Pravrajyā yoga ||20||

1Those distinct yogās with those situated with any four or more planets from the arrangement is the creation of those tāpasas. From the entirety I declare that taught by those supreme lords of the sages.
2When the Sun, the Moon, Venus, Jupiter, and Mars; the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, and Mars; or the Sun, Mars, Saturn, Mercury, and Venus are situated in one (zodiac sign), indeed one should be a tapasvin.
3With Mars, the Moon, the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter; the Sun, the Moon, Saturn, and Mercury; or the Sun, the Moon, Mars, and Saturn situated in one zodiac sign; a man should be a pravrajita.
4The Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury or Mars, the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter and those planetary lords situated in one zodiac sign produce tapas at the origin of the birth of those situated.
5Venus, the Sun, Mars, and Saturn; Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, and Saturn; or Mars, the Moon, Jupiter, and Saturn with great strength and all those situated (in one zodiac sign), indeed those cause to generate a tāpasa.
6With Mars, Saturn, the Moon, the Sun, and Jupiter; Mars, Saturn, Mercury, the Sun, and Venus; or the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Saturn, and Venus; those men born are joined to a vow.
7With Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, and the Sun; Mars, the Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, and Saturn; or Venus, Mercury, Saturn, the Moon, and Mars; one should be a tapasvin residing in the forests and mountains.
8With the Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and the Sun or with the Moon, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars and with those situated joined together; then those born of men are irreligious sages to be praised.
9With the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus; the Moon, Mars, Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter, and the Sun; or Mars, the Moon, the Sun, Saturn, Venus, and Mercury and with those joined together, a man should be a vratī (one possessed of a vow).
10With Venus, the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, the Sun, and Mars or Venus, the Sun, Mars, Saturn, the Moon, and Mercury and with those moving in the sky (planets) situated in one place, always those born are renowned sages.
11With Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and the Sun or Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, the Moon, and Mars and with those planets of preeminent strength joined together, a man born should undergo devout austerity.
12With the Sun, the Moon, Jupiter, and Saturn; Saturn, the Moon, the Sun, and Venus; or the Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter; tapasvinas inevitably should be eating fruits and roots.
13Mars, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus or Mars, the Moon, Jupiter, and Mercury situated in one zodiac sign at the birth of whichever man, one should be possessed of a vow wearing strips of bark.
14The Moon, Mercury, Mars, and Saturn or Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn situated in one zodiac sign in the birth of the born of whoever, indeed they produce that pacified tāpasa.
15The Moon, the Sun, Venus, and Mercury; Mars, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn; or Saturn, the Moon, Jupiter, and Venus situated with strength; they inevitably produce the birth of the yatayas in which eating is done by the digestion of fruit.
16With the Sun, Mars, the Moon, and Venus; the Moon, Mars, Mercury, and the Sun; Jupiter, Venus, the Sun, and Saturn; Venus, Jupiter, the Moon, and Saturn; or Mars, Mercury, Venus, and the Moon and these situated in one zodiac sign, one becomes a tāpasa residing in the mountains and forests to be praised by all.
17With Venus, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn; the Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus; or the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter; one becomes an afflicted and distressed yati.
18With Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury or Saturn, the Sun, Mercury, the Moon, and Mars with strength situated like those previously declared (in one zodiac sign), should be those wearing braided hair and garments of bark.
19With the Sun, Mercury, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus or the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn and those born with these planets situated in one zodiac sign, indeed in this case one inevitably attains the form of a tāpasa.
20When the lord of the Pravrajyā (yoga) is situated with the Sun, there is the end of enjoyment of the pravrajyās. With those planetary lords united with great strength, those very powerful are declared influenced by steadfastness of all those. With those planets situated in abundance endowed with strength, one becomes with those many of excellent strength, successively.
21The lord of the Pravrajyā combusted or aspected by others; one comes to request initiation, per the assertion of the lord of the Yavanas.
22The Moon situated in the dṛ gāṇ a of Saturn and aspected by Mars and Saturn produces a tāpasa. Again, in the navāṃśa of Mars aspected by Saturn, those declare that [ tāpasa ] corresponding to the navāṃ śa.
23The lord of the janman aspected by Saturn and not aspected by those remaining in the birth of a man, indeed it inevitably produces one’s own initiation, the previously declared also needing careful consideration in this case.
24The lord of the janman with a bright body aspecting a very strong Saturn in an angle is a man devoid of fortune, of which he should be accepted into a pravrajyā.
25Indeed, one weak form of Jupiter, the Moon, and the Sun situated in the rising ( lagna ), tenth house, or twelfth house, and aspected by Saturn possessing perfect strength, indeed it causes to generate a born tāpasa joined to affliction.
26If the Moon is situated with strength in a benefic bhāga (portion) in the tenth house and Saturn with obtained strength aspects those remaining planets situated in one’s own zodiac sign of exaltation, one becomes an initiated lord of the earth according to one’s own nature.
27If the Moon is united with preeminent strength in its waxing phase and aspecting the lord of the lagna destitute of strength, one becomes an afflicted tapasvin with sorrowful practiced austerity, destitute of men and wealth, and food and drink obtained with difficulty.
28Saturn situated in a benefic bhāga (portion) aspecting the Moon and the other planets situated among the aṃśās (portions) of Aquarius, thus indeed it causes to generate a man endowed with an initiation.
29Of which the lord of the janman is aspected by all those situated in one zodiac sign, becomes the inevitable initiation of that. Thus declared by the ancients.
30Attendants of the Agnis in hermitage on a river bank or in the mountains, ascetics totally devoted to propitiating the Sun, devotees of Gaṇapati and Umā, and those who repetitiously mutter the Gāyatrī mantra in a forest, of Niyamins desirous of religious bathing in the Ganges river, and of those desiring devotion to chastity. The Sun is always the lord among those.
31The Moon situated in lordship of those are those situated with white powdery sacred ashes smeared on the body of the Vṛddhas and Śrāvakas in the religious devotion related to Śiva, those sinful who are situated outside (expelled from the community), those devoted to Bhagavatī, and those possessed of non-attachment, those delighted in the name of the Soma Siddhānta, the cruel Kāpālikas, and the dignified holding a staff with a skull at the top of it.
32Upāsakas having undergone initiation in the refuge with the Buddha, white-robed Bhikṣus having undergone initiation of the top-knot, those who have beautiful and red garments, and those having the senses subdued. Always, a strong Mars is declared of those.
33All those who are initiated abundant with the beneficence of Ājīvinaḥ (Jains) and rogues, indeed men initiated in the doctrine of charms against snake poison, and those joined in the two flesh devouring demons of a peacock, Mercury is the fully declared lord of those.
34Those sages who carry one or rather three staffs, wearing red garments, residing in a forest hermitage, and partaking in fruit and water, Bhikṣavaḥ who are resided with a household, Niyaminaḥ entered into virtuous brahmacarya , and those who have performed ablutions after finishing their apprenticeship among the tīrthās , Jupiter is the lord of the staff of those.
35Those who are joined among the vows of initiation and sacrifice of the Pāśupatas and also of those Carakas and Vaiṣṇavas, Venus is declared leader of those.
36Bhikṣavas who are delighted in heretical vows, naked, those stationed at the roots of the trees with heretics, and those practicing difficult austerity, Saturn is the lord of those.
37Lastly, if a Rāja yoga should be present in the described sage (Pravrajyā) yoga having eradicated all ripening of the inauspicious results, it causes to generate an initiated lord of the earth of virtuous character and the union of the lotus with the touched foot with the heads of the lords of men bowed.