Effects of ashtaka varga ||54||

1Draw 13 horizontal lines intersected by 9 parallel (horizontally) lines (thus getting 96 squares) noting the names of the 12 Signs from Aries onwards in a rightward manner and the names of the 7 planets and Ascendant in the left hand side vertical columns. Mark the benefic dots for each planets’ AshtakaVarga and malefic points (where benefic points are absent), as per the positions told earlier.
2General effects. If a planet is associated with 8 Bindusin the Sign occupied by it, even an ordinary person will become a king; with 7 Bindusfulfillment of all desires; with 6 Bindusfame and financial gains; with 5 Bindus happiness and friendship; with 4 Bindus eradication and misery; with 3 Bindusloss of money; with 2 Bindusworries; with 1 Bindubodily emaciation and with the complete absence of Bindus there will be evils at all times.
3Effects of the sun’s a.v. The association of the Sun with particular number of Bindus (auspicious points) in the Sign occupied by him will lead to respective effects, thus; with 8 Binduswealth from the king; 7 Bindustranscendental beauty, happiness and riches; 6 Bindusincrease of valour and fame; 5 Bindusinflux of money; 4 Bindus neither gainful nor losing; 3 Bindusfatigue due to (frequent) travels (or difficulties on account of travels, proneness to accidents and the like); 2 Bindusfear of diseases; 1 Bindudifficulties; and absence of Bindusdeath (or troubles of a very severe nature).
4Effects of the moon’s a.v. Note the Bindus in the Sign occupied by the Moon. If she be associated with 8 Bindus, the native will enjoy affluence and pleasures; 7 Bindus financial gains through robes, food, scented articles etc., 6 Bindusacquaintance with the virtuous; 5 Bindusacquisition of courage and intelligence due to association with Brahmins (or the learned); 4 Bindusequilibrium of happiness and grief; 3 Bindusenmity with relatives; 2 Bindusseparation from kith and kin and deprival of wealth; 1 Bindu evils and absence of auspicious pointsgrief and difficulties following excitement.
5Effects of the a.v. of mars. If Mars be associated with various benefic points, as denoted below in the Sign tenanted by him, the results due will be: 8 Bindus acquisition of wealth and land and victory over foes; 7 Bindus increase of fortunes and splendour; 6 Bindusroyal favours; 5 Bindusincrease of fame; 4 Bindusequality of wealth and calamity; 3 Bindusseparation from co-born and conjugal partner; 2 Bindustroubles from king, fire and bilious disorders; 1 Binduulcer and stomachial diseases and absence of Bindus diseases of the eye and difficulties comparable to death.
6Effects of mercury’s a.v. The effects of Mercury’s association with various auspicious points in the Sign occupied by him will be: 8 Bindushonour from the ruler; 7 Binduswealth, knowledge and happiness; 6 Bindussuccess in all undertakings; 5 Bindusnew acquaintances; 4 Bindus unemployment; 3 Bindusmental worries on account of financial losses; 2 Bindusenmity with wife, children and friends causing loss of courage and wisdom; 1 Binduevils of all kinds and absence of Bindus will bring about death.
7Effects of jupiter’s a.v. Based on the number of auspicious points, the Sign occupied by Jupiter will produce the following effects: 8 Bindusspotless fame, happiness and growth of wealth; 7 Bindusfortunes and happiness; 6 Bindusacquisition of robes, conveyances, gold etc.; 5 Bindus destruction of enemies and success in undertakings; 4 Bindus no loss, no gain; 3 Bindusloss of hearing, sight and masculine vigour; 2 Bindusincurring royal wrath; 1 Bindudistress due to diseases and absence of Bindusdestruction of relatives, wealth and progeny.
8Effects of a.v. of venus. The association of Venus with various number of Bindus will generate the under mentioned effects: 8 Bindusenjoyments of all kinds and acquisition of robes, wife, scents, food, drinks etc.; 7 Bindus plentifulness of ornaments and pearls; 6 Bindusacquisition of a girl of choice; 5 Bindusassociation with friends; 4 Bindus equality of inauspicious and auspicious results; 3 Bindus enmity with people of his community and senior members of the village; 2 Bindusdisplacement; 1 Binduphlegmatic disorders and absence of Bindusbecoming a synonym of all kinds of evils.
9Effects of saturn’s a.v. If Saturn is associated with a certain number of Bindus, the effects due will be: 8 Bindus lordship over villages, towns and people; 7 Bindus acquisition of female servants, asses and elephants; 6 Bindus gains from thieves, hunters and Army heads; 5 Bindusadvent of wealth, corn and happiness; 4 Bindushappiness caused by association with others; 3 Bindus destruction of progeny, wife, attendants and money; 2 Bindusimprisonment, emotions and diseases; 1 Bindu/absence of Bindusloss of wealth, family etc.
10-12May the astrologers be pleased with the Science of Astrology thus described by Kalyana Varma. Ancestors, like Paulasa, Vasishta, Romasa, Yavana, Badarayana, Sakthi, Atri, Bharadwaja, Viswamitra, Guna, Agnikesa, Garga, Parashara, Jeevasarma and a host of others have authored elaborate texts on astrology. The science of astrology thus deals with the good and bad in stock for an individual with Chitragupta (the official record keeper of Yamathe God of Deathnoting down the virtues and vices of mankind).