Yogas from the Sun ||14||

1Vasi, vesi, ubhayachari yogas from the sun. Excluding the Moon (and nodes) a planet in the 12th from the Sun causes Vasi Yoga, in the 2nd Vesi Yoga and in both the 12th and the 2nd Ubhayachari Yoga.
2Results of vesi yoga. One born in Vesi Yoga will be weak-sighted, firm in his word, be hard working and will have a bent body. So say Yavanas.
3-5Effects of vesi yoga caused by different planets. Should Jupiter cause Vesi Yoga, the native will accumulate money, be learned and be good-hearted. If Venus produces this Yoga, the person will be timid, will face obstacles in his missions, will have pleasant (or swift) movements and will be defeated. Mercury causing this Yoga indicates, that the native will be a servant, will suffer penury, be soft-spoken and be modest. He will be bashful. Mars denotes, that the native will resort to base means, but be helpful to others. If it is Saturn, that causes Vesi Yoga, one will join others’ wives, be wicked, will resemble an old person in appearance,-be fraudulent in disposition and be contemptuous. He will, however, have wealth.
6Effects of vasi yoga. One born in Vasi Yoga will possess excellent speech (voice), good memory, be employed, will have looks towards, sideways, will possess a strong physique about the waist, will be equal to a king and be a genuine person.
7-9Effects of vasi yoga by different planets. If Jupiter should cause Vasi Yoga, the native will possess courage, strength and wisdom. He will keep up his word. In the case of Venus, the person will be valorous, famous, virtuous and reputed. Mercury emanating this Yoga will make one speak sweetly, be beautiful and obey others’ orders. The Vasi Yoga caused by Mars indicates, that the subject will be victorious in war, famous and will live with his own fortunes. If by Saturn, the native will be a businessman, wicked, will steal others’ money, will hate elders and will be the husband of a pious lady.
10The strength of the planet Sun and that of the planets causing these Yogas and their association with various Rasis and Amsas should be understood and all results be declared accordingly.
11Effects of ubhayachari yoga. One born under Ubhayachari Yoga will have forebearance, will be very fortunate, even bodied, firm, profoundly strong, not very tall, full of everything, learned, happy, will have many servants, will protect his relatives, be equal to a king, ever enthusiastic and will enjoy all pleasures.