Aphorisms of death ||47||

1Reasons of death. If the 8th House is occupied by any planet from the Sun to Saturn, the reason for death in the same order will be fire, water, weapon, fever, indigestion (or constipation), thirst and hunger. According to the 8th House being a Movable, Fixed, or Dual Sign, the place of death will be a foreign place, own place, or on the way.
2Death may be due to the imbalance of that humour belonging to the planet aspecting the 8th House. If there is no planet in the 8th House, the aspecting one may indicate the kind of death. If many are thus related, the strongest one will prevail.
3Death by drowning, fall etc. If the 10th and 4th are occupied by the Sun and Mars, the native will die due to fall from hills. If the 10th, 7th and 4th Houses are occupied by Mars, Mercury and Saturn, it may be due to fall in a well. Death due to imprisonment will follow, if the Luminaries are placed in Virgo in aspect to malefics. The end will be by drowning, if Pisces is occupied by the Sun and the Moon.
4-5Death by fire etc. If the Moon and Saturn, respectively, are in Capricorn and Cancer, death will be due to affliction of stomach. If the Moon be hemmed between malefics and occupies a Sign of Mars, fire/weapons will cause death. Death will be certainly inflicted by dryness of blood, if the Moon is in Virgo hemmed between malefics.
6-7Death by hanging etc. If the Moon in Capricorn, or Aquarius be hemmed between benefics, death will be due to hanging, fire, or fall, which is doubtless according to Chanakya. The same effect will come to pass, if the 5th and 9th Houses are occupied by malefics in aspect to malefics. If the drekkana of the 8th House be one of Pasa, Sarpa and Nigala, death will be reticent.
8Death due to a female. If the Sun be in Pisces Ascendant, while the Moon is in the 7th (in Virgo), or in the 2nd in Aries, or in the 5th in Cancer, a female will be reason for the native’s end.
9Death due to a trident’s hit. If the 4th House is occupied by Mars, or the Sun, while Saturn is conjunct weak Moon in the 10th House and malefics are in the Ascendant and its Trines, hit of a trident will cause the end.
10Death by hit of wood. If the Sun is in the 4th, while the Moon devoid of strength is in the 10th along with Mars, or in aspect to Saturn, the native will be hit by a log.
11Death by hit of a club etc. If weak Moon, Mars, Sun and Mercury along with Saturn are in the 10th, 8th, 4th and Ascendant (in any way), the subject will have his end due to a club beat. If these planets fill the 10th, 9th, 5th and Ascendant, death will be by smoke, fire, confinement, or a blow of fist.
12Death due to royal wrath. If the 4th, 7th and 10th Houses are occupied by Mars, the Sun and Saturn, death will be due to weapon, fire, or royal wrath.
13-14Death due to insects, intoxicants and machinery. One’s end will be due to insects, if the 10th, 4th and 2nd Houses at his birth are occupied by Mars, the Moon and Saturn. If the 10th House is constellated by the Luminaries and Mars, the native will end his life on account of intoxicants, or fall from height. Machinery will be the source of one’s death, if the 7th House is occupied by Mars, as the trio of weak Moon, Saturn and the Sun afflict Ascendant by occupation.
15-16Death in filthy surroundings. One will die amidst ordure, if Mars is in Libra, the Sun in Aries/Scorpio and the Moon in Capricorn/Aquarius. The Sun, weak Moon and Mars in the 8th, 10th and 4th Houses, will kill one amidst excrement. So says Siddhasena.
17-18Death by thirst, weapons and birds. If the 8th House contains both the weak Moon and Saturn in aspect to strong Mars, the subject will die due to spleenary disorders, colics, thirst, or weapons. The Sun and Mars in the 7th, while Saturn occupies the 8th and the Moon the 4th, one’s death will be caused by birds.
19If the Ascendant, 8th, 5th and 9th Houses are occupied by the Sun, Mars, Saturn and the Moon, death will be due to fall from a hill, hit of a weapon, or fall of a wall etc.
20Yavanas indicate, that the place of death will correspond to the Navansa Lagna Lord. The aphorisms stated in this Ch. should be suitably interpreted according to other aspects and other conjunctions.
21The duration of the state of loss of consciousness (or insensibility, delusion, pain etc.) will correspond to the portion elapsed in the radical Ascendant. The duration will remain doubled and trebled according to the Ascendant Lord, or a benefic aspecting the Ascendant.
22Khara drekkana. The 22nd decanate from the Ascendant will denote the nature of one’s death. For example, by the nature of its Lord, (i.e. the humour, place etc.)
23-24Effects of aries decanates as related to death. If the first decanate of Aries be the 22nd decanate from the Ascendant and be in aspect to a malefic the native’s death will be due to water (i.e. drowning etc.), snake, poison, or bilious imbalances. If the 2nd decanate of Aries be so related, water, insects, ice and forests will cause death. The 3rd decanate of Aries denotes tanks, well etc.
25-26Decanates in taurus. If the first decanate of Taurus be the 22nd decanate at birth, death will be caused by animals, like ox, horse, donkey, camel etc. The second decanate in Taurus denotes the end due to bilious/windy complaints, fire and thieves. The concluding decanate of Taurus leads to one’s death in journey, or due to fall from the back of a horse, or due to hit by weapon in battle.
27-28Decanates in gemini. If the first decanate of Gemini be the 22nd decanate at birth, one’s end will be due to tuberculosis, or pulmonary disorders. The second decanate in Gemini identical with 22nd decanate denotes death through a buffalo, or through poison, or delirium. If the 3rd decanate in Gemini becomes the 22nd decanate the end will be through forest tribes, quadrupeds in general, or elephants in particular.
29-30Decanates in cancer. If the 22nd decanate is the first decanate of Cancer, the reason of death will be a crocodile (or a shark), wine, thorn, or dreams. The second decanate will cause end by beating, or by consuming of poison. The terminating decanate indicates death by respiratory diseases, urinary diseases (viz. gleet, diabetes etc.), spleenary disorders, affliction to blood, or by swooning caused by excessive labor.
31-32Decanates in leo. The 22nd decanate identical with the first decanate of Leo will cause one’s end due to water, poison, or diseases of the foot. The second decanate of Leo indicates death by diseases caused by water, or movements in forests. The last decanate thereof will bring one’s end through poison, weapons, calumny, or fall from heights.
33-34Decanates in virgo. Should the death decanate be the first decanate in Virgo, one’s life will end due to diseases of the head, or by wind, (gale, hurricane, or outburst of violent wind etc.,) The middle decanate in Virgo will cause death by snake-bites, or in hills, forts, forests etc., or by the son of a king. The concluding decanate in Virgo will bring death by camels, asses, weapons, water, deep pits, females and unhealthy eating and drinking.
35Decanates in libra. When the 22nd decanate at birth is held by the first decanate of Libra, death will be through a female, or quadrupeds, or fall from heights. The middle decanate of Libra denotes end on account of stomachial diseases, while last decanate indicates snakes, or animals living in water, as a source of death.
36-37Decanates in scorpio. The first decanate in Scorpio, if designated, as the 22nd decanate at birth, poison, weapons, females, (unhealthy) food and drinks will bring one’s death. The second decanate in Scorpio indicates death through robes, weights, falls and diseases. The last decanate of Scorpio will inflict death by being stoned, or by breakage of shank bones.
38-39Decanates in sagittarius. The first decanate of Sagittarius being the 22nd decanate at birth, denotes, that death will be due to various windy disorders, or due to diseases of the anus. The second decanate will cause one’s end to poison, or faults of elders, or windy diseases. The concluding decanate will inflict death in water, or through abdominal disorders.
40-41Decanates in capricorn. The opening decanate of Capricorn will bring death through royal torture, or through tigers. The middle decanate will inflict death on account of damage to thighs, or through creatures/animals living in water, poison, snake, fire, weapons, robbers, fever and living beings other than human beings. The last decanate will bring end through a female.
42-43Decanates in aquarius. The first decanate in Aquarius will bring death through females, water, hills, elephants and stomachial disorders. The middle decanate denotes one’s end through miseries caused by a female, venereal diseases etc., while the third decanate will cause death through copulation, facial diseases and quadrupeds.
44-45Decanates in pisces. If the first decanate of Pisces be related to death, it will be due to diarrhea, spleenary, or urinary disorders affliction to stomach/thighs, females, elephants, or planetary evils. If the second decanate be so related, one’s end of life will come through a tragedy in a boat and the third one denotes death due to dreaded diseases.