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Traduzione di Manmatha Nath Dutt  – 1896

È difficile datare il MARKANDEYA PURANA. Sembra essere un complemento al Mahabharata, alcune storie sono approfondite, rese in modo dettagliato. Scritto dopo il Mahabharata, non significa “tardivo”, molte vicende del “libro epico” sono antichissime, provate dai numerosi riferimenti astronomici che portano a periodi remoti.


1. The Curse on Vapu
2. The Birth of the Sparrows
3. The Visit to the Vindhya Mountain
4. The Incarnation of the Four-formed God
5. Indra’s Transformations
6. Baladeva’s brahmanicide
7. The Birth of the Sons of Draupadi
8. The Story of Hariscandra
9. The Battle of the Mainā and the Heron
10. Conversation between a father and son
11. Conversation between the father and son
12. Conversation between the father and son
13. Conversation between the father and son
14. Conversation between the father and son
15. Conversation between the father and son
16. Anasuya’s gain of a boon
17. The Birth of Dattatreya
18. Garga’s speech
19. The Episode of Dattatreya
20. The Story of Kuvalayasva
21. Kuvalayasva’s marriage with Madalasa
22. Madalasa’s death
23. Kuvalayasva’s visit to Patala
24. The Recovery of Madalasa
25. The story of Kuvalayasva and Madalasa
26. The Education of his Sons
27. The Education of the Sons
28. Madalasa’s Exhortation
29. Madalasa’s Exhortation
30. Madalasa’s Exhortation
31. Description of the Parvana Sraddha
32. The ordinance of the Sraddha
33. The benefits to be obtained from Sraddhas
34. The exposition of Virtuous Custom
35. An exposition of things permitted and forbidden
36. The Story of Madalasa
37. The discrimination of the Soul
38. A series of questions
39. Yoga, or Religious Devotion
40. The Yogi’s bliss
41. The Yogi’s religious course
42. Exposition of the word Om
43. An account of ill Omens
44. Jaḍa’s exposition in his conversation with his father
45. The Birth of Brahma
46. The computation of Brahma’s life
47. The Creation from Prakriti and the Vikaras
48. The Course of Creation
49. The Course of Creation
50. The mandate to the Yaksa Duhsaha
51. The Offspring of Duhsaha
52. The Creation and Appellations of the Rudras
53. The Story of the Svāyambhuva Manvantara
54. The description of Jambudvipa
55. The Geography of Jambudvipa
56. The Descent of the Ganges
57. The Geography of Bharata
58. The description of the Earth
59. The description of the Earth
60. The description of the Earth
61. The Story of the Brahman in the Svarocisa Manvantara
62. About the Svarocisa Manvantara
63. About the Svarocisa Manvantara
64. About the Svarocisa Manvantara
65. About the Svarocisa Manvantara
66. About the Svarocisa Manvantara
67. About the Svarocisa Manvantara
68. A description of the Nidhis
69. About the Auttāna Manvantara

70. About the Auttana Manvantara
71. About the Auttana Manvantara
72. About the Auttana Manvantara
73. End of the Auttana Manvantara
74. About the Tamasa Manvantara
75. Raivata’s Manvantara
76. The Sixth Manvantara
77. The Vaivasvata Manvantara
78. The Birth of Vaivasvata in the Savarnika Manvantara
79. The praise of Vaivasvata in the Savarṇika Manvantara
80. The Savarnaka Manvantara
81. Commencement of the Devi-Mahatmya
82. Slaughter of the army of the Asura Mahiṣa
83. The slaying of the Asura Mahiṣa
84. The Slaying of the Asura Mahiṣa
85. The goddess’ conversation with the Asura’s messenger
86. The slaying of Dhumralocana
87. The slaying of Canḍa and Munda
88. The slaying of Raktavija
89. The slaying of Nisumbha
90. The slaying of Sumbha
91. The Eulogy of the Goddess
92. The slaying of Sumbha and Nisumbha
93. The Devi-mahatmya (concluded)
94. The Raucya and future Manvantaras
95. The Story of Ruci
96. The Story of Ruci (continued)
97. The bestowal of a boon by the Pitris in the Raucya Manvantara
98. The marriage of Mālinī and the conclusion of the Raucya Manvantara
99. Eulogy of Agni and fire
100. The Fourteen Manvantaras concluded
101. The Announcement of the Genealogies
102. The Majesty of the Sun
103. Hymn to the Sun
104. Praise of the Sun
105. The Birth of Mārttaṇḍa
106. The paring down of the Sun’s body
107. Hymn to the Sun
108. The Majesty of the Sun
109. Praise of the Sun
110. The Majesty of the Sun
111. The guide to the genealogies
112. The Story of Pusadhra
113. Nabhaga’s exploits
114. Nabhaga’s exploits
115. Nabhaga’s exploits
116. The Exploits of Bhananda and Vatsaprī
117. Khanitra’s exploits
118. Khanitra’s exploits concluded
119. Vivimsa’s exploits
120. Khaninetra’s exploits
121. Karandhama’s exploits
122. Aviksita’s exploits
123. Aviksita’s exploits
124. Aviksita’s exploits
125. Aviksita’s exploits
126. Avikṣsita’s exploits
127. Aviksita’s exploits
128. Marutta’s exploits
129. Marutta’s exploits
130. Marutta’s exploits
131. Marutta’s exploits
132. Nariṣyanta’s exploits
133. Dama’s exploits
134. Dama’s exploits
135. Dama’s exploits
136. Dama’s exploits
137. Conclusion


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