About the Svarocisa Manvantara ||67||

1Then the possessor of the six Bhagas, (Brahma) made the son of Swarochi, Dyutiman by name, Manu, the lord of creatures. Hear (all about) his Manwantara. 2Those that were the gods in that, and those that were their sons, and those that were kings, Oh Kraustuki, I am relating all these, hear. 3O thou twice-born one, the gods in that Manwantara of Swarochisa, were Paravat and likewise Tushita, and the Indra, was called Vipaschita. 4In that Urja, Stamva, Prana, Dattoli, Rishabha, Nishchara, and Aurvaviran these became the seven Rishis. 5Chaitra and Kimpurusha etc., were the seven sons of these high-souled ones; they were of great energy, and the rulers of the earth. 6As long as his Manwantara lasted so long their descendents enjoyed this earth; then was the second Manwantara. 7Men, hearing with faith and reverence of the age of Swarochisha, are liberated from all sins.