About the Svarocisa Manvantara ||65||

1Then he (Swarochi) of immortal effulgence, enjoyed life in that prince of mountains adorned with pleasant gardens and springs, with those his wives; 2-4The Nidhis, subject to the knowledge called Padmini, brought to him at will, all sorts of most precious objects of enjoyment, and the sweetest honey; and garlands, and clothes and ornaments and ointments rich in fragrance, and most white seats, and gold, and cups and plates of gold, likewise different kinds of bed, furnished with most bright and beautiful beddings. 5Thus he enjoyed life, in that superior mountain scented with heavenly fragrance, and glowing with the effulgence of his (Swarochi’s) own rays with them (his wives). 6They too found most excellent pleasure with him, on that mountain, even as (the goddesses) find pleasure in the enjoyments in heaven. 7A certain Kalahansa (a species of duck), moved by desire, at the loving relations of him (Swarochi) and then (his wives), spoke (thus) to a Chakravaka living in water. 8“He is blessed, he is endowed with the fruits of most superior merits, who, on attaining to youth, enjoys such desirable pleasures with these his beloved ones. 9There exist many highly qualified youths, but their wives are not very beautiful; there are but few husbands and wives in this world, who are both exceedingly beautiful. 10Of some (husband) the wife is most beloved; of some (wife) again the husband is most desired; but conjugal pairs, who are rich in each other’s love, are rare indeed. 11Blessed is this (Swarochi) so much loved by his wives, and these (his wives) also are most dear to him. Of the blessed alone is born such mutual attachment.” 12Hearing these words spoken by the Kalahansi, the Chakravaki told her, with her mind unmoved by any great admiration. 13“This person is not blessed because he is not shy on account of the nearness of his other wives; he enjoys one of the wives, his heart is not on all of them. 14As, O friend! the affection of the heart is placed always on one person only, then how shall this person be full of love to all his wives? 15They are not the beloved of their husband, nor it the husband their beloved; they are mere pastimes (to him) like any other attendant. 16If he be really the object of the desire of these (women) then why do not they give up their life? Even as he embraces one of his wives, he is meditated upon by others. 17This person is sold, as a slave, for the price of the gift of knowledge. Love does not equally flow to or rest on many objects. 18O Kalahansi! blessed is my husband, and blessed also am I whose hearts are for ever fixed in one person only.”
19Markandeya said: – The invincible Swarochi, who was acquainted with the language of all beings, hearing this, felt ashamed (of himself) and thought, “This is true, and not false.” 20-21Then after a hundred years had gone (after this) while (one day) walking about with them (his wives) on the great mountain, he saw in front of him a deer, of lovely and fat limbs, and roving about among a herd of deer, and surrounded by sweet-scented female deer like itself. 22-23Then on those female deer drawing the reservoir of his scent – (the musk, supposed to exist in the navel) and beginning to smell him, that deer said; – “O woman, immodest as you are, get you gone. I am not Swarochi, nor am I of his character, O you of beautiful eyes. There are many shameless persons like him, go to them. 24As when one woman follows many men she becomes the object of division among men, similarly also when one is looked upon by many with an eye to enjoyment, that one becomes an object of derision. 25From day to day the sacrificial duties of that man are neglected and lost; he is always attached by lust to another wife, even when enjoying one wife. 26Others who are like these, and of their character, who have turned their face from the next world and the good thereof, do you desire them. I am not like Swarochi.