
15If, in faith, one reads or hears this discourse, the ghosts disappear immediately from his vicinity.