The Story of Madalasa (concluded) ||36||

1Jara said: – Thus instructed by his mother, Hritadhwoja’s son, on attaining to his youth, duly took to a wife. 2The mighty one begot offspring on her, and adored the celestials with sacrifices. And he satisfied the behest of his father at all times. 3After a considerable time, when he became old, Hritadhwaja installed his son on the throne. 4Then the virtuous- souled one, desirous of practising austerities, entered into woods along with his wife. That great king descended on the earth as the great protector. 5In order to dispel the attachment of her son to the enjoyment of pleasure Madalasa said these pregnant words to him: 6-8“A householder is always filled with attachment and is therefore the abode of misery. You have adopted the order of a householder. When, while governing your kingdom, you meet with insufferable pain engendered by the separation from dear friends or begotten by the impediments put in by the enemies or produced by the loss of wealth, you should read what is inscribed on this ring in minute letters.”
9Jara said: – Having said this, she handed over to him a golden ring and such benedictions as should be followed by one leading the life of a householder. 10Then having made over the kingdom to their son, Kuvalayashwa and his queen retired into forest for carrying on asceticism.