About the Svarocisa Manvantara ||63||

1Markandeya said: -Then he roved about with her on the table lands of mountains, or heart satisfying gardens with flowering trees, and on lakes that are pleasing to the mind; 2on pleasant valleys and on the banks of rivers that are pleasant to the mind and likewise, O thou twice-born one, in many other regions. 3She with closed eyes began to think of the beauty of the Brahman as he appeared when possessed by the fire, at the time of living with Kali. 4At that time she, O thou most excellent Muni, became pregnant, through connection with the Gandharva and thinking on the beauty of the twice-born one. 5He (Kali), who had assumed the form of the Brahmana then having pacified Baruthini bearing his child, and having been given leave by her with love, went away. 6That child was born full of light even as the burning fire; as the sun illumines all the quarters by his own rays, 7glows by the glamour of his own rays, even did that boy; therefore he became known by the name of Sharochi. 8That possesser of the eight good qualities of kindness, &c, grew with his age every day, and with many good qualities, even as the new moon grows disc by disc. 9He then, the possesser of the eight good qualities, kindness, &c, coming to youth, learnt the knowledge of weapons, (military science) and also of the Vedas, in right order, and also other kinds of knowledge. 10Once upon a time walking about the mount Mandara, he, whose works were all lovely, saw a maiden on the mountain pass, stricken with fear. 11Seeing him she at that time uttered the words “save me.” He also to her whose eyes were filled with tears from fear, said thus “be not afraid”. 12‘What is the matter,’ – being thus addressed in bold words by that high-souled one, she then said with her words broken by sighs.
13The Maiden said: – I am the daughter of the Vidyadhara Indivaraksha, Manorama by name, born of the daughter of Marudhanva. 14Vibhavari born of the Vidyadhara Mandara is my friend; and also another Kalavati, the daughter of Muni Para. 15Going to the excellent tableland of the mount Kailasa, there a certain Muni, of an exceedingly lean and haggard figure, was seen by me along with them, whose throat had grown very lean through hunger and whose eye balls were without lustre and sunken deep in the socket. 16Being laughed at by me and getting enraged he at that uttered a curse on me in very feeble tones and with his lips moving slightly. 17O thou non-Aryan, thou whose penance is for evil, as I have been laughed at by thee, therefore thou shalt without delay be overcome by a Rakshasa”. 18-19When he had thus cursed me, that Muni also was chidden by my two friends, (who said) “Fie to thy station as a Brahmana, by thee have all these penances been made without practising the virtue of forgiveness. Thou hast grown lean through malice and through the strictness of thy penance. The essence of the quality of a Brahmana resides in forgiveness, – and his penance is the subjugation of his anger.” 20He, of unabated effulgence, hearing this, cursed those two also, namely that on the limbs of one there shall be leprosy, and the other shall get consumption. 21These grew exactly on those two even as uttered by the Muni, even at that very moment, and on me also a great Rakshasa is coming following my foot. 22Dost thou not hear this terrific sound, of him who is roaring near; this is the third day that he has not given up his pursuit of me. 23I shall communicate to thee all the knowledge of weapons and all the knowledge of heart (Hridayagnana) save me, O thou high-minded one, from this Rakshasa. 24This knowledge was at first communicated to Swayambuba Manu, by Rudra himself, the holder of the bow Pinaka; Swayambhuva gave it to that most superior among the Siddhas; 25by him was it communicated to Citrayudha, my mother’s father. His father-in-law himself gave it to my father at the time of his marriage as a marriage gift. 26In my early age it was learnt by me, O brave one, from my father – this Hridaya of all the weapons, that can punish all foes. 27Do thou accept this soon, which is the refuge of many weapons, and then kill this evil-spirit as soon as it comes near me.”
28Markandeya said: – On his saying so be it, then by touching water she gave to him that knowledge called the Hridaya, with all the secrets regarding its calling back and sending out.
29In the meantime that Rakshasa of fearful features, roaring with a dreadful roar quickly came there. 30-32He, Swarochi, saw him saying, – “I shall eat thee, without any loss of time,” and seeing him approach her, he thought within himself, “let him take her, and let the words of the great Muni be fulfilled;” and that Rakshasa, also coming near her quickly, took her of fine-waist who was crying, ‘save me, save me, in most piteous tones.’ 33-34Then Swarochi, moved by anger, directed that fierce weapon on the Rakshasa, and looked with fixed eyes. Then being overwhelmed, he, that Rakshasa letting off that girl, cried “be gracious, control the weapon, and hear me, 35O thou of great effulgence, by thee am I delivered from a most dreadful curse, uttered against me by the most austere and wise Brahmamitra. 36There is no greater benefactor to me than thou, O possessor of the eight good qualities of kindness &c, by whom I am delivered from a great curse which caused me such immense pain.’’
37Swarochi said: – For what reason wast thou cursed by the great-souled Muni Brahmamitra. And of what kind was that curse given of old.
38Rakshasa said: – Brahmamitra, having gathered from the Atharvaveda, studied the whole of the Ayurveda with the Adikaras. 39I am the father of this (maiden) known by the name of Indivara; and am the son of the lord of Vidyadharas, Nalanabha, the holder of the sword. 40The Muni Brahmamitra had been besought by me (with the words) “O revered one, it is fit that thou shouldst give to me the whole of the Ayurveda. 41-42When though repeatedly besought by me with humility, he, O thou brave one, did not communicate the knowledge of the Ayurveda; the knowledge of the unfailing Ayurveda was then obtained by me by eaves dropping, from him when he was communicating it to his disciples. 43Eight months after my thus gaining this knowledge, one day I was overwhelmed with joy and began to laugh again and again. 44Knowing the secret of my laughing he, the great Muni possessed with anger, with trembling neck, told me these harsh words. 45-46‘As like a Rakshasa, O evil- minded one, by thee has this knowledge been got from me, unseen, through stealing and as thou hast been laughing to show thy want of respect for me, therefore in seven nights, O thou evil one, being overtaken by my curse, thou shalt without doubt become a cruel Rakshasa.’ 47On his saying this, being propitiated by salutation and other means of worship, he again told me, being softened in mind at once. 48“What has been uttered by me, must come to pass, O Gandharva; there can be no violation of that; but having become a Rakshasa thou shalt again find thy own body. 49-50When with thy recollection destroyed thou shalt, moved by anger, desire to eat thy own offspring, and thou shalt find the character of the prowlers in night (Rakshasa) then burnt by the fire of her weapon, finding back thyself consciousness, thou shalt get thy own body, and likewise find thy own station in the community of the Gandharvas.” 51He am I, O thou possessor of the eight good qualities of kindness etc., who has been delivered from this great and fearful state of the Rakshasa, by thee. Therefore, O thou brave one, accept my prayer. 52This daughter I give thee as wife, accept her; and O high-souled one, take then also the whole of the Ayurveda with all its eight divisions, which had been gained by me from the Muni.
53Markandeya said: -So saying he, who had found his old divine body glowing in heavenly garments and wearing garlands and ornaments, gave him that knowledge. 54Having given him the knowledge (of Ayurveda) he began to make ready to give him his daughter; at that time that daughter thus spoke to his father who had attained to his own form. 55“Father, by me too, here, this great souled one my special benefactor, has been loved ever since I saw him. 56But they, my friends, are suffering from the miseries caused by me, therefore I do not wish to enjoy objects of enjoyment with him. 57Such cruel acts even men cannot perform, how then shall I, a woman like me, by nature of a loving disposition, do it. 58Father! Such am I; as those two maidens are overtaken by miseries caused by me, so shall I also live in that miserable state, burnt by the fire of their grief.”
59Swarochi said: – By the grace of the Ayurveda, they two shall be made fresh again – thy friends, therefore refrain, Oh thou of beautiful waist, from grieving for them.
60-61Markandeya said: – Then he the father himself gave that daughter, according to prescribed forms, and in that mountain Swarochi married her of lovely eyes. Then the Gandharva having consoled that maiden, – his daughter given in, marriage, went in ethereal gait from there to his own city. 62He also (i.e. Swarochi) with the lean one then went to that garden where the two maidens had got diseased through that curse. 63Then he, Swarochi, the unconquerable one, the knower of the inner significance of things, by means of medicine and juice that kill diseases, made them of healthy body. 64Then those two maidens of exceeding beauty, the auspicious ones, being cured from the disease, began to walk on that mountain, having illumined all the four quarters by the glamour of their beauty.