Discussion between Krishna and Garuda on Vrishotsarga ||41||

1O lord of birds, the rite of releasing the bull (Vrishotsarga) should be done, as prescribed in the month Karttika or on the full-moon day (Purnima) or on other auspicious days.
2One should get married, release the bull, perform Nandimukha and establish fire.
3Fire should be established beside the water reservoir well, cowshed and everything should be done according to marriage rites such as the recitation of the mantras by the Brahmins.
4He should do Patrasadana, Srapana, Upanayana, etc. At the end of Paryuksana, the Brahmin should do home.
5-6Six offerings should be made with the mantra Prathama Ahar to Agni, Rudra, Sarva, Pasupati, Siva, Bhava, Mahadeva, Isana, Yama.
7Once, Homa should be made with Pishtaka by reciting the mantra Pusha Ga. Homa should be made both with care and Payasa.
8-9First Vyariti-Homa should be made, then Prayascitta, Samsrava-Prasana, Pranita, I Parimokshana and Pavitra-Pratipatti. Dakshina should be given to the Brahmins officiating the sacrifice. By reciting Sadanga mantras dedicated to Audra, the ghost obtains release.
10Bull of one colour and a calf should be bathed and decorated with ornaments.
11By releasing the twins the ghost obtains release. Then water-libation should be made by reciting the mantras. The Brahmins should be feasted and gratified with the sacrificial fee.
12Then Ekoddista should be performed accompanied by water libation and gifts of food.
13This should be done on the twelfth day and in each month separately. The prescription relates to the release of the ghost.