Effects of planetary dignities ||45||

1-4Effects of exalted planets. If the Sun is exalted at birth, the native will be fierce, be very wealthy and be pre-eminent. With exalted Moon, one will enjoy sweet food, possess superior clothes and will acquire good ornaments. If Mars is exalted the native will be splendourous, valorous, blame worthy and will live in other places. When Mercury is exalted the native will be intelligent, be supreme among his family members and be a skillful speaker. One will be famous, wealthy, learned, honourable and skillful with the exaltation of Jupiter. If Venus is exalted one will be fond of sports, amusements, music, dance etc. Saturn’s exaltation denotes association with royal assignment, leadership over villages and towns, gain of forest-born grains and mean females.
5-8aEffects of planets in moola trikonas. Should the Sun be in his Moolatrikona Sign, the native will be wealthy, intelligent and skillful. The Moon in Moolatrikona indicates one with enjoyments and virtues. Mars in Moolatrikona will make one a leader of thieves, adventurous and unkind. The placement of Mercury in his Moolatrikona Sign denotes a jocular and successful person. One will be helpful to others, be preeminent and will have knowledge of justice with Jupiter in Moolatrikona. Venus in such a Sign will make one a prominent person in his village/town, wealthy and fortunate. If Saturn is so posited the native belongs to a good family, be wealthy and valorous.
8b-11Effects of planets in own signs. If the Sun is placed in his own Sign, the native will be very fierce and will do very great acts. The Moon in her own Sign denotes one virtuously disposed, who is very intelligent and beautiful. If Mars occupies such a Sign, the native will be opulent, impetuous and firm in disposition. Should Mercury occupy his own Sign the native will be a sweet speaker and be learned. If Jupiter be in his own Sign one will be versed in Vedas, literature etc., be rich and will perform great deeds. If Venus be in his own Sign one will be farmer and a rich person. Should Saturn be in his own House, the native will be honourable and happy.
12-14Effects of planets in friendly signs. If the Sun is in a friendly Sign, one will be firm in friendship and be charitable. The Moon in a friendly Sign denotes the native will be happy and very honourable. Mars placed in friendly Sign will make one protect the wealth of friends. On will be skillful, jocular and rich, with Mercury in a friendly Sign. Jupiter in a friendly Sign will make one respectable and a performer of famous deeds. If Venus be in a friendly Sign the native will be fond of friends, rich and adventurous. Saturn in a Sign of his friend will force the native to depend on other for food and inclined to do unethical deeds.
15-18Effects of planets in debilitation. The various planets in fall denote the under mentioned effects: The Sun in debilitation causes servitude and humiliation in the hands of one’s own men. The Moon in debilitation causes one to be not very meritorious in his acts, sickly and unfortunate. Mars in debilitation causes evils, distressed mind and meanness. Mercury in debilitation indicates one to be mean and causes enmity with his cousins and other relatives. Jupiter in debilitation brings dirtyness, dishonour and utter poverty. Venus in debilitation causes subordination, loss of wife and crooked disposition. Saturn in debilitation causes fall into adversity, blameworthy conduct and pennilessness.
19-22aEffects of planets in inimical signs. If the Sun is placed in an inimical Sign, the native will be poor and be sensually tormented. Should the Moon be so placed, one will be devoid of beauty (or brightness) and will suffer from heart diseases. Mars in an inimical Sign denotes, that native will face confinement and defeat at the hands of enemies, poverty, distress and misfortunes. If Mercury be placed in a Sign, that is ruled by his enemy, the subject will be devoid of intelligence, will experience many miseries and will be very poor. Should Venus be in his enemy’s Sign, this person concerned will be a servant, will resort to wrong ways of doing things and be very miserable. If Jupiter is placed in a Sign owned by his enemy, one will be a eunuch and be devoid of justice and wealth. When Saturn occupies an inimical camp, the native will be dirty and be distressed due to diseases and the like.
22bEffects in navansa. If a planet is in its exaltation Navansa, the (good) effects due to the planet will be full. If it is in its own Navansa, it will give such results, as applicable to its own Rasi placement. If it is in Navansas of its enemy, or of fall, the (good) effects will be quite little, while moderate results will come to pass, if it is in a friendly Navansa.
23-26Effects of more planets in exaltation. If two planets are simultaneously exalted at birth, the native will be rich and famous. Three planets in simultaneous exaltation will make one head a town, wealthy and an Army chief. If four are so placed, that they are in exaltation, one will be rich, be honoured by the king and will be of regal disposition. Should five heavenly bodies occupy their exaltation Signs the native will be famous, be a king’s patron and be very rich. When six planets are posited in their exaltation Signs, the person will be a king, be charitable, honourable and endowed with many conveyances. When all are in their respective exaltation Signs, the native will be an emperor ruling over the land surrounded by seas.
27-31Effects of more planets in moolatrikona signs. If two planets be so placed, as to be in Moolatrikona Signs, the native will be a householder contributing to the growth of his race, be pre-eminent and famous. When three planets are similarly posited one will be quite wealthy and will head a group of men, or villages. If four planets occupy their Moolatrikona Rasis, the native will be very wealthy, will receive royal honours and be dear to all. Should five be so placed, as they are in Moolatrikonas one will be a protector, be principal among men, will head an Army, town and royal treasury, be a householder and be very happy. With six planets disposed in their Moolatrikona Rasis, though one may belong to a cowherd’s race, he will be endowed with learning, charitability and various kinds of wealth, will acquire a kingdom and be famous. If seven are in their Moolatrikona Rasis, one will become a king, be endowed with wealth, wife, strength, learning and be skillful in archery.
32-34Effects of more planets in own houses. If two planets are in their own Houses at birth, one will be important in his race, be honoured by his relatives and be fortunate. Three planets occupying own Houses indicate growth of the dynasty (i.e. birth of children), acquisition of wealth, position and fame. If four planets occupy their own Houses, one will be famous, will perform significant acts and will lead over men and cities. If five planets be placed in their own Houses, the native will be equal to a king, be endowed with abundant quadrupeds, lands and females. If six planets are in their own Houses, one will acquire famous titles, abundant wealth, relatives and honours and one born in a royal family will become, a ruler. If seven planets be so placed one will be a king of kings and will conquer his enemies.
35-38aEffects of more planets in friendly houses. If two planets occupy their friendly Sign, the native will be endowed with the company of friends and will have good conduct. If three are so, one will patronize his relatives, be endowed with good qualities and be pre-eminent. If four are so, one will honour Brahmins and Gods, be skillful and be famous. If five are so, one will serve the king, be wealthy and be chief of men. When six are so, one will have wide enjoyments, abundant conveyances and wealth and be equal to a king. With seven planets in such placement one will have many servants, many conveyances, paraphernalia and be a king.
38b-41Effects of more planets in fall. If two planets occupy their Signs of fall, one will be mean in thoughts and be very irascible. Three being so, he will be foolish, not virtuous, be poor and be a servant. Four being so, he will be indolent, be devoid of (useful) deeds and be a servant. Five being so, he will be bereft of a house and a female and be a servant. Six being so, he will be tormented by fear and labor and be emaciated. All being so, he will eke out his food by begging, be devoid of everything and will wear torn robes, or will wander without clothes.
42-45Effects of more planets in inimical camps. If there are two planets, that are placed in inimical sings one will be miserable and ever fond of quarrels and be subjected to humiliation. With three such planets he will be tormented by many expenses and miseries and will lose wealth in spite of hard labor. With four being so placed, he will be at a loss in regard to his near and dear and wealth. Five heavenly bodies in such a state indicate, that the native will be troubled by many evils. With six planets in inimical camps, he will be very miserable. If seven planets are in their inimical Signs, the native belongs to a loathsome family and will be devoid of food, robes, beds etc.