Discussion between Krishna and Garuda on Cleanliness ||43||

1Those who violate rules for the observance of rites in water and fire, those who break wows of renunciation and fast should make gifts of cow or bull for the purity of sense-organs.
2Either the mother or a kinsman can perform the expiratory rite on behalf of a boy less than twelve but above four.
3Boys of less than four years in age can never be guilty or sinful. Even the king cannot punish them. There is no expiatory rite prescribed for such boys, in the sastras.
4If a woman falls sick after the menstrual blood has come out let her discard her cloth on the fourth day and touch the havis. She becomes pure thereby.
5Sometimes, a person is ill, and the necessity arises for an ablution. In the circumstances, a healthy man should take ablution ten times. He should touch the sick man after every bath. Thereby, the sick man is purified even without ablution.