Lunar yogas ||13||

1Sunapha, anapha and durudhura yogas. Excepting the Sun, any other planet in the 2nd from the Moon causes Sunapha Yoga, in the 12th Anapha Yoga and in both the 2nd and the 12th Durudhura Yoga.
2Kemadruma yoga. Kemadruma Yoga is formed, if at least one of the said three Yogas (viz. Sunapha, Anapha and Durudhura Yogas) is not present, or, if the Moon’s Angles are devoid of planets, or, if she is unaspected by all the planets. Such Yoga causes extreme difficulties.
3Different permutations. By all possible permutations and transmutations, one can see 30 kinds of Sunapha Yoga, 30 kinds of Anapha Yoga and 180 kinds of Durudhura Yoga.
4Effects of sunapha yoga. One born with Sunapha Yoga will be wealthy, will have self-made prowess (or will reach an exalted position of his own efforts), be very virtuous, be learned in Shastras and their meanings, be very famous, virtuous (like Lord Rama), be peacefully disposed, happy, be a king, or a minister and be highly intelligent.
5Effects of anapha yoga. One born in Anapha Yoga will be eloquent in speech, magnanimous, virtuous, will enjoy food, drink, flowers, robes and females, will be famous, calm in disposition, happy, pleased and will possess a beautiful body.
6Effects of durudhura yoga. One born in Durudhura Yoga will be famous on the earth for his speech, wisdom, valour and virtues. He will enjoy freedom, comforts, wealth and conveyances. He will be liberal, but will come to grief by maintaining his family members. He will have good behavior.
7Effects of kemadruma yoga. The native with Kemadruma Yoga will be deprived of life, drinks, food, residence, robes and friends, though he may belong to regal scion. He will suffer from poverty, grief, sickness and be dirty. He will live by hard labor, be wicked and be inimically disposed to one and all.
8-9Other kind of sunapha etc. The kind of Sunapha Yoga etc. arising from the Moon’s Angles are (also) important. These Yogas give effects according to the state of the Moon (i.e. depending on her rays, being Full, New etc.). The strength of the planets, viz. Mars etc., causing these Yogas, native’s country and the race he belongs to must be properly understood before evaluating Sunapha etc.
10-11Results of such yogas caused by mars etc. If Sunapha Yoga is caused by Mars (by being in the 2nd of the Moon), the native will be valorous, wealthy, cruel in speech, be an Army chief, will be fierce, torturous, proud and inimical. If Mercury be the cause of Sunapha Yoga, the native will be expert in Vedas, Shastras and music. He will be virtuous and a poet. He will be high-minded, intent on thinking of good for all and will possess a brilliant physique.
12-14Should Jupiter cause Sunapha Yoga, a person so born will have high learning, will be famous and himself be a king, or dear to a king. He will have a good family and have plenty of wealth. Venus will give wife, lands, wealth, prowess, quadrupeds and valour. The native will further be honoured by king and will also be courageous. Should Saturn be in the 2nd of the Moon causing Sunapha Yoga, the native will be skillful, be worshipped by the people in his village and city and will have wealth galore. He will be devoted to his work and be brave.
15-19Anapha yoga’s effects given by mars etc. If Anapha Yoga is caused by Mars-being in the 12th from the Moonthe native will head a band of thieves, will be arrogant in disposition, be honoured, fond of war, given to anger, good, praiseworthy, good-bodied and proud. If by Mercury, the native will be an expert in singing, dancing and writing, will be a poet and an able orator. He will be conferred honours by tile ruler. will have a brilliant body and will perform famous deeds. Should the Yoga be caused by Jupiter, the native will be majestic, strong, intelligent, fond of assembly, famous through a king and will be a poet. Venus causing this Yoga gives an exceedingly great liking for women. The native will be dear to the king and will enjoy pleasures. He will be splendourous, famous and will have abundant gold. If Saturn causes this Yoga, the subject will be broad-shouldered, be a leader, be indired to keep up his commitments, be rich with quadrupeds, devoted to an infamous lady and be virtuous.
20Effects of durudhura yoga caused by mars etc. If Durudhura Yoga is caused by the pair of Mars and Mercury, the native will be a liar, be very wealthy, expert, very wicked, greatly miserly, addicted to an old lady and be chief in his race.
21If durudhura Yoga is caused by Mars and Jupiter, one will be famous by his deeds, be mighty (or wealthy), inimically disposed to many and disposed to anger, will protect his men and will gather money.
22If the Moon has Venus and Mars on either side, the native will have a virtuous wife, will be fortunate, argumentative, pure, skillful, will like doing exercises and be bold in war.
23If Saturn and Mars plank the Moon, the native will be the husband of a bad lady. He will save a lot of money. He will have vices. He will be given to anger and be a tale bearer. He will win over his enemies.
24Should Jupiter and Mercury be on either side of the Moon, the native will be virtuous, learned in Shastras, garrulous, be a good poet, be wealthy, capable of making sacrifices and be famous.
25If Durudhura Yoga is caused by Mercury and Venus, the person will be a sweet speaker, be fortunate, splendourous, beautiful, be fond of dance, singing etc., be served, valiant and be a minister.
26If Mercury and Saturn plank the Moon, the native will move from one country to the other to earn money. He will not be much educated, will be worshipped by others, but be inimical to his own men.
27Should Jupiter and Venus cause this Yoga, by being on either side of the Moon, the native will be courageous, intelligent, will have political wisdom, will possess gold and gems, will be famous and be in the employ of a king.
28If Jupiter and Saturn be such planets, as to cause Durudhura Yoga the native will be happy, will have knowledge of politics, will be sweet in speech, learned, peaceful, wealthy and good looking.
29One, who has Durudhura Yoga caused by Venus and Saturn will conduct himself, like an old man (i.e. so mature), be chief in his race, skillful, dear to women and will have plenty of money. He will be honoured by the king and gather abundant wealth.
30Lunar yogas from the sun. If the Moon is in an Angle from the Sun, little effects will be felt in regard to money, wisdom, skill, learning and modesty. These are medium, if the Moon be in Panaphara (i.e. 2nd 5th, 8th and 11th) and exceedingly good in Apoklima (i.e. 3rd, 6th. 9th and 12th).
31Moon in visible and invisible halves. In the case of a night birth, if the Moon is with Parivesha (halo) and be declining in the invisible half of the Zodiac (i.e. being posited between Lagna Bhava Madhya and the center of the descendant7th House), or declining Moon in day time be in the visible half (i.e. between the centres of the descendant and the Ascendant), even results will be felt in respect of fear, grief etc., (that is these positions confer bad results). The Full Moon gives kingdom, if she be contrarily posited.
32Dhana yogas. If all benefics are posited in Upachayas i.e. 3, 6, 10 and 11, the native will acquire much wealth. Two benefics confer moderate wealth, while one confers little wealth in the said Upachaya. These can be deduced from the Moon also.
33There are other Raja Yogas, like Adhi Yoga arising from the Moon. I have not dealt with them here which I have done infra.