Effects of natural constituents and primordial compounds ||38||

1Mars denotes one’s prowess, Mercury greatness (or physical weight), Jupiter voice, Venus splendour (or friendship) and Saturn complexion (physical brightness).
2Effects of sattva guna. If Sattva is predominant in a native, he will be highly merciful, will possess many wives and attendants, will be firm in disposition, will be a sweet and truthful speaker, will honour Gods and Brahmins and will be of forgiving temperament.
3Effects of rajoguna. One with predominant Rajo Guna will be valorous, be skillful in fine arts and literature, be fond of uniting with women, be skillful, showy, jocular, spirited and be interested in music and gambling.
4Effects of tamoguna. With TamoGuna predominant, the native will be foolish, indolent, will cheat others, be irascible, miserable, be a talebearer, be devoid of good conduct, unkempt. blind due to lasciviousness, miserly and careless.
5Primordial compounds (pancha bhutas). According to the strengths of Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Mars and Mercury, the native will acquire the effects of the five Tatwas, viz. Ether, Water, Air, Fire and Earth. The strongest of the planet will impart corresponding temperament, viz. windy, bilious, or phlegmatic. If many planets attain strengths, these derivations will be mixed.
6Effects of akasa tatwa (ether). One with predominant characteristics of Ether will be skillful in grammar and meanings, be an expert in justice, be bold, know ledgeable, will have a broad face and peculiar physical joints, weak hands and feet and be quite tall.
7Effects of jalatatwa (water). The native with predominant Watery nature will be quite charming, will endure heavy loads, will speak sweetly, be tremulous in appearance, will have many friends, be a king and will not be lastingly bold.
8Effects of vayu tatwa (air). One of predominant Airy nature will have an emaciated body, be easily given to anger, be deeply merged in his work, be of wandering disposition, be liberal, fair in complexion and be an inviolable king.
9Effects of fiery tatwa. One with predominant Fiery character, will be valorous, be hunger-stricken, be very sharp, learned, emaciated, fair in complexion, inimical, will have beautiful arms, will be a voracious eater and be tall.
10Effects of prithvi tatwa (earth). One with Earthy nature will emanate the good smell of camphor, of jasmine and of blue lotus from his person, will enjoy abundantly, will possess voice, akin to that of a (roaring) lion, or clouds, be firm in disposition and be endowed with prowess.
11Birth with akasa tatwa. One born with the reflection of akasa tatwa (ether) will be endowed with a physique with the brightness of crystal and of a gem. Just as wealth confers happiness this reflection will make one achieve effects of TriVargas (i.e. the three objects of worldly existence, viz. Dharma, or moral merits, Artha, or attainment of riches, or worldly prosperity and Kama, or desire of sensual enjoymentthese three ends form the well known triad excluding Moksha, or final emancipation).
12Birth with jala tatwa (water). One born with the reflection of watery tatwa will be glossy, will have the complexion of white Durva grass, will receive protection as, if from the mother and will prosper.
13Birth with vayu tatwa (air). One born with the reflection of Vayu Tatwa will be akin to black clouds (that are going just to cause heavy rains), will emanate foul smell, be very foolish, will have a dirty and coarse physique, be subjected to great miseries and will experience poverty, diseases, evils and financial destruction.
14Birth with agni tatwa. One born with the reflection of Agni (fiery) Tatwa will be bright, as the burning flame, will confer severe punishments, will conquer all his enemies and the earth by his own valour, will possess jewels, gold etc., will attain success in all his undertakings and will be free from diseases and grief.
15Birth with earthy tatwa. One born with the reflection of Prithwi (earth) Tatwa will emanate smell from the body akin to the smell coming out of earth, when sprinkled with fresh drizzles. He will have charming teeth, nails, hair and body. He will attain merits and happiness and be dear to all.
16-17Signs of predominant windy temperament. One with predominant windy temperament will be benumbed with cold and shivering, will speak much and will walk fast, be fond of moving in boats, be valorous, spiteful, sickly, unfortunate, unjust, will not be very friendly disposed, will have knowledge of music, be emaciated, be skillful in acquiring friends, will fly in the skies in dreams, be devoid of courage and gratitude, will have rough hair, will have splay feet and crooked arms, be irascible, will have lost splendour and will face financial losses.
18-19Signs of predominant bilious temperament. One with predominant bile will emanate foul smell from his person, be less distressed, greatly intelligent, be easily satisfied, will have large transparent nails, large eyes, hands and feet, will resemble an old man, will suffer morbid heat, be a scholar, be fearless, fond of cold articles, will not fear even at the hands of his enemies, will be affectionate to all and will be fond of food. His dreams will be about gold, sun. light, forest-conflagration, kimsuka (a kind of tree, which yields charming red blossoms, which however have no fragrance), precious stones, karnikara (the pericarp of a lotus, alternatively a kind of flower with excellent hue, but no smell and hence disliked), red lotus, eunuch, blood and lightning.
20-21Signs of predominant phlegmatic temperament. One with predominant phlegmatic temperament will be wealthy, will have clung joints, be courageous and strong, will have a bright and charming physique, be a recipient (of gifts, benefits etc.), be Sattvik, will have voice akin to the sound of a drum and roaring clouds, be enduring, fair in complexion, will have reddish eyes, will enjoy sweet drinks, (sometimes) will be highly inimical, be grateful, be friendly to all and will honour elders. His dreams will be seas, rivers, coral stones, lakes, swan, conch, stars, lily, snowfall etc. These effects are attributed by the sages.
22Luminaries in mahapurusha yogas. Though Mars etc. may be strong in the respective cases of Pancha Mahapurusha Yogas (vide Sloka 2 of this Ch.), if the Sun and the Moon are weak, the person will not attain kinghood, but in the period of the concerned planet will be endowed with children and wealth.