Moola dasa ||41||

1The Dasa duration of a planet is equal to the number of years it contributes (as per Moola Dasa scheme). All planets yield in their Dasas pleasant, or unpleasant results according to their (natal) dispositions.
2Order of the scheme. According to Manitha, those, who are born during day time will have the Dasas commencing with that of the Sun, while the night-born will have it from that of Venus. But this view is not acceptable to other preceptors.
3Satya’s view. The first Dasa will be of the strongest of the Ascendant, the Sun and the Moon followed by the ones in Angle, Panaphara and Apoklima. This is the view held by Satyacharya.
4-5The first Dasa will be of the strongest of the Ascendant, the Sun and the Moon. Then the planets in Angles will be Dasa Lords. Thereafter the planets in Panapharas (2nd, 5th, 8th and 11th Houses) will lord over the major periods, while the last Dasas will be headed by the planets posited in Apoklimas (3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th Houses). If Angles etc. are occupied by more than one planet, the strongest will have its Dasa first. Even, if the strengths of these be identical, then the order will be according to maximum years donated by these planets Granting, that these durations are also similar, then the risings of planets will prevail, Even, if one of the triad, viz. the Ascendant, the Sun and the Moon, is strong, then Satya’s scheme, as above should be resorted to. If none is strong enough, then the Dasa scheme of other preceptors may be considered.
6Auspicious periods. Planets in exaltation, own Rasi, own Navansa, friendly Sign, possessing full rays and those with full strength prove auspicious in their Dasas. At the commencement of a Dasa a planet, that is strong, or is in a friendly division, or is in aspect to a benefic will also yield similar good results.
7Inauspicious periods. The planet, that is in its Sign of fall, Sign ruled by an enemy, Navansa of an enemy, combust in the Sun, devoid of splendour, or is in aspect to malefics will yield inauspicious effects in its Dasa.
8If a planet has departed from its exaltation, its Dasa is known, as Avarohini (stepping down) Dasa. If, however, it is in own, or friendly divisions, the effects will be medium, i.e. neither good nor bad. The Dasa of a planet approaching its exaltation, departing from debilitation, is known, as Arohini (climbing) Dasa. If the said planet is in inimical, or debilitation divisions, it will inflict difficulties.
9The Sun is the ripener (or baker) of the effects of a Dasa, while the Moon is the sustaining agent. That is why the Moon’s transit position at the time of the commencement of a Dasa should be duly considered.
10-14Effects of the moon. If the Moon at the commencement of a Moola Dasa is in Virgo, the native throughout the period will be related to courtesans and be associated with them. This view is held by Yavanas. If she is in Cancer at the beginning of Dasa, the native will gain wealth through virtuous ladies. If in Aries, or in Scorpio he will injure the honour of virgins and also bring evils to his own female. If the Sign in question be of Mercury knowledge of Shastras and acquisition of friends will come to pass. In a Sign of Venus, it brings plenty of food and drinks, happiness and destruction of enemies. In a House of Jupiter, it brings happiness, wealth, honour and commandability. Saturn’s Sign endows with association with old ladies. Leo denotes movements in forts and forests, agriculture and misunderstanding with wife and children. These are the effects accruing out of the Moon’s placement at the commencement of a Dasa.
15Aspects to moon at the commencement of a dasa. If the Moon at the commencement of a Dasa receives the aspect of Mars, or Saturn there will be loss of relatives and of wealth followed by diseases. Mercury’s aspect confers learning, while the aspects of other planets will give effects according to their nature.
16Major lord’s placement at the commencement of a dasa. If the Lord of the Dasa is in the Ascendant prevailing at the moment the Dasa begins, or in the 3rd, 6th, 10th, or 11th from the said Ascendant, the Dasa then proves excellent.
17-18Again moon’s placement. If the Moon at the commencement of a major period occupy a friendly Sign, exaltation Sign, or an Upachaya House (3rd, 6th, 10th, or 11th House), 5th, 9th, or 7th counted from the major Lord, good effects will come to pass in the Dasa in question. If the Moon is otherwise placed, even a planet in exaltation at birth will give inauspicious results in its Dasa.
19Special effects based on navansa. Even though a planet may be in friendly Sign, if it occupies simultaneously a Navansa belonging to its enemy, or be in fall in Navansa, the effects in the Dasa concerned will be mixed. A weak planet’s Dasa will be futile.
20Lagna dasa. The Ascendant’s major period will prove auspicious, if it is in the first decanate of a Movable Sign; medium in the second decanate and poor in the 3rd decanate. The reverse is true with a Common Sign ascending, i e. third, second and first decanate will, respectively, be auspicious, medium and poor. As for a Fixed Sign ascending first, second and third decanates will, respectively, give poor, auspicious and medium effects.
21Naisargika dasa. The Naisargika Dasa follows in the order of the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, the Sun, Saturn and the Ascendant.
22-24If the planet is exalted, or is endowed with temporal strength, or full strength, in its Dasa incomparably auspicious results will come to pass. The planet, that is in its own Sign, Moolatrikona Sign, own Navansa, or hemmed between benefics will yield moderately auspicious effects. The planet, that is going towards its exaltation (departing from Sign of its fall), or is placed in friendly Signs etc., feebly auspicious effects will be felt. Similar deductions should be made in regard to planets otherwise placed.
25-26Effects of favourable sun’s dasa. If the Sun is favourable, in his Dasa, there will be gains from forests, medicines, travels, poison, evil friendship, forests, ivory, skin, fire and royal association. Courage, diligence, intelligence, fame and valour will be on the increase. Excellence and kingship will be achieved by the native.
27-28Effects of adverse sun’s dasa. If the Sun is adverse, in his Dasa there will be grief on account of servants, wealth, theft, eyes, weapons, fire, water and king and the native will be tormented by children, wife and relatives He will be interested in sinful acts and be troubled by hunger, thirst (or morbid fever), heart ailments, bilious diseases and bodily damages.
29-31aEffects of favourable moon’s dasa. If the Moon is favourable, in her Dasa there will be gains through female association, soft disposition, journey, water, ice, milk, juice, jaggery, sugar, sports, initiation into Mantras through Brahmins, flowers, robes, sweet food etc. He will achieve success in his undertakings out of his intelligence, will receive honours from elders and the king and will be endowed with increased courage and wisdom.
31b-32Effects of adverse moon’s dasa. If the Moon is evil, in her Dasa there will be fear in family, misunderstanding with one’s family members, difficulties, loss of wealth, enmity with royal assembly, sleep, indolence, evils through women and grief.
33-34Effects of favourable mars dasa. During the Dasa of favourable Mars, one will gain through kings, fire, thieves, enemies, snakes, poison, weapons, confinements, fictitious articles, lands, goats, buffaloes, copper, gold, prostitutes, gambling, intoxicants, pungent articles/juices, wealth and grains.
35-36Effects of adverse mars dasa. During the Dasa of evil Mars, there will be enmity with friends, wife, children and brothers, sufferances from thirst, swooning, bloody defects, loss of limbs and wounds. There will be attachment to others’ wives and irreligious acts, followed by aversion to elders and to truth. Bilious excesses will trouble the subject.
37-39Effects of favourable mercury dasa. In the Dasa of favourable Mercury, there will be gains via friends, children, wealth, king, businessmen, priests, gambling etc. The native will acquire horses, lands, gold, fame, ambassadorship, limitless happiness, fortunes, high intelligence, fame, success in religious activities, fond of amusement, destruction of foes and enthusiasm in mathematics and drawings.
40Effects of adverse mercury s dasa. If Mercury is evil, in the concerned Dasa the native will be tormented by imbalances of the three temperaments (viz. bile, phlegm and wind), hard disposition, imprisonment, mental grief and excitement.
41-43Effects of favourable jupiter’s dasa. If Jupiter is favourable, the native in that Dasa will gain through ministers (or advisers), kings, dances and states manship. He will gain honours, virtues, courage, wide friend ship, life partner, gold, quadrupeds, conveyances, auspicious acts, destruction of enemies, royal acquiantance and will obtain wealth through public, king, businessmen and elders.
44Effects of adverse jupiter’s dasa. If Jupiter be inauspicious one will in such Dasa have physical defects, excessive grief, lameness, diseases of the stomach and ears, loss of semen and marrow and fear from kings.
45-46Effects of favourable venus dasa. If Venus is auspicious one will in the Dasa be successful and will gain lands, residences, bed comforts, wife, garlands, robes, good food, fame, happiness and treasure. He will have liking for music, will develop acqaintance with females, will gain through kings and lands, will derive wisdom, desired happiness and friends and gains through articles used for sexual enjoyments.
47Effects of unfavorable venus dasa. If Venus is inauspicious the native will in the Dasa have litigations with virtuous people, will have troubles from conveyances, furniture, females and kings and will develop intimacy with unsocial elements.
48-49Effects of favourable saturn’s dasa. If Saturn is favourable in his Dasa the native will gain camels, asses etc., association with unchaste, or old ladies, gain through pulses, sesamum and grains eaten by poor people, leadership over villages and iron etc. His people will acquire a permanent position.
50-51Effects of adverse saturn’s dasa. If Saturn is adverse, there will be loss of conveyances, excitement, enmity, separation from wife and other family members, loss in battles, liking for intoxicants and gambling, windy diseases, loss of meritorious acts, confinement, lassitude, affliction to limbs and enmity with children and servants.
52The good and bad effects for the Dasas have been explained above in a general manner. Narrated below are the effects arising out of special considerations.
53Sun’s dasa. There are five kinds of placements, which enable us to derive five different types of Sun’s Dasa. These positions are: exaltation, fall, Moolatrikona, Angle and enemy’s Sign.
54-59The Sun in Ascendant gives kingdom during his Dasa; while posited in other Kendras ruled by inimical planets there will be disorders of hip, throat and eyes. Debilitated Sun in his Dasa causes destruction of eyes, fever and head disorders, confinement, leprosy and other disorders. If the Sun is exalted, there will be gain of kingdom with royal insignia in such Dasa. Apart, there will be acquisition of elephants, steeds etc. The Dasa of the Sun placed in his Moolatrikona will indicate destruction of all kinds of miseries and leadership of large provinces. In the Dasa of the Sun placed in inimical Sign, one will incur affliction of eyes, hump-back, disorders caused by fire, facial diseases and humiliation due to misconduct. The 8th House placement of the Sun will cause in his Dasa affliction to the entire body and wanderings in various countries.
60-65Moon’s dasa. The Moon’s Dasa is generally differentiated in six categories, viz. exalted, debilitated, friendly Sign, inimical Sign and diminishing and increasing Moon’s Dasas. The different dignities of the Moon give following results in the Dasa concerned: exaltedkingdom, debilitated death, inimical Sign confinement, friendly Sign association with own men, decreasing Moon fever and disorders of abdomen, head and eyes. If the Moon is full and is endowed with strength, in such Dasa the native will be surrounded by thousands of superior females. If she be relegated to the 8th House, the native in such Dasa will be humiliated by his own men, will live through machinery, grass, firewood, cowdung, bamboo, medicinal plants, fruits and water. He will acquire only deteriorated food and rags and even a king will have to resort to servitude.
66-68Other placement of planets. Those exalted in the Ascendant confer rulership of a province in their Dasas, while those in exaltation in other Angles will bestow, wealth, conveyances and rulership of a country. If a planet is in the 6th, the native will be subjected to evils, misfortunes etc. In the Dasa of a planet placed in the 8th, death will be inflicted. There will only be confinement in the Dasa of a combust planet. The Dasa of a retrograde planet will cause wanderings, like that of a wheel, evils and enmity. This applies only to malefics in retrogression, but not to benefics.
69Though one may be a king, he will become a servant of his own servants in the Dasas of a planet devoid of strength, a planet totally devoid of strength, a planet in fall, a planet in deep fall, a planet in inimical Sign and a planet in dead enemy’s.
70In the Dasa of a planet placed in enemy’s Sign, there will be circumstances to leave one’s own country (in distress), diseases, loss of position, frequent quarrels and confinement.
71Even a king with vast number of elephants, that can wet the earth with their ichor, will surely wander in difficulty in the Dasa of a planet occupying an inimical Sign.
72-73In the Dasas of the planets placed in the 6th, 5th, 9th, or 7th Houses identical with inimical Signs, there will be troubles to limbs and secondary limbs (like the nose), while the Dasa of the planet in the 8th House identical with its inimical House will cause beheading (or afflictions to head), fear from enemies, wanderings in foreign places, troubles of confinement, diseases etc. If the Dasa of a planet, that is in fall be in operation humiliation from royal sources will follow.
74The Native will derive (good) effects of a weak planet’s Dasa in dreams and thoughts. The effects due to Pancha Maha Purusha Yogas will come to pass in the Dasas of the concerned planets.
75The planets in Seershodaya Signs will give their effects in the beginning of the Dasas; those in Ubhayodaya will give in the middle of the Dasas effects due to them and those in Prishtodaya Signs as well, as those in fall will reveal their effects in the concluding parts of their Dasas.