On the Strength of Planets ||2||

1Of the Kalapurusha, the Sun represents the soul, the Moon the mind, Mars represents valour, Mercury speech, Jupiter wisdom and comforts, Venus sexual urge, while Saturn represents suffering.
2When the Sun, etc., are strong, the soul, etc., also gain strength. When they are weak, these too are weak. Saturn should be considered contrarily.
3The Sun and the Moon are kings. Mars is the Commander-in-Chief. Mercury is the prince. Jupiter and Venus are ministers. Saturn is the servant. The strong planet in the natal chart confers its relevant nature upon the native.
4Of the (eight) directions from east onwards, the lords are the Sun, Venus, Mars, Rahu, Saturn, the Moon, Mercury and Jupiter. A weak Moon, the Sun, Saturn and Mars are (natural) malefics as is Mercury associated with them.
5Mercury and Saturn are the rulers of the eunuchs. The Moon and Venus rule over women. The rest rule over men. Of the Rig-Veda the lord is Jupiter, of the Atharva Veda Mercury, of the Sama-Veda Mars and of the Yajur-Veda Venus.
6Jupiter and Venus rule over the Brahmins. The Sun and Mars rule over Kshatriyas. The Moon lords over the Vaishyas. The Shudras have their lord in Mercury. Saturn rules over the mixed ups.
7A planet attains strength when it occupies its own house, is exalted, occupies its own Navamsha, falls in its friend’s house or is aspected by a benefic. The Moon and Venus attain strength in feminine Rashi s while the rest do so in masculine Rashis.
8Jupiter-Mercury, Sun-Mars, Saturn, and Moon-Venus are strong in the four directions from the east onwards.
The Sun and the Moon are strong when in Uttarayana. The others are strong when in retrogression, and when they appear bright and prominent.
9The Sun, Jupiter and Venus are strong during daytime; Mercury is strong both during daytime as well as night-time; the Moon, Mars and Saturn are strong during night-time. All planets are strong during their own days,
etc. The malefics are strong during Krishna-paksha while the benefics are strong during Shuklapaksha.
10Saturn, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, the Moon and the Sun are progressively strong, in this order. This natural strength of planets is to be considered if the strength according to methods described earlier happens to be equal (in case of two or more planets).
11All Grahas are strong when they are in a friend’s house, in exaltation, in their own Hora, in their own house and own Moolatrikona, in own Drekkana, in own Navamsha, and on their own day.
12Increasing by a quarter, the planets aspect tenth-third, ninth-fifth, fourth-eighth, and the seventh houses. Their effects from aspect vary accordingly.
13Saturn fully aspects the third and the tenth houses; Jupiter casts full glance on houses five and nine; Mars aspects the fourth and the eighth houses fully. Venus, Sun, Mercury and Moon fully aspect (only) their seventh house.