Obstructions to raja yogas ||39||

1Earlier, the Yogas of kinghood have been explained. There can be some factors, which prevent the effects of such Yogas, which I explain in this Ch..
2Out of Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and the Sun, if two, or more be in fall and one of them simultaneously be in the Ascendant, as the Moon is in Scorpio, the RajaYogas will become futile.
3The RajaYogas in the horoscope are only name sake, if the Moon being weak is in the last Navansa of a Movable Sign, or in the 8th Navansa of a Fixed Sign, or in the first Navansa of a Common Sign and is without aspect from any other planet.
4Same effects will come to pass, if all malefics occupy Angles identical with debilitation/inimical Signs, while benefics are shunted to the 12th, 6th and 8th Houses.
5If the Ascendant is in Vargothama position without aspect to any planet, the RajaYogas will only be a failure.
6Even a hundred kingly Yogas will be of no avail, if Aquarius rises, while 3 heavenly bodies are in their Signs of fall.
7If there is no benefic in an Angle, or with the Moon, while 4 planets are either in fall, or in combustion, or in inimical Signs, the RajaYogas are marred.
8Should the Sun be in his own Navansa, while the Moon is in combustion and in aspect to malefics without the aspect of benefics, the native will enjoy rulership (with the help of other Raja Yogas) only to relinquish the kingdom soon and will become miserable.
9Should the Moon lend her inimical aspect to the Ascendant Lord, while the Sun, Mars and Saturn are in their order in the 3rd, 6th and 7th, the RajaYogas will become ineffective. Benefics should in this case be not in Angles, but suffer combustion.
10If five heavenly bodies are in fall at birth the RajaYogas will not come to pass.
11If meteor, noise of contending winds in the sky (or earth quake, or thunder), Vyatipata, or Upaketu be seen at the time of birth, the good Raja Yogas stand nullified.
12If Trisankhu Nakshatra (Trisankhu was a monarch of the solar race, who remained suspended with his head towards the earth, as a constellation in the southern hemisphere) rises at the time of one’s birth, while the Ascendant is occupied by Saturn, as there is fall of a comet, the Raja Yogas do not come to pass.
13If the planets capable of causing Raja Yoga are inclined to enter in war, or are becoming splendourless, or about to lose their strength, the RajaYogas will stand canceled.
14If weak Moon is in her deep degree of debilitation the RajaYogas get destroyed, just as a king going against an astrologer.
15The Sun in the 10th degree of Libra will destroy all RajaYogas, just as miserliness eclipses all the good attributes of a person.
16This Sloka is repeated in the original. The meaning is identical with that of Sloka 15 above.
17Even though other planets may be in their Mulatrikona, exaltation, or own Signs, while the Sun is singly in deep fall, the RajaYogas will be unavailable.
18If Jupiter occupies Capricorn, as Ascendant, while the Moon is not in Cancer, the native will become miserable, just as a penniless lewdster in the place of a courtesan.
19If in the formation of Kemadruma Yoga, the Moon is without the aspect of another planet, the RajaYogas lose their existence and the native will be devoid of good conduct.
20If 3, or more planets be in fall even the son of an emperor ruling over the entire earth will take to begging, be miserable, be dirty and penniless.
21If 5 planets occupy inimical Signs, or are in combustion, while the Sun, or the Moon is not in exaltation, the kingly Yogas will become ineffective.
22If Venus occupy his debilitation Navansa, even a vast kingdom is deprived from the native.
23RajaYogas have been explained earlier. The combinations marring such kingly states are given in this Ch.. The stronger one of these two will only prevail.
24Raja yoga. The Sun in Virgo, Mars in Scorpio along with Jupiter, as the Moon is in Aries: this configuration will produce a king the dust of whose elephants will darken the-skies.