Evils canceled at birth ||12||

1A very brilliant Jupiter (i.e. not being devoid of rays) is capable of counteracting all evils, if he is in the Ascendant, just as a single sincere Prostration before Lord Vishnu, the wearer of Sudarshana Chakra, relieves one of the greatest sins.
2Benefics with strength and malefics without it remove all evils, if Ascendant falls in a benefic’s House and is aspected by benefics, just as those, who worship planets will have no sins left to their liability.
3-5If malefics occupy the Rasis and Amsas of benefics (i.e. such benefic divisions) and be in aspect to benefics, evils are removed, just as a dejected lady remains away from her husband. Should Rahu be in the 3rd, 6th, or 11th from the Ascendant and be aspected by benefics all evils are destroyed, as though wind carries away a heap of cotton with it. If all planets be in direct motion and in Seershodaya Signs, all blemishes are removed, just as ghee is burnt out in fire.
6-7A benefic planet victorious in planetary war at birth and essentially aspected by another benefic, destroys all evils, just as a gale can uproot trees. If a planet has a halo (in the sky) and is aspected by a malefic, evils are countered, just as the solar eclipse day bath in Kurukshetra does.
8-9If there is a pleasant breeze at the time of birth and the sky is with pleasing clouds and the heavenly bodies be with splendour, the evils disappear in a fillip, just as rains settle dust. If birth takes place, when Agasthya and others of Saptharshis (Alfa Carini, or Great Bear) rise, all evils are destroyed, just as darkness disappears, when the Sun rises.
10-11Rahu in the Ascendant identical with Aries, Taurus, or Cancer protects the native from the clutches of all evils, just as a pleased king forgives the crimes of a person. If all the planets (not of course the nodes) arc in their own decanates, all evils are removed, just as the Sun removes darkness.
12If at birth many planets are capable of giving benefic results, even then there is no blemish, just as the king gets success in journey undertaken, when the Moon is in a Trine to the Sun.
13Should Jupiter and Venus be in Angles, evils arising out of the various Rasis (i.e. Bhavas) and of the Moon are countered. And the native lives for hundred years.
14If Jupiter and the Moon be in Cancer, identical with 4th, 10th, or the Ascendant, Mercury and Saturn be in Libra, while others are in the 11th, 3rd and 6th, one has illimitable longevity.
15I have thus explained the Yogas, that are capable of countering the evils, as laid down by our great ancestors May the astrologers please the king with the knowledge of these.