Nabhasa yogas ||21||

1Nabhasa yogas. Yavanas have explained 1800 kinds of Nabhasa Yogas, out of which I detail below 32.
2-4Kinds of nabhasa yoga. The following are the 32 Nabhasa Yogas Nau, Chatra, Koota, Chaapa, Sringataka, Vajra, Damini, Pasa, Veena, Kamala, Musala, Vapi, Hala, Sara, Samudra, Chakra, Maala. Sarpa, Ardha Chandra, Yava, Kedara, Gada, Pakshi, Yupa, Yuga, Sakata, Soola, Danda, Rajju, Sakthi, Nala and Gola. The Asraya Yogas, viz. Musala, Rajju and Nala are dealt with by Acharya Manitha.
5-6Gola, Yuga, Soola, Pasa, Veena (Vallaki), Kedara and Damini arc the seven Sankhya Yogas. The two Dala Yogas viz. Sarpa (Bhujanga) and Mala are explained by Parasara Maharishi. Savitracharya dealt with remaining 20 Yogas.
7One born with an Asraya will obtain the good effects, viz., happiness, advantages and qualities, provided there is no other kind of (Nabhasa) Yoga present in the horoscope. If other (Nabhasa) Yoga is present in addition to an Asraya Yoga, then the effects of Asraya Yoga do not come to pass, but the other (Nabhasa) Yoga prevails.
8-10Effect of akriti, sankhya and dala yogas. One born in Akriti Yoga will be satisfied with his own fortunes, will earn through a king, be dear to king and be famous. Should there be a Sankhya Yoga, the native will be happy only with others’ wealth, will live only through others help and be always not peaceful. A native with Dala Yoga will sometimes enjoy his own fortune, yet sometimes that of others, will pick up the fruits thrown on the ground by others, be sometimes happy and sometimes sorrowful.
11Nauka, koota, chatra and chapa yogas. If the seven planets occupy continuous Houses starting from the Ascendant and the other three Angles, Yogas called Nauka, Koota, Chatra and Chapa are, respectively, formed.
12Yupa, sara, sakthi and danda yogas. If the seven planets occupy for continuous Houses counted from the Ascendant and its Angles, the resultant Yogas are known, as Yupa, Sara (or Ishu-arrow), Sakthi and Danda, respectively.
13Ardha chandra and gada yogas. If the seven planets occupy continuously seven Houses commencing from a House, which is not angular to the Ascendant, the Yoga produced is known, as Ardha Chandra (Ardha Sasi) Yoga. Gada Yoga forms, when all the seven planets occupy two successive Angles from the Ascendant.
14Vajra, yava, padma and vapi yogas. If benefics occupy the Lagna and 7th, while malefics are in the 4th and 10th Vajra Yoga is formed. Conversely, if malefics are in the Lagna and 7th, while 4th and 10th are occupied by benefics, Yava Yoga is produced. If all the planets are disposed in four kendras, Padma (Kamala) Yoga is formed. Should the seven planets be relegated either to Apoklima Houses (3, 6, 9 and 12th), or to Panapharas (2, 5, 8 and 11 Houses), Vapi Yoga is formed.
15Sakata, vihaga, hala and sringataka yogas. If all planets occupy only the Ascendant and the 7th House, Sakata Yoga is formed. Similar participation of all the planets in the 4th and 10th Houses constitutes Vihaga (Pakshi) Yoga. Should all the planets be in mutual Trines, avoiding the Ascendant, Hala Yoga is formed. All planets relegated only to the Ascendant and its Trines give rise to Sringataka Yoga.
16Chakra and samudra yogas. Should all the planets occupy alternative Rasis commencing from the Lagna, Chakra Yoga is formed. If these occupy alternative Rasis from the 2nd onwards, Samudra Yoga is formed.
17Thus, I have explained the twenty different Akriti Yogas. Now, I explain the Asraya Yogas, as per the schools of thought of senior Garga etc.
18Asraya and dala yogas. Should all the planets be in Dual Rasis, Nala Yoga is formed. Similarly, if these are in Fixed Rasis, Musala Yoga takes place and in Movable Rasis Rajju Yoga is formed. All Angles occupied exclusively by benefics cause Maala Yoga, while malefics in all Angles produce Sarpa Yoga. These two are Dala Yogas.
19Sankhya yogas. If all the seven planets occupy one Rasi, Gola Yoga is formed. Similarly in 2 Rasis-Yuga Yoga, In 3 Rasis-Sula Yoga, in 4 Rasis-Kedara Yoga, in 5 Rasis-Pasa Yoga, in 6 Rasis-Damini and in 7 Rasis-Veena (Vallaki) Yoga.
20-21Effects of nabhasa yogas. Nau yoga. The native’s livelihood will be through water; he will have many gains, will be very famous, be pleased, mean, strong and stingy. This and other Yogas are effective at all times independant of Dasas.
22Koota yoga. The native with Koota Yoga will be a liar, be crafty, be a jailer, be poor, wicked, cruel and will always live in hills and fortresses.
23Chhatra yoga. The native with Chhatra Yoga will help his own men, be kind, liberal, dear to king, very intelligent and will enjoy happiness in boyhood and at the end.
24Chapa yoga. (karmuka yoga). The native with Chapa Yoga will be a liar, jailer, thief and will live in forests. He will not have wealth in the middle of his life.
25Ardha chandra yoga. One born with Ardha Chandra Yoga will be fortunate, be an Army chief, be brilliant bodied, dear to king and strong. He will possess gems, gold and ornaments.
26Vajra yoga. One born with Vajra Yoga will be happy at the beginning and end of his life, bold, beautiful, free from sickness, unfortunate and be inimical to his own people.
27Yava yoga. One born with Yava Yoga will observe fasts and other religious rules, be intent on doing auspicious acts, be happy in the middle of life, be liberal and will have lasting wealth.
28Kamala yoga. One born with Kamala Yoga will be highly famous, very virtuous, assuredly long living, very rich, very bright in appearance and will be the Lord of the earth.
29Vapi yoga. One born with Vapi Yoga will be skillful in amassing wealth, will enjoy lasting riches and happiness, be beautiful and will be endowed with happiness from sons.
30Sakata yoga. One born with Sakata Yoga will be troubled by diseases, will have a bad wife, will be a dunce, will live by pulling carts, will be poor and be without relatives and friends.
31Vihaga yoga. (pakshi yoga). The native with this Yoga will be intent on wandering, will have mean habits, will be a messenger, will live through sexual dealings, shameless and fond of quarrels.
32Gada yoga. One born with this Yoga, will always care for honour and money, will perform yagnas etc., will be expert in Sastras and music and will be endowed with money, gold, jewels and wealth.
33Sringataka yoga. One born with this Yoga will be fond of quarrels, be a warrior, be happy, dear to king, will have a fortunate wife, be rich and will hate the fair sex.
34Hala yoga. The native of this Yoga will eat in plenty, will be indigent, will have agricultural profession, will be subjected to grief, be emotional, be forsaken by relatives and friends and will be a servant.
35Chakra yoga. One born in this Yoga will be a king at whose feet will be the heads of the other prostrating kings adoring diamond-studded crowns. (That is, the subordinate kings, wearing diamond-studded crowns will honour a Chakra Yoga native, who will be the chief of such kings)
36Samudra yoga. Should a person be born under this Yoga, he will have abundant wealth and precious stones, will be a king, be endowed with pleasures, be dear to people, will have steady mind and be truthful in disposition (“Sattvavanta”).
37Yupa yoga. The native with this Yoga will have self-protection, be charitable, be endowed with riches and happiness and will observe religious fastings and vows. He will be a distinguished person.
38Sara yoga. The native with sara Yoga will manufacture arrows (arms etc. in modern context), will catch hold of thieves (for example, be a police officer), will live in forests to hunt animals, will be equal to a mad person, will torture and be fond of mean handiworks.
39Sakti yoga. One born with this Yoga will be devoid of wealth, deformed, subjected to grief, mean, lazy short-lived, expert in war and be beautiful.
40Danda yoga. The native with this Yoga will lose his wife and sons, will be poor, discarded by all people, be out of the men of his circle, be grieved, mean and will be servant.
41Maala yoga. One born with maala Yoga will always be happy, be endowed with conveyances, robes, wealth and pleasures, splendourous and will have plurality of wives.
42Sarpa yoga. The native born under this Yoga will be crooked in disposition, pitiless, always be a subject of grief, poor and will live in other’s House and eat their food.
43Rajju yoga. The subject with this Yoga will be fond of wandering, attractive in appearance, will earn money in foreign countries, be cruel and mischievously disposed.
44Musala yoga. One born under this Yoga will be endowed with honour, wealth and wisdom, be attached to his duty, be liked by king, be famous. steady-minded and bold.
45Nala yoga. One born with nala Yoga will have uneven physique (i.e. some limbs long and some short), will gather money, be skillful, be helpful to his relatives and be attractive in appearance.
46Gola yoga. One born in this Yoga will be indigent, indolent, devoid of learning and honour, dirty and always grieved.
47Yuga yoga. One born with this Yoga will be a religious hypocrite, be bereft of wealth, forsaken by people and devoid of sons, honour and virtues.
48Sula yoga. The native with sula Yoga will be harsh, indolent, poor, torturous, become a prohibited person, bold, successful in war and fearful.
49Kedara yoga. One born under this Yoga will be useful to many, will have agricultural profession, be truthfully disposed, fickle minded and wealthy.
50Pasa yoga. One born with pasa Yoga will be bonded, be attached to work, worldly in disposition, will talk too much, will not have good qualities and will have many servants.
51Damini yoga. One born with this Yoga will be helpful, will have cattle, be Lord of money, be foolish, will have many sons and jewels, be bold and learned.
52Veena yoga. One born with this combination will have friends, be eloquent, interested in Sastras, musical instruments and singing. He will be happy, will have many servants and be famous.